Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve with the HOchieS

Well, what can I say about December...wait. What do I have to say about November? November was mostly uneventful save the fact good friends came visiting during Thanksgiving and the week following and good times were had during those days.
Also, X is now Dr. X! I would put X's first photo up after receiving the title scanner seems to be on the fritz. And I might be too full of crab and artichoke dip and punch de creme to try to solve problems. Instead I'll describe what it looks like and let's just's a little shady.
Congrats to Dr. X. X has accomplished lots and the HOchieS are proud.

December 2005:


It was a rough month (including our Medium Budgie leaving us to go live in another state with his wife and my kitty boos. I miss my bibbies) and HOchie 1 ranted about things in the previous post so Or 2 will not rant in this. That may be due to the fact that I am too full of red velvet chocolate chip cake and mushroom bread thingies to rant.
However, this being the evening of December 24th and the HOchieS celebrate gift giving...we're trying to make the best of it.
We've lots to be happy about this eve. Our good friends are here with us and more to come tomorrow to partake in the homemade chinese food. Roast Duck anyone? Far Rah Rah Rah Rah, Rah Rah Rah Rah.
Other than that, there are presents under the tree and presents filtering out into the middle of the living room. They're not all for us but meh, lots are. Who am I kidding? Looks like Momma Ho and HOchie 1 made out like bandits. I have already lost the present war. That's okay though because I have upstaged everyone with the present giving. Heh Heh Heh Heh. I'll put the list up tomorrow after everyone has opened their pyos at 5. Momma Ho has to work so X will have to wait to open presents. X isn't thrilled and may still bust open the stuff in the morning while we're asleep. But I'll buss X's ass if that happens.
Speaking of 'meh'...
This year I neglected to get a present for The Cheat. He and I have talked about it and he wants 100 dollars out of every paycheck I receive in 2006 to make up for my lameness. Something tells me The Cheat is going to sell the pyos I get tomorrow regardless of what deal we've made. Biatch.
Ok, X has finally missed my presence and is calling for me. I will end before she discovers what I've been doing.
Will update tomorrow or at least within the next few days.

And too full of shepherd's pie and stewed pork to spell check.

There's X talking about opening up the pyos in the morning again.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Hochie 1... 0r 2 signing in after a busy month of mundane goings-on.

There are people that I dislike and there are those I don't really get along with because our personalities do not sync. I don't think about them often because that is life. I accept it and I live my life but I know now that there are two people that I really hate in this life. Hate to the point that If I believed then this is the sort of loathing that would condemn my soul to a bad place for all the thoughts that I have thought about them. I don't want to hate people that are concrete beings in my existence, people that I have actually met and who continue to try to impose their evil greedy ways into my life and the life of my family but I do... badly.

I hate that they think that I owe them unending gratitude for every breath that I take in this country. I thanked you and have never disrespected you but I will not kiss your ass. My father has slaved, yes SLAVED, for you for 10 years (and counting) to "repay" any real and imagined debt that you perceive any of my family owes you.

You were overwhelmingly unkind to my family because we filled the role of poor relations. We may not have your money but we are richer than you ever imagined and I know that you know that. You can build as many churches as you think will buy your way into that Heaven before the God that you love to tout but I know that you do it for fame and more money. You know it too. I remember as I am sure you do that when someone commented that you must count your blessings, you said you prefered to count your money. You can fool a lot of people but the people that really know you, really know you.

So employ all the island slaves you want and present oversized cheques to priests for your photographs in newspapers, feed athletes, and keep talking about God but I know how you think, I know things about you and I HATE YOU. You are the worst kind of people and as you get older, your money will not comfort you, you will find as you get older that you cannot trust anyone because no one is really your friend, you will find that not as many people as you think like you and when your body begins to really rot and your face is filled with maggots, all the money that you crave will be for naught because your children never loved you and respected you and no one will really care that you are dead and gone except to find out how much they get in your will. Count your money as blessings on Earth because you will find none anywhere else.

-Hochie 1
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