Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our 100th Blog Post!

Thank Goodness the End of this Stupid Season Has Arrived! (9 AM to 1 PM: S 3 of the 24 H C) - but how sad is it that our 100th post is on this lameness? Weak!

9 AM to 10 AM:

"Chloe the Tactless" is what she will be called from now on.

Dear Mitch *Connors*,

If you ever get a woman like that villainous SGDP, I hope that you have cherished your time with the Hos because that is the last time you'll ever see us.

- The HOChies.

Head Count: 0.

10 AM to 11 AM:

You know how much money the country is losing during these episodes because the airports have been shut down and everyone has been told to stay in their houses? When NYC is shut down for a day due to a really bad snow storm we're out millions! I don't know how the economy's going to recover from this one.

The BFFs are squabbling. And once again, Jack makes an ass out of Tony A.

Where's the Chase baby?

And where did that blood come from, Michelle?

Head Count: 8 (including a count for that poor garbage can Jack kicked off to the side).

11 AM to 12 PM:

I'm hatin' on this Brad Hammond already. He's acting by the book just like Chappelle but like Chappelle, he too will get a bullet to the Jack.

Head Count: 2.

12 PM to 1 PM:

Is Sherry really dead?! I didn't add her to the count in the last episode and I won't add her until the end of this episode.

"Shoot Sherry Palmer before you shoot yourself! Oh, I didn't think it would really happen like that." - HOchie 1.

"Disarm the bomb." Ahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh Jack, the irony.

How can Kim love a man with one hand?

Head Count: 7 + the near 800 that died at the hotel.

OMG, Sherry is actually gone. The Lizard-Fish killed her ass! Quite frankly we think this death was not that great. SGDP should have gone down something more fitting for her, for instance, her falling on a stake.

Mitch *Connors*' Tribute to SGDP:

::sob sob::
Yeah I guess they used some extra strength baygon on her ass
That crazy bitch shot her dead
My Sherry amor
You're the only one that I adore
You're the only one my heart beats Sherry amor

The HOchies Tribute to SGDP:

First the punch -

And then the death:

Episodes left to watch until the Season 6 Premiere in January: 48.

Friday, September 29, 2006

5 AM to 10 AM S 3 The 24 H C

5 AM to 6 AM:

"It was you! You killed Danny!" Listen Stupid, Michelle had to do what she needed to do because your husband was being an ass!

"It's the pre-series villain." - Mitch *Connors*
"CTU is the worst federal agency ever. We need to stop spending money funding them. Didn't we also think Victor Dresen was dead too but he wasn't? Why is it hard to believe that Steven Saunders also died?" - HOchie 1.

Don't worry, Michelle. No virus can kill your ass. Only car bombs can do that.
"That's kind of sad. I kind of like her now. She chose her job over Tony A. Not only that but she tried to sell him up the river. That's what happens when you marry one of Jack Bauer's bitches." - HOchie 1.

I love how those federal agents at CTU are always flashing their identifications but what does it matter? No one knows that the hell CTU is.

Did anyone else see that woman, Diana White who "worked" with Steven Saudners put some pants on when she was getting dressed? We sure didn't, she went to MI6 with a bare bottom!

MI6 - another crap agency. Like CTU, it's easy for them to be infiltrated.
And what the fudge is MI6? What about MI5?

Michelle is part Japanese so she has no trouble pushing suicide. Those Japanese hate Christianity. Every soul should burn in hell! Damned Michelle. Keep your seppuku to yourself!

Head Count: 6. ::sniff:: Gael. The entire MI6 office was taken out. I only counted 5... it's a small agency, I guess.

6 AM to 7 AM:

No, Tony A. You shouldn't be there with Michelle because you're not hardcore enough to survive a virus.

Ryan Chappelle - Japanese?:

When is the asshat Chase going to die? Talking out of line like that. Stupid Chase.

Oooo, Daniel Dai Kim is back. He has lived too long in this show. Today's the day to add him to the headcount.

Head Count: 9. R.I.P. Chappelle, even if you were CTU's resident assbackside for the past 3 seasons.

7 AM to 8 AM:

More reasons to love Tony A.: he tried to get Kim killed off in the field by strongly suggesting she be a decoy in a dangerous operation, a job Kim took but of course, that bitch just won't die.
Good try though, Tony A. Good try.

Head Count: 2.

8 AM to 9 AM:

It's all well and good that Michelle was not infected by the virus but what about the poor black man who found out that his results were positive?

Head Count: 2. this including The poor black man who unlike Michelle, will not make it until the end of this day.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This IS the Lazy Season. The Lazy Season of Y&R. Yep. Sure Is. S 3 24 H C: 1 AM to 5 AM

1 AM to 2 AM:

I am loving Jack's free and multiple use of the words, "Shut up!" in this season.

These fools. Didn't they learn in Season 2? Why would Jack go on a plane with Nina again?

Yes. Let us investigate this 'baby'. It's probably a terrorist. Chappelle is right. Stick needles in the baby!

"Why isn't Lizard-Fish Julia not letting SGDP into the house?" - HOchie 1.
"Because it's like letting a vampire in. They're only allowed by invite." - Me.

Here's Lizard-Fish, MC:

And here's is Lizard-Fish's atlantic cousin:

"What happened to CTU's computers?" - Me.
"The Baby shut them down." - HOchie 1.

"Alan is Master Vampire!" - HOchie 1.

If Alan paid off that dude to keep his mouth shut with a 'considerable amount of money', why was he living in a trailer?

Oooooooooooooooo, the SGDP's so bad-assed she can kill a man with just her voice:

Don't become an Alan Milliken.

Head Count: 1.

2 AM to 3 AM:

That virus looks suspiciously like tons of glitter in a tube full of pee.

That Lizard-Fish is asking for a beat down by SGDP. How stupid is she?

And how assstupid are these people at CTU? You have to watch Nina like a hawk at all times even if she's bleeding from the neck. It's all fake! And then we're stupid enough to put a tray full of scissors right in her grasp. Tch. You all deserve to die (just like poor dead Terri).

And look at Nina, back in the room where she killed Terri. And look, Kim is in the room. It's season 1 all over again! Except if Kim goes, it won't be sad. Ahahaha.

Scary. Nina looks like a freakin' zombie.

Head Count: 2. However, unlike a zombie, she ain't coming back.

3 AM to 4 AM:

Yeah Tony A., defend your bff because when you die, you know Jack's going to cry.

And when did you have time to change your patch, Tony A.?

Ugh. I don't know how much more of that damned Kim I can take. Her stupidity is overwhelming.

And I hate to say it but that damned David Palmer deserve what he got by bringing SGDP back in the mix.

OMG, Candyman is the detective in the Milliken murder case. Candyman. Well this is about to get horrific. Har Har.

SGDP is so in character that even when she's on the phone with Candyman and no one can see her, she still feigns shock and despair even down to the 'let me sit down to catch myself'. That was really unnecessary but damn she's good.

Quotes of the day:

"I love me some Sherry. Sherry will live forever. She's like a cockroach." - Mitch *Connors*. I never knew Mitch loved cockroaches in addition to the old ladies. That MC, you learn something new about him everyday.

"Complex problems sometimes have the simplest solutions." - SGDP. That is a gross misuse of the word 'murder'.

Head Count: 2. ::sniff:: let me have a moment now for poor soon-to-be-dead Gael.

4 AM to 5 AM:

First the Spanish dude starts bleeding from the nose and mouth, then the Chinese woman. Yeah, just kill of the minorities first.

Head Count: 3. I like that sharp pitched noise that is made before all the bombs explode in this show.

Monday, September 25, 2006

What's this Season Turning Into? Y&R?! 9 PM to 1 AM (S 3 24 HC)

9 PM to 10 PM:

Tony A. should be back in the hospital. He's going crazy.

OMG, Jack's actually going to use the bathroom! But alas, of course not. Lies. All of it!

One word from Sergio and Jack's a dead man. Never trust an eight year old.

Ew, I wouldn't kiss that horse mouth on ClAUdia.

Who's this OTHER black man? What kind of ass story is this with Wayne and the gimp?

HowTF did Nina get out of custody?

Head Count: 0

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 0

10 PM to 11 PM:

Why won't Tony A. yell at Kim for being an ass?

Nina Myers "quit being banished (exiled)"?

Why is that bitch, Zoe cheating on Wash? ::tear::

Are we really supposed to believe that Jack let Nina get the better of him?

Hand Count: 1

Head Count: 8. Poor dead ClAUdia.

The Sherry Name Drop Count: HAS ENDED! The bitch is BACK!

11 PM to 12 PM:

Jack kissing Nina..bleck!

What's with the flippy hair with bangs, SGDP? She looks like Elvira sittin' in that chair.

What happened to taking ClAUdia's body back to CTU?

This season could have ended if CTU had just listened to Gayelle!

Head Count: 0.

12 PM to 1 AM:

"Kidnapping is a felony!" - Kim. And she would know. Damn Bitch messing around in Chloe's buisness.

I find it rather convenient a man in a wheel chair drove over a little kid (in a car).

Head Count: 14. We love Ramon "Hardcore" Salazar but ::sniff:: his head a-splode. Poor Delta 3.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I Really Hate Those Biatches at Netflix

I cannot believe those MFs shipped disc 4 of 24 before they shipped 3.


A tous des Poulardes avec quatre jambes

SOMERSET, Pennsylvania (AP) -- -- Henrietta the chicken was living inconspicuously among 36,000 other birds at Brendle Farms for 18 months -- until a foreman noticed she had four legs.

"It's as healthy as the rest," the farm's owner, Mark Brendle, told The Daily American.

Brendle's 13-year-old daughter, Ashley, named the chicken Henrietta after the discovery Thursday. The bird has two normal front legs and, behind those, two more feet. They are of a similar size to her front legs but don't function. The chicken drags her extra feet behind her at the farm in in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

In 30 years of farming, Brendle said, he's never before seen a chicken with four legs.

There's no definitive reason why such deformities happen, said Cliff Thompson, a retired professor of genetics at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. He said it could be an accident of development, akin to a sixth toe on a cat.

Brendle said he jokingly suggested to his family that it sell Henrietta in an Internet auction, but Ashley objected.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

I don't even have a real comment for this article other than ew.

A Letter

Dear Restless in Rochester,

What did you do with yourself today?

The HOchieS.


I know we all like to keep that we watch this show on the dl but being a staple of Trini viewing back in the day (even a displaced Trini such as myself knows that you just don't call people house from 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM Monday through Friday), I had to write about the assness that went down on yesterday's episode.

HOchie 1 called me up laughing hysterically. And here's why -

So Brad Carlton, yes the very same ugly Brad Carlton (but for some reason they all make it like he's hot...bleck) we all grew up watching has been for 20 years living the double life!
No surprise, right? Honestly that's what everyone does. Next they'll be telling you he's been playing his evil twin (unless that already happened).

Well. The biggest news this side of Genoa City:

BC's biggest secret is that he's...


Take a moment to breathe.

And just because he put on his yarmulke don't mean you gotta be all racist, Victoria. Now she wants out of the marriage. Ah.

This show has reached its height of stupidity.

Let us end it now, much like John Abbot.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And No SF...

We are not bringing "Cork" back.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Equivalent Exchange

It's not often a show makes me teary. In fact, only two have. They're both anime because those Japanese are cold-hearted. They really know how to drive daggers into your heart and have no qualms about doing anything to do so. No character is ever safe in anime as I've discovered through my many years of watching the genre. Even though the characters are animated, a well-written show is a well-written show, regardless of what media format or style and it's very easy to hate and/or become attached to characters within any given series. Don't even get me started on people who think anime and video games are for children.

I digress.

I am known to many of my friends as the girl who traumatizes them by making them watch or play tear-jerker anime series or games. I am hated for it. And I'm proud of it.

After 51 episodes, I can finally do a little tribute to one of the best shows I have ever seen (and the second to make me teary): Full Metal Alchemist

Perhaps I should not have posted that I am hated for recommending sad anime to my friends but hey, at least you know it's quality stuff!
So what if almost every episode left even me mortified and tearing?!
The writing of this show was intricate with brilliantly created, well-developed characters.

While there are many characters and a lot of story to take in sometimes, everyone has their own little life that's worth something. Here's to my fools:

But ultimately, it all comes down to the Elric Brothers.

So young and curious:

Sometimes a tad bit ridiculous:

But together...always (that's right. Always!!!!!):

I love them.

Currently listening to: "Brothers" - by Michiru Oshima & BEPA, from the Full Metal Alchemist Soundtrack. This is perhaps the greatest and saddest of all theme songs. Damn this show and song...

Prosti menya, mladshiy brat!
Ya tak pred toboy vinovat.
Pyitatsya vernut' nyelzya
Togo, chto vzyala zyemlya.

Hochie or 1's take on FMA - the saddest anime, after GOTF

Disk 13 - Episode 49:

Envy is hardcore. She kicked Wrath's little ass like nobody's business.

Gluttony. ugggh.

Goo'day Sensei. It's only a matter of time.

Winry could be a lot cuter but I kinda like her. What will she do when all the crap goes down? And that dog better shed up!

I hate this anime because it is so sad. Or 2 pisses me off forcing me to watch this. I am never watching another anime that she recommends. I should stick to the Sugar Plums.

WHOA! Rose is a fatty.

Ugghh, Gluttony is here again. Did he just clamp his mouth onto Ed's arm?! uggh. So he is sad that Lust is dead now but wait til he gets pissed off about it.

Equivalent Exchange is a childish theory? What the?!! MISLED!!!!!!!!! For a whole series. good grief.

Yowch?! "Yowch" is a bonafide translation?

And what is with the William Tell Overture?

Gee, that episode was boring.

Episode 50: Death

I hate eyes behind doors.

Poor dead soldiers. The Headcount will be high. Those fools will die Or 2. Just you wait.

Mustang = Moostang.

It is never fun when someone opens up their mouth and you get bullets in your face at that time. yuck. Your bitches are going to die Or 2. What kind of anime do you think this is? Snow Fairy?

You what what I hate? Decaying bodies?

NO!!! Don't eat Ed, Gluttony. Don't eat anyone. This whining biatch better stop carrying on about Lust. Oh, thanks Dante, bring Gluttony back to just being about his appetite. Way to go to make him forget about his sadness for Lust. LAME. ::Shiver::

Again with the Equivalent Exchange theory being crap. Why was I misled all this time? I blame Or 2.

If it is a childish theory then I too am alright being a child, Ed. But this world sucks if you can't do alchemy to save yourself.

The Fuhrer has to go down. and Moostang is the one to do it. But he may get a little ass-kicking first. It's alright, I don't really care for Roy anyway.

NOOOOOOOOOO. Why did they go there? Taking the form of Maes is cheapness.

Nice to stomp on Wrath when he jsut got his arm and leg pulled off and taken back.

HOLY CRAP! Why did Ed just get an arm through his chest and is now dead?

H.a.t.i.n.g. o.n. O.r. 2.. r.i.g.h.t. n.o.w... Asshattery all around.

I officially hate ENVY worst of all, even that Gluttony is nothing to me. AL do something. WAIT, WAIT, Gluttony is charging. I may still hate him the worst... uggh.

Gluttony is feasting on Al for some reason and I don't like it.

Oh Aru.

Hawkeye? Goo'day?

Goo'day Colonel Roy Mustang. Did you have to die?

Everyone dies. But apparently not Roy Moostang. He only keeds.

Where is AL? Al transmuted your dead body and now he is gone!!!!!

You know, this is sweetness... Dante being eaten by Gluttony.

Sensei alive? What a letdown. Weak.

You know I prefer Aru as a tin man.

We'll meet again Aru!!!


Monday, September 18, 2006

This Better Pick Up Soon...5 PM to 9 PM S 3 The 24 H C

5 PM to 6 PM:

Russian Roulette is the worst game ever.

For some reason, there's something about that Chloe that I'm liking.
"She's so awkward, it's painful to watch." - HOchie 1.
Yeah, that's gotta be it.

Head Count: 6

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 1

6 PM to 7 PM:

I wonder how much money they spend making this show...come now, a helicopter chase?!

I sure hope that helicopter falls on Chase.

President Palmer is drinking Fiji water! That water saved my life back at Ozzfest. Arsenic saves lives.

President Palmer! How could you authorize shooting down your bff?! if there's anyone who should be shot down, it should be Chappelle. And that asshat, Wayne.

You know, now's probably not a good time to tell Jack that he didn't HAVE to stick a needle in his arm.

Ok, so advice for all: Don't park your mustangs in open lots in HelL.A. because apparently it's easy as all heck to steal them. Who the hell leaves all the keys hanging around in the open like that?!
And that is reason 1007 to hate on the HelL.A.

Har Har moment in this episode: the 'hug' that Chappelle gave Michelle after hearing the good news that Tony A. was going to be alright.

Who Will Be Dead in the Near Future: Kyle. Another blonde doing a stupid thing but actually paying for it this time. Yay! Or is he? Why should this show change it's format? Another damned blonde is going to survive.

Jack is getting a little rest. Being knocked out is the best thing that could happen to that man in this show.

Head Count: 0

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 0

7 PM to 8 PM:

The best kind of Kim is one that has been duct taped.

"Umm, this Joaquim De Almeida (Salazar) ain't no damned Mexican Drug Lord! He's not even Mexican! He's Portugese!" - Me.
"Yeah. I was confused as to why he was even going to Mexico." - HOchie 1.

There was a quick shot of some woman on Salazar's plane and she looked like Janet Jackson. I was so confused.

"CTU is the worst division in history. There's always some kind of mole in there." - HOchie 1.
I guess we were wrong this time. Or were we? Hmmmm.

"He (Chase) looks like a white Laurence Fishburne." - Luis.

Head Count: 1. Another Pedro bites the dust.

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 1

8 PM to 9 PM:

Once again, CTU makes an asshat out of Chappelle.

Here's what I'm not understanding. Why isn't that stupid Kim saying anything to Tony A. about that stupid Chase?

If it's not Kim's who's about to mess things up for CTU, then make it the man who looks like her. Stupid Chase.

WTF does this ClAUdia think she is?

President Palmer just got dumped. Another black man put down. By a white woman to boot. Sadness.

Stupid Salazars. They should stop messing around! I was so hoping Chase was dead.

Head Count: 2.

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 0

And finally, it has come to our attention that the Giant Kitty had the original "Funk Chunk".

Quote of the day:

Me: Do you like Gael?
Mitch *Connors*: Where's he from?
HOchie 1: Trinidad
Mitch *Connors*: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. He does look like someone from Calabash Alley.
HOchie 1: Sugar Cane Arrows, Fool. Sugar Cane Arrows.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Magical Animal

Pig Withstands Tasers, Cops on U.S. 41

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- A pig withstood taser shots from police officers and eluded authorities for more than an hour after wandering onto Green Bay's major highway. The 150-pound pig was spotted by a passing driver on U.S. 41 at 6 p.m. Wednesday night, Green Bay Police Lt. Todd LePine said.

The animal reportedly went into traffic several times, creating a hazard, he said.

Officers located the pig about 7 p.m. and made two attempts to subdue it with a stun gun, he said, but it fled both times after pulling out the Taser probes.

A passerby who described himself as a former pig farmer tried to wrestle the animal, but the animal pulled away from him as well, LePine said.

Three tranquilizer darts were finally used to bring the pig under control, and it was placed in blanket and lifted into an animal control van, LePine said.

The animal was taken to the Bay Area Humane Shelter that evening. Police said a local attorney planned to claim the pig Thursday. The name of the pig's owner was not disclosed.

Any piggy that withstands tasers and is hardcore enough to pull the probes out of its body should live forever and not even be considered to be baconized.
Besides which, wouldn't tasering the piggy make the bacon hard? Hmmmm. Don't mess with the bacon. It's just downright sacrilegious.

And yes, the pig is a magical animal. Any animal that can give you such wonderful meats such as ham, porkchops and bacon is magical. Those are the greatest words Homer ever said.

Currently listening to: "Get Over It" by OK Go. By the way, I'm very upset with them. They announced their U.S. Tour Dates today and of course, (because why else would anything go right for me these days) I'll probably be in the U.K. on the day they're in my area.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Season 3 (The Ugly Season & The How Many Times Is Sherry's Name Mentioned Season) of the 24 Head Count: 1 PM to 4 PM

1 PM to 2 PM:

"Ok, that Chase can't be with Kim because he looks like her." - HOchie 1.

Exactly what is Kim doing working at CTU? What skills does Kim have?

And who is this asshole Adam? You know you probably shouldn't mess with Kim though because Jack did turn her into a murderer.

Why aren't things working out with Kate?! She survives Season 2 only to be assed out by Jack and his love of the drugs? For shame. That is the worst way to go.

I love how they set up the hours in the day. The virus is programmed much like the show, it'll take 24 hours to do it's buisness. Funny guys. Funny.

This Wayne character may be the male version of SGDP.

What's up with people's noses this season?

For something new, here's the 24 'analyst' line:

Jamie (dead) -> Milo (whereabouts unknown but possibly in some hot milk) -> Paula (dead) -> Carrie (whereabouts unknown but hopefully bitch slapped by Tony A. and Michelle before being tossed to the ugly Su Lin panda in the zoo for a 5 PM feeding) -> Adam (already on the 'who everyone would like to see dead in the near future' list) -> Chloe (already had her ass handed to her by Jack).

President Palmer's new girlfriend ain't got no flava'.

"This show acts under the guise of advancing minorities but it deals in stereotypes and crap!" - HOchie 1.
"It's taking us back centuries!" - Mitch *Connors*.
"Just like Survivor!!!!" - Me.

"For someone who's addicted to drugs, he could be a lot thinner." - HOchie 1.
We don't like this heroin Jack.

Head Count: 2 + 1 truckload full of people.

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 0.

2 PM to 3 PM:

OMG! There's an Anise working at CTU!!!!!

Good going, Kim. Go ahead and tell Jack that you're dating Chase so when Chase gets killed, you'll have only yourself to blame. You know that anyone who gets close to Jack gets offed!

The new fantastic line that will be used by all when they do not want to be accused of getting their way via shady dealings - "I'm not talking about pulling a Sherry and stealing it."

"Shut up, stupid!" - Jack. Ahahahahahaha. That's the kind of thing I say to people all the time.

I like how Jack has other people extracting information for him. That's power.

What's up with Ann? Is she BFF's with SGDP?!

Head Count: 1.

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 1

3 PM to 4 PM:

I'm loving how instead of giving Tony A. his name in the 'previously on 24' they give him the title of "Counter Terrorist Unit".

Can't a man shoot up some heroin in the privacy of his van before he goes out in the field on his federal agent type buisness?

Who the hell leaves a fan on the floor? That fan is in on the plan to release and spread the virus through Kyle's door! Stupid fan.

Head Count: 1.

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 2

4 PM to 5 PM:

Watching 24 on the laptop and trying to blog doesn't work out.

Head Count: 0.

The Sherry Name Drop Count: 2.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some People Found Out About Pluto A Little Too Late

Because then they too could have joined the 50 who protested the scientists' decision - making the grand total of 51:

From an ITV Interview with my Matt from MUSE:

Rumour has it you're fascinated by space. Is that true?

I think everyone is. I think most people think about what is out there and everyone has a curiosity about the unknown.

So what do you make of what's happened to Pluto?

We've been on tour so I don't know. What has happened?

It's been downgraded - it's not a planet anymore…

So what is it?

A Pluton…

That's a bit sad really – it's like the Universe is shrinking.

Ok Matt, there's no more Universe. If Pluto's not a planet, then it's all gone to hell.

But I don't blame you, Matt, for being a tad bit special. Like me, I'm sure the change in Discovery Channel's programming has made you burdened with stoopid as well. "Entertain Your Brain", what kind of slogan is that?! I blame the Discovery Channel for my lack of knowledge about the important things. I used to be smarter than I am now. Curses!

Currently Listening To: "Moth" by Audioslave. I can't say much about this album yet because on first quick listen I was not incredibly impressed. It's going to have to simmer. I'm not ready to give it a real good listen yet because I've been stuck on OK Go. This track has a really good sound though and not even a major guitar solo. Tom?! WDA?!

And now listening to (because the title is so fitting): "Shrinking Universe" by Muse. Har Har.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The End of the Lazy Season (S 2: 4 AM to 8 AM. The 24 HC)

4 AM to 5 AM:

We're too stressed to say anything about this episode save this one thing:

The Cabinet is full of bastards!

and this:


Head Count: 1. The President is down. It should be 8 for the Cabinet who voted against him.

5 AM to 6 AM:

This is what we like to see - Jack roughing up the SGDP.

"There was no need to kill him. Jack is just a hater." - Mitch *Connors*.

Award for best scene: ::stab:: "Help me!" - SGDP, followed by Jack running off, ignoring her ass.
I love that Jack.

Head Count: 2. Jack just made a murderer out of his daughter.

6 AM to 7 AM:

Hang in there Alex!

uhh... Head Count: 2 - Poor dead Alex.

But what was up with that cheesy music.

7 AM to 8 AM:

Finally, Mike's taking charge. Geez, I thought I had to add him to the list of 'who i'd like to see dead in the near future'.

Ahahahaha, just what we like to see - Chappelle being made into an assbitch.

And what we love to see: Jack pulling guns on people and then thanking them.

Marie looks like Hannibal or a Zombie. "Grrr..Arrgh"?

Oh Jack and his heart condition. Is he going to die at the end of this season?! Again?! ::tear::

Exactly where is the wire on Sherry GD Palmer? Did it go the way of the gold watch and Christopher Walken?

Damn that SGDP can run! But oh please, you're letting a litle stab slow you down? Jack's heart is on the verge of collapse and he's still running faster than you are, not to mention kicking some dude's ass! Though he does have the advantage of being Batman going for him...

CTU does not stand for "Counter Terrorist Unit" as previously thought. It's actually "Can't Turn Up...(on time)". Way to swarm the place AFTER all the work has been done, CTU. Way to go.

WhoTF is Mack?

Head Count: 7. Mike is down and out.

The cellphone quote of the day: "I may be interrupting many cell phone calls on 24." - Merry Mesmer, after IM-ing us.


I happened upon Knight Rider this morning as I was flipping channels. I don't have a crush on David Hasselhoff despite what Mitch *Connors* may think but I did love Kitt.

Until now.

"Hey, what's that cheesey music Kitt is playing? Kitt's not holding his lane either! And what the...a tape deck?! He should have been rockin' an ipod since way back in '87! WDA! Did Kitt just diss NY?!" - Me.

Yeah man, now it's on. For a technologically advanced auto, you're telling me he didn't have an ipod?! Tch.

And hence the reason I always liked Carr better. I'm sure Carr had a special edition U2 Ipod installed and tore up the streets of NY while rockin' some Rage Against the Machine.

Having enough of Kitt's crap for crap, I switched over and came across Highway To Heaven.
Ahhh, I was remembering the good times until reality hit.
"Hey, this Highway to Heaven is sounding a little preachy." - Me.


So now I'm watching Danny Phantom. While it's a little preachy itself, the pretty colours, witty dialog and cuteness of the DP makes me forget all that.

A few other things I wanted to give quick mention to:

The Keane debacle continues. They've cancelled their US Tour due to lead singer Tom's rehabilitation.

On Guinea Pigs: A gross misuse of the term 'pig' because if I can't get pork out of those little bitches, then what's the point?

And the new WTF is WDA. Because sometimes you need a little "Wat de ass" in your conversation.

Velociraptors - special or smart? I've learnt that food came first on their killing agenda so nevermind a scenario of say - a brush fire surrounds them while munching on some Triceratops prey, leading to their imminent death. Whatever. At least they ensured that they were well-fed before death. That's how I'd like to go.
Special animals need the most love and that's why I love them the most. Even if they are furry.

Despite it's candy taste, you shouldn't guzzle smirnoffs like you would Dr. Peppers. Oooo, headachey.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Finally, I can blog on 24 again (The HC S 2: 12 AM to 4 AM)

Stupid Netflix and their staggering of my dvd shipments!

12 AM to 1 AM:

Well, let's see. You just tell Kate the world can be plunged into WWIII but it's all dependent on you if that goes down, do you honestly think she's going to say she won't help you?!

But Jack Bauer saved my life twice! Of course I base my entire decision on what he says. Jack Bauer's bitches: Char Kar, Or 2 and President Palmer.

Ahhh, two more years of Michelle and her asshattery. Then boom. Goo'day Michelle. Muwahahahahahahahahaha.

Damn, Tony A. Could you have a bigger wrist watch? What do you need that for anyway? Isn't there a clock on this show at every minute?

Winner of the Worst Actress Award: Mrs. Garcia, wife of the guy who held up the convenience store and killed the owner.

What's this District everyone keeps talking about?

Head Count - 1

1 AM to 2 AM:

Who The HOchies would like to see dead in the near future: Carrie but not before a good bitch slap.

"Tony A., what's up with you liking the women who are all over Jack? You want to BE Jack!" - HOchie 1.

Awwwwwww, only two more years of Michelle and her asshattery. Then boom. Goo'day Michelle. waaaauuugggghhhhhhhhhh.

"I like those smoke things." - HOchie 1.
"Tear gas?" - Me.
"Yeah." - HOchie 1.
"Look Earl, pretty eyes are burning...pretty gas." - Randy.

What kind of lame, easy escape is that for Kim? LAME!

Head Count: 7.1 - .1 for Miguel's .1 of a leg.

2 AM to 3 AM:

"That 24 music sounds like the Batman music. Wait, it...all makes...sense now. Jack Bauer is Batman!" - HOchie 1.

Ewww! Naked and vomiting. This is not how we like to see Jack's ass! Not in this kind of situation! Ewwwwwwww. And what exactly is he puking up? He hasn't eaten since before 8 AM.

Apparently Jack's not the only one good at extracting information. The leader of the "Chip Troop" is doing a fine job. Perhaps I can be his bitch as well?

This whole Danny story that Michelle just laid down is crap. I believe that both Danny and Carrie were to blame.

Reasons why Tony A. and Michelle shouldn't be together: Danny. Why would Tony A. want to deal with that crazy ass? Perhaps, craziness runs in the family.

I might vomit up my chinese food from this horrible Tony A. and Michelle scene. And this is why this is the lazy season. That 2 minute footage was unnecessary.

I don't know what to say about Mike. Whhhhyyyhhhyyyyy. Stupid ass!

Head Count - 1 - Jack is D-E-A-D. Dead.

3 AM to 4 AM:

15 minutes before the last of the "Chip Troop" dies. Jack has enough time to put some pants on before extracting information.

That Chappelle is a real ass.

Head Count - 6. Poor Lynn looks like a chalk drawing but she's 'not dead yet'. Not true for poor Yusef. =( Did in by a bunch of hicks.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Inked and WACOM-ed with:

Currently listening to: "It's a Disaster" by Ok Go. I'm so in love with this band right now. They're very 80's sounding at times and I can probably tell you what songs some of theirs sound like that have been done before. For the example, "A Million Ways" sounds a bit "I Can Never Be Your Woman" by White Town. However, their seemingly great personalities and hilarious videos are making me forgive them. They're just fun.

One of the Good Steves Is Gone

SYDNEY, Australia (CNN) -- Steve Irwin, the enthusiastic "Crocodile Hunter" who enthralled audiences around the world with his wildlife adventures, died Monday morning after being stung by a stingray while shooting a TV program off Australia's north coast.

Media reports say Irwin was snorkeling at Batt Reef, a part of the Great Barrier Reef about 9 miles (about 15 kilometers) from the town of Port Douglas, when the incident happened.

Irwin, 44, was killed by a stingray barb that pierced his chest, according to Cairns police sources.

Irwin was in the area to film pieces for a show called "The Ocean's Deadliest" with Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques, according to Irwin's manager and friend John Stainton. But weather had prevented the crew from doing work for that program, Stainton said, so Irwin decided to do some softer features for a new children's TV show he was doing with his daughter, Bindi.

"He came over the top of a stingray that was buried in the sand, and the barb came up and hit him in the chest," Stainton said.
Copyright 2006 CNN. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Associated Press contributed to this report.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin. ='(
And that stupid Cathy in NJ, whoever you are, who said that Steve Irwin thrived off agitating animals and that you hope there is a lesson in his the tragedy of his death - Cathy, you're an ass.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

S 2 24 HC: 8 PM to 12 PM - Starring...

Kim, as Filler Bunny!

8 PM to 9 PM:

Forget the mountain lion, Kim should be scared of Kevin Dillon.

Who Sherry Would Like to See Dead in the Near Future - Lynn.

Head Count - 6.

9 PM to 10 PM:

Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) is getting a pretty good run on this show as a guest star. Even the LDP got less screen time. It's only a matter of time.

Here we go again, Sherry with the "I was only doing it to protect you" speech. She gives the same speech every damned season?

In the great words of Char Kar: "I love it when Jack 'extracts' information." And that is one of the reasons why Char Kar is Jack Bauer's bitch and it's one of the reasons why I'm also becoming one. But let it be known I was always Keifer's bitch, ever since The Lost Boys.

"More important than your life and mine. ::Bang:: Ow! My arm!" - Marie Warner. That my friends, is the most un-hardcore, classic speech eva'.

"I'm not afraid to die..." - Marie.
"But I am not okay with a bullet in my arm." - Me.

I predict Tony A.'s going to be caught in the middle of a bitch fight between Michelle & new girl who replaced Paula.

Tony A.'s moving up in the world! Promotion by way of Plutonium Poisoning! It's almost as if he planned it or something...
His speech, however, was rather weak and went on for too long. People we have a bomb to find.

Oh and it's cougars. Not mountain lions.

Head Count - 1.

10 PM to 11 PM:

I'm liking the desert option. You all know how I hate me a desert. Toss that bomb out there. But please, let us have a moment of silence for the Geckos and the Cactuars.

And done.

The President is very attached to Jack. ::sniff:: So am I. So am I.
Jack is attached to George.
But I'm even more attached to George!!!! George, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. But make sure your dying ass does this right.

Who I Would Like To Bitch Slap in the Near Future: Beetchie, for always calling me during 24 and trying her best at interrupting the quota.

Head Count - 1. Worst death ever. All hail George.

11 PM to 12 PM:

"Tony A. is a slave driver. He's the worst CTU Director ever. 'Don't mourn. Don't rest.' Rise up against Tony A., my CTU Brethren. Rise up." - HOchie 1.

If Michelle doesn't watch it, things with Tony A. will turn out a like so:

Carrie 1
Michelle 0

A sniper on the roof, eh? Where is Sherry Goddamn Palmer?!

It's only been a little over an hour and already the power's going to Tony A.'s head.
And that's why Jack broke your foot.

Head Count - 1.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Things This Week - The HOchies Look Back.

It's the first day of September. It feels like Fall and as far as I'm concerned Summer is over because if I can break out my England Track Top, then you know it's cold as all hell.

Here are some random things that we observed this week. I don't know what this has to do with the beginning of September either but whatever:

1. We now know why Asians carry messenger bags. The reason is that it's the perfect way to hide your assback. Hey, that's why I do it.

2. OMG, it was the best concert I've been to!!!! Jessica Simpson rocked! Aha. And if you asshats (who know me) believed that story then you're drinking too much carib or milk or not eating enough famous amos cookies or getting enough rest from long days of puppy care-taking. We walked by JS on our way to work today. And as expected, it was horrible. And hmmm, for someone who has had laryngitis all week she sounded pretty processed. Could it be there was some sort of lip sync action going on?! Preposterous!

3. Cold Case:

Does anyone else notice the apatosaurus skeleton in the back? Don't forget, 'brontosaurus' it is not, as that term is no longer used for that genus of dinosaur. Yes, like the dinosaurs, that term is dead. Har Har. Am I a nerd? Yes. But honestly, is that REALLY an apatosaurus? Meh, beats me. Anthropology wasn't all it was cracked up to be and that's why I didn't minor or major in it.
But getting back to the point of this story - that is one really cold case to be solved.

4. And finally, we are wrapping up Lenny Week. I hope you all went out there bare-backed with your old ladies and had good times. I know the Original Lenny did.
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