Sunday, January 22, 2006

And another thing...

Ralph is not my friend despite what he or everyone else may think.
I hate Ralph.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons...

is sure to give me high blood pressure or something.

Today was fun, despite high blood pressure inducing torture. Sitting around doing nothing in the company of HOchie 1 is good times, although there was something about work having to be done.

This post is a reminder to publish the best of 2005 or whatever - a song/album list of sorts and whatever else. It probably won't be done but...and that's all I have.

Currently listening to Muse "New Born" from the Absolution Tour dvd with my Banshee (thank you, HOchie 1 for pointing that out...the truth some the times hurts). I love that Banshee...
And here he is. Yes. I said 'he':

Friday, January 20, 2006

In Memory of Kevin Morgan... we never really knew you and now we never will.

HOchie 1... or 2 signing in.

Life has a way of pouncing when you aren't thinking about it and dropping a heavy does of itself on you.

This HOchie was happily sitting in her hairstylist's chair getting a way overdue cut when her favourite stylist broke in with a "you know that guy that those people are talking about?" I really had not been listening to the conversation that was going on behind me since I exist most times in my own conversation but since Stylist brought it up, I felt compelled to feign interest and ventured a timid "what about him?"

Well, the HOchies now know that this guy that we secretly always liked in a platonic way, about whom we always smiled knowingly between us on our visits there, who was slim, very pale and had very blonde hair that fell straight down and covered his neck with the long front brushed very neatly to the side, who smiled shyly and spoke softly, who we wanted to talk to but kind of preferred to love-like from afar and keep his cute human existence a regular factor in our visit to the salon is dead. Actually he was KILLED by a 24-year-old female from Connecticut who chose to go out, chose to drink on the night when she knew she would be driving and ploughed into him without ever stopping as he was crossing the street. The HOchies were shocked into horrified silence.

Needless to say, even though this event happened on December 1, 2005, it just happened for us. Once again, someone's life has been cut short because someone chose to drive drunk and if that person is found guilty of Manslaughter/Murder, all she will get is 7 years in jail. She probably won't serve half that.

I really want to rave on and on about how unfair this whole situation is and I want to say more but they are angry words and I don't want this post to lose itself in anger so I will say:

Goodbye Kevin. I wish we had said hello to you. We really wanted to and now we will never have a chance. I hope you are smiling that smile wherever you are and that you keep brushing your fine, blonde hair to the side. We will think about you and you will live on in the mind of two quasi-strangers as you live on in the hearts of those who love you.

Laters. =(

How The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages & Seasons Made A Liar Out of Me

I believe I said there'd be an update as to how the present situation went down soon after Christmas yet it's the 20th day into the New Year and not a goddamned thing was posted since December 24th...Of LAST year. Meh.
Everyone was happy with what they got, I think. Hochie or 2 has been rockin' the Hot Rod DS and "Animal Crossing" everyday. I only this week rocked one of my new sweaters. Rocked or looked like a clown? Hmmmmm...
Good times have been had with the watching of newly acquired DVDs including "Firefly" and "The Muppet Show - Season One" and still more to watch. Too many DVDs and not enough time but you cannot get anymore quality than "You and I and George" or "I Never Harmed an Onion...". Apparently, Ralph is the best Muppet and I never knew. Also, another thing I've discovered - the Muppet Show is not for children.
But what I've been truly rockin' is that damned Zelda series. For whatever stupid reason, probably the one involving my stupidity, I never got those games when they were out. Four years later I was struggling to find them at a price that was not 100+ dollars a piece. Bottom line, I found them and man, they're hard but ridiculously cool and fun. I'm playing the games linked so Ganon gets to own me at some point...uh, I mean..I will own Ganon (after multiple deaths) at some point.
And thanks to the LofZ, there have been no updates.
Nothing much going on yet so much of it, it's madness.
Work has been busy for Hochie Or 2 leading to nights of no 6.15 train.
My friend S is off to new and exciting things and I wish her the best of luck. 15 months seems like quite the while but I hope and I'm sure it will be, the most awesome frickin' times eva'.
And now to bring the blog mood down -
we found out today this guy we saw once in a while who worked at the hair salon was killed by recklessness & idiocy on the part of a 24 year old drunk driving bitch of a girl. Although The HOchieS never spoke to him, we always thought of him as the cute, quiet, shy guy who came across to us like a complete sweetie. We loved that guy. It's really horrible and it's hard to think about the fact that we'll never see him again... =(

Currently listening to: "Blackout" by Muse from the Absolution Tour DVD.

"Don't kid yourself
and don't fool yourself...
This life could be the last
And we're too young to see"
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