Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Been Quite The While.

He looks the way I feel...

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brooklyn Hype (Part One)

There's sure to be some adventure or misadventure when Beetchie and I are together. Whether it involves dumplings flying into small cups of soy sauce, playing 'guitar hero' while surrounded by stupid 10 year olds who want to get their asses kicked or this latest craziness - something always goes down. ALWAYS.

Eyewitness News

(Sunset Park - WABC, June 23, 2006) - A roach bomb is being blamed for an explosion at a bakery in Brooklyn Friday night.

It happened inside the Sunset Park Bakery at 60th Street and Eighth Avenue around 9:30 p.m. Investigators say an employee was spraying bug killer too close to an open flame.
The front of the building was destroyed.

Seven people, including a firefighter, were injured. None of the injuries were serious.

(Copyright 2006 WABC-TV)

It turns out that driving through the scene of an explosion as it is happening is much more dramatic than seeing it in print in the news.

There are some things to remember:

1. When your dog or friend's dog starts a non-stop whining session at you (and this coming from a dog who never whines) when you're putting on your shoes to go out - PAY ATTENTION.
Animals usually know something you don't - like say, when you're going to be driving admist an explosion. In retrospect, I'm now certain that Sabi was telling us "you're going out into danger. I want you to stay home."

2. It's very hard to wrap your mind around something as it is going on because the brain doesn't honestly think the things flying at the car are pieces of blown out glass but rather, buckets of ice that someone's tossing at you.

3. Beetchie remains level-headed in times of emergency.

4. Cellphones are wonderful things that can be used to help others in case of emergency. This is especially important to all the people who were standing around gawking instead of using theirs to call 911. Ass-hats.

And when she reads this, no... I do not hold you responsible for whatever went down in Brooklyn. And yes, it won't make me want to come to Brooklyn any less because it could have happened anywhere. As you know, I never want to come out to Brooklyn anyway. Har Har. Kidding. Please don't beat me and take my stuff making my Brooklyn experience complete... (kidding again! really!)
Also, don't listen to the MSI song after which I've named this blog entry but if you do, when you hear Little Jimmy Urine screaming "Brooklyn, you ain't nothing!" just remember I have no control over what he says!

5. We have decided that we need more Thailand voodoo dolls of the guard series.

Why do my Fridays always end up with my either being in serious pain, unable to eat, overly stressed, depressed and/or now in some sort of explosion? My Fridays have been cursed for a year now. Someone hates me or is working some serious voodoo but AHA! I'm now one step ahead... which reminds me: Beetchie, we also need to invest in more dolls of the punishment & cure series.

Why are my day-offs never real ones? And when do I take an actual vacation?

I am thankful that Beetchie and I were able to do a good deed and that we were unharmed because the fact of the matter is, it could have been incredibly worse. There are so many scenarios that could have taken place but did not and it's best to not think about it.

However, I think something's trying to stop me from getting to Muse on August 3rd. I can't die until after the concert...and after Matt puts his ring on my finger. And I get his guitar from the dumpster.
Note to self and Beetchie - we need dolls of the love series. I already have the first part of the plan: Spider Boy. Heh Heh Heh Heh...

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And somehow that song title seems wrong after writing this blog...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I need to blog!

I need to do a lot of things
1. Revamp fauxanga characters (especially that Van Joshua)
2. Finish Tales of Phantasia
3. Blog about Arizona once I get the pictures and new camera

But I HAD to come on and blog about this, if only as a reminder to myself of how damned funny the situation is and so that I may have a good laugh a few months from now when I'm bored and decide to re-read the blog:

The Mongolian has been mentoring some kids.
Today was the last day of mentoring said kids.
The kind-hearted Mongolian went happily to the complex with tons of candy to give the kids on their last session with her.
The kids were not there.
Apparently the kids were on a field trip at Chelsea Piers and everyone neglected to let the Mongolian know...
Poor Mongolian ran down to Chelsea Piers in distress looking for her kids with her books and candy in bag when she could have been studying.

Hilarious and yet so sad...

Oh crap, what is this song I'm listening to... ("It's On Random!!")
"Fantasies Come True" - from The Avenue Q Soundtrack.
"Lavos' Theme" - Yasunori Mitsuda, The Chrono Trigger Soundtrack.
"Dark Cloud Main Theme" - Tomohito Nishiura. Ah, this track is some good times that I forgot.
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