Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Everyone who knows me, knows that I love sharks. I would not love to be in the water with a shark but this shark is on my list of awesome:

In this March 2006 photo provided by Johnson Communications, Capt. Mike Delph, left, and Dr. Martin Arostegui, right, of Coral Gables, Fla. hold a 385-pound lemon shark caught in early March near the Marquesas Keys, west of Key West, Fla. Arostegui, a doctor with a slew of world fishing records added another one to his collection when he caught the 385-pound lemon shark on fly tackle, the International Game Fish Association said Tuesday, May 16, 2006. (AP Photo/Johnson Communications)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bring The Pain...

My focus is all crocused.
Mosh pits apparently can do that to you as well as make you hurt days later(ow ow ow ow!!!) as I now know.
It's true that you learn something new every day... and that is what I've been learning since May 11th.
Day 2 after the fact.
Thank you, Mindless Self Indulgence.

Despite the lack of movement without copious amounts of pain in the arms, I love MSI!

And now for a list of 1. Things that went just plain wrong at the concert. 2. Things that could have gone from bad to worse. And 3. Things that were OH so right!:

Just plain wrong - People who smell BEFORE the concert starts. I'm not sure how that works exactly but it's SCARY.
could have gone from bad to worse - Said smelly people that could have been near me AFTER the concert leading to events that could have been SCARIER.

Just plain wrong - Non-conformists, judgmental 'know-it-alls'.
OH so right! - Little Jimmy Urine telling them that "if you guys all died right now, Hot Topic would go out of business."
could have gone from bad to worse - thank goodness I wasn't wearing any of my Hot Topic gear that day...har har.

Just plain wrong - The shock at how small the Avalon is and standing and waiting for MSI from 6.30 - 9 p.m. amongst that crazy crowd of assholes, even though the ticket said the show started at 8. I was getting agitated but it wasn't that bad because...
OH so right! - Jess and Beetchie would break out in the occasional dancing during the dj music session before the show (And The Cheat did not spin those tunes nor did he do the light show). Also, I did enjoy the little ghetto white fan set up for Kitty . That amused me for some reason.

Just plain wrong - The Mosh Pit at the beginning of the set. It was CHAOS. Feeling like you're going to fall with 20 people on top of you is not good times and never gets easier on the nerves even after the 5th occurrence.
could have gone from bad to worse - my neck being broken because it sure felt like it at one point but did not happen thanks to Beetchie and Jesse because they ensured that no one messed with me.
OH so right! - Beetchie in the pit, tearing it up like nobody's business! There was something about someone grabbing me then Beetchie grabbing that person and tossing him off of me then grabbing me to her to make sure I was alright. And after the initial insanity of the Pit, why did I actually enjoy shoving people around once I could move? Probably because they deserved it. Stupid MFs!

I was happy once I got pushed out of the Pit and managed to moved off to the side. I can always boast about being in a Pit from this day forth (and what a Pit!) but I was quite content watching the show rather than watching my back.

Here's the awesome setlist (except it should be noted that I have only the first 2 songs and last song in the order it should be. The 3 songs before the last I'm a bit fuzzy as to if they were actually played but I think at least two of them were. Everything else was played that night but not necessarily in that order. Hey, it's amazing I even remember all this...):

Shut Me Up
Golden I
Two Hookers
Kill the Rock
Bring The Pain
Stupid MF
London Bridge
What Do They Know? (My favourite MSI Song!!!! I was hella happy)
Tom Sawyer
Step Up, Ghetto Blaster
Planet of the Apes
Last Time I Tried To Rock Your World
Straight To Video
(oh and some random metal power ballad of the 80's that Jimmy lipsync'd to after my cutie bassist Lynn Z dived off the balcony and crowd surfed her way to the front of the stage - SHE ROCKS!!!!!)

Here are some of the memorable quotes and good time performances for the evening:

From Steve, Righ? : at the start of the set "Are we going to start the 'how many times will Steve puke tonight collection'? No!!! Now SHUT THE FUCK UP!" And then straight into "Shut Me Up", it was fantastic!!!!

From Jimmy:

"Stop looking for porn and googling your full names!"

"You over there! (pointing to some random dude) You look really gay. Get out of here because there's only a certain level of gay allowed in this place and I fill that quota."

"How many of your blogs have I not read yet? I'm serious, I'm lurking around on the internet."

"I say we should bring the whole East Coast/West Coast gang wars back. The next time you see someone wearing a Tupac shirt, punch him in the face and tell him the ghost of Biggie made you do it!"

I got props from Beetchie who was impressed by my rapping skills. I loved the performance on this because Jimmy rapped half the song without music with the band coming in strong at the first "is it real son"

The conversation with the puppet wolf was great especially when Jimmy knocked him over the head with the microphone for nodding a no to Jimmy's request to do the Snoopy Dance. The Snoopy Dance itself was funny as all hell. "...He's (the puppet wolf) got more friends on MySpace than I do."

The best performance was Jimmy making us his giant Nintendo Controller for use during "Tom Sawyer":

Point UP for Jimmy to Jump up and down in one spot
<-- Point LEFT for Jimmy to move Left like a robot
--> Point RIGHT for Jimmy to move Right like a robot
A Turn the fist around and around and he'd crazily run around the stage
B Suck on your finger for him to do a sexy pose

Oh, "but no Nintendo Power Glove because it does not work with this system."

All of these good times and more lasted a little over an hour despite the length of the setlist because if you know MSI, you know that their songs are usually no longer than 2 minutes. However, that one hour was one of the best I've had in my short concert history.
Jess, Beetchie and I got their autographs at the end of the show. Sadly there were no photos taken with them although we could have with no trouble since they are cool enough to do that for their fans. I think Beetchie was quite happy getting her ticket signed, Jess getting her shirt and stomach signed and I'm happy with my signed t-shirt.

And let it be known that I love that Jimmy Urine
Damn! I should have gotten HIS name tattooed to my arm. Having "URINE" on my arm would be much cooler than "ALEX". At least I'd remember why I had "URINE"...

Currently listening to the band that has the most songs in my Top 25 Most Listened to on the Ipod including the number 1 most played: "London Bridge" - Mindless Self Indulgence and Patty's constant bitchin' about how I don't love her today because I'm here blogging instead of sitting by her while she plays "Harvest Moon".

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Brush With Evil.

It was on Saturday last.
There I was standing at the street cookie stand in Chinatown. I bought said good time cookies only to turn around and see one of my enemies.
I quickly turned around because where there is one asshole, there lurks another.
Sure enough second asshole comes STRAIGHT towards the cookie stand because of course, she wants some of those too. Ugh.
But thankfully this brush with evil was merely a close call. Still, hearing your enemy ordering 2 bags of cookies is a scary thing.
I'm very pleased I escaped that torture because tonight is one of those nights where it is re-affirmed that those two are truly disgusting, stupid people.
I don't know why it's justified for anyone to bash another person based on the fact that they are gay. And I don't know what right people have using derogatory terms to describe homosexuals.
And oh, the things I can go on about relating to those two but I need to get to bed.
Hopefully I'll have no brushes with evil tomorrow of the "I'm going to get squished in the mosh pit" variety at the MSI concert.
I am so nervous...

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Did anyone else notice that Kelly Clarkson's "Walk Away" sounds suspiciously like Tony! Toni! Tone!'s "If I Had No Loot"?

Also, that new song by Fort Minor "Where'd You Go" is horrendous.
I really don't have much against Shinoda for the most part...but that song irritates me. And it doesn't help when HOchie 1 calls me up just so I can hear it playing in the background.
I hate it when I might have to support Mike Shinoda ONLY because he did a collaboration with Kenna. I suppose though that I'd really be supporting Kenna... yes. That's it.

Finally, I would like to thank Ticketmaster for allowing me to be arsed out of seeing Radiohead.
But I won't be a little crybaby about this one. And that's only due to the fact that I can just hear Thom in my head taunting me.
And I am not Scott Tennorman.

Currently listening to: "Vicarious" by Tool.
Now there's a band. A band that is thoroughly disturbing me right now but they're hella' awesome. I am most impressed by Maynard's vocal work and musically, they're amazing.
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