Tuesday, October 31, 2006

F Minus Minus All 'Round

Happy Halloween, Biatches.
Yep, it's that time of year again when the HOchies rate kids' costumes.
This won't be a very in-depth post like last year's, mostly due to the fact that this HOchie came home late and got a bunch of lazy costume-clathed children at the door.
They swarmed and were unimpressive.

The only kid that caught my attention this year and got an A was a little Agumon. He had a little tail as well.

Being that I had every intention of skipping Halloween this year, my costume was very last minute. I scared no children this year but I will give myself a D for effort for my rendition of Jack Skellington.

The only funny thing that happened today was the fact that I walked the streets of Manhattan with a jack o' lantern bucket full of bread and 5 pieces of candy in hand, like the ass that I am.

Maybe next year will be more exciting. I really hate it when my Birthday Month ends on a low. Halloween's usually my second favourite holiday.

Monday, October 30, 2006

"Is like a demon sen' from de pit a hell dat is taking the lives of the youth even before dem have time to repent."

Well, the laughing has ended some. An apology is in order for QT although okay, we still haven't seen anything about the dance actually being banned but the death part is seemingly true. This is all very tragic. And if you noted, I said 'the laughing has ended some'. The HOchies are not laughing at anyone's plight but we are still laughing at Jamaicans misuse of the language and sense.

Here's an update and thank you to Mitch *Connors* for providing this follow up news article on the "Dutty Wine" taken from the Jamaican Gleaner News:

Dance of death? - Beacon Hill residents blame 'Dutty Wine' for teen's death
published: Monday | October 30, 2006

Rasbert Turner, Gleaner Writer

A dancer in The Star's Dutty Wine contest performs at The Asylum Night Club, Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, in July. - file

SPANISH TOWN, St. Catherine:

The popular "Dutty Wine" dance is being blamed for yesterday's death of an 18-year-old St. Catherine woman.

Tanisha Henry was attending a 'school uniform' party at Beacon Hill, Thompson Pen, about four o' clock Sunday morning when, while doing the popular dance, she collapsed and was rushed to the nearby Spanish Town Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

When The Gleaner checked with the institution, a representative said persons have for some time been warned of the dangers associated with the dance, but that no one seems to have taken heed.

In March, The Star reported warnings from doctors that the 'Dutty Wine' was a dangerous dance that could cause serious neck injury and lifelong pain.

Residents in shock

The dance, done mainly by women, involves the rapid rotation of the neck and posterior simultaneously.

"If you throw the body in extreme positions, as in the case of the 'Dutty Wine', you could have muscle trauma, damage to your ligaments and shifting in bones," Dr. Jephthath Ford, general practitioner, told The Star.

In the Beacon Hill area, where yesterday's incident occurred, several persons said they were shocked by what had happened.

"It is a warning to young people that dem mus stop du de Dutty Wine," said one woman who called the incident a curse on the land. "Is like a demon sen' from de pit a hell dat is taking the lives of the youth even before dem have time to repent."

Yesterday Tanisha's mother, Linda Henry, said she was still in shock.

"I was at home about 4 o'clock when I feel like something is wrong with Tanisha as I did not see her when she came from work last night," she said. "About half an hour after, I got the news that she was dancing Dutty Wine and collapse."

Ms. Henry said that, on going to the hospital, her worst fear was realised when the doctor told her that her daughter was dead as a result of the dance. She added that it was a very sad moment and that Tanisha, who works at a pharmacy, was her last child. She said she did not know how the family would cope with her death.

The Spanish Town police are conducting a routine investigation into the matter.

Well, MC has also provided a video so let's all look at it together -

And after watching that...goddamn. Goddamn. From a Hell Pit indeed.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Move Along People, There's Nothing To See Here"

Seriously though, where's Officer Barbrady?

I haven't seen him much ever since he was replaced by the Police Department headed by that Ginger.

Currently listening to: "Zombie Creeping Flesh" from the OST and "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen on Shaun of the Dead on Comedy Central.

"This is the Funniest Shit I've Heard All Year!" - Mitch *Connors*

Our friend QT told us that the Dutty Wine was banned in Jamaica due to deaths caused by whiplash.

After much laughing and almost choking over pie, I called everyone I could get in contact with to inquire if this was true.

After much laughing on the phone with the three I could get a hold of, we finally found an answer. Thank you X for finding this article, taken from The Jamaica Star News:

Dutty Wine Danger

THE 'DUTTY WINE' is a dangerous dance that may cause serious neck injury and lifelong pain, doctors warn.

'Dutty wine' a popular dance done mainly by women involves the rapid rotation of the neck and posterior simultaneously.

"If you throw the body in extreme positions as in the case of the 'dutty wine' you could have muscle trauma, damage to your ligaments and shifting in bones," said Dr. Jephthath Ford.

Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Paul Wright agrees. He said the 'dutty wine' dance could cause injury in persons who are described as pre-morbid.

"If the person has an existing condition and they do the dance then they could hurt themselves. They would start getting pains in their arms and shoulders," he said.

But dancehall queens who popularise the 'wine' said they have suffered no injuries.

"It just like a normal dance if you don't do it for a while you are going to feel a pain but when you get used to it everything is all right. It's like when you split and you haven't done it for a while yuh leg muscle dem a go pain yuh until yuh get used to it," said dancehall queen Stacey.

"I haven't felt any pain while doing it and have never heard anybody say they were injured doing it," she added.

Recently, rumours started swirling about injuries to persons doing the 'dutty wine.'

"I hear people saying I was doing it and break my neck. I hear I was on a bus doing it and hurt myself but nothing like that. I have been doing it a while now and I don't feel any pain," said Stacey.

Leticia, another dancehall queen, admits the dance can cause some discomfort but she has never heard of injuries.

"If yuh spin yuh head too hard yuh get dizzy but I don't know of anybody who get hurt doing it. I know people who seh when dem do it dem get a pain in a dem neck but no injuries," she said.

Dr. Wright said anyone who feels discomfort 'dutty wining' should stop.

"If they feel any burning or pains or what the Americans call the stinger effect they should stop." He added: "they should not do it again because that's a warning sign."

In the event of injury, paralysis and other illnesses could result the doctors warn.

So the bottomline if you could read through all that nonsense is that, it hasn't been banned but people, take heed because Jamaican doctors issued a health warning.


Quote of the Day: "Little Men are Cool." - QT.

Currently listening to: Shaun of the Dead on Comedy Central. I love that movie. "Who made you fucking king of the zombies?" Also, HOchie 1 and I have come to the realization that the only Ginger we like is Simon Pegg. We love you, Simon Pegg!


Happy Birthday to the Giant Kitty from the HOchies.

We hope your birthday turns out awesome, with all your enemies being fed to you a like so -

Or at least that you like all the presents you get, although there should be no worries about what Vendetta got you. It's fantastic.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

There's Only ONE Comet!

Ah, I remember the good times.

It was cheese but it was good cheese! Who could deny the awesomeness of witty dialog and unforgettable characters such as:

Lord Bowler?

Pete (and don't forget, don't touch Pete's piece) -

Comet (the one and ONLY Comet. Here he is eating a newspaper containing important information that could prove deadly if in the wrong hands) -

Socrates Poole,

And of course, the man himself...(Hail to the King, Baby! Yes, wrong series but Bruce Campbell will forever be the King. Oh and here he is with Bowler because I missed my opportunity to take a great one of him solo) in one of my favourite series of all time?

Currently listening to: The Brisco County, Jr. Theme Song stuck in my head.

I have a break from watching 24, so I started up Brisco on Netflix. Brisco isn't doing anything to help me with the withdrawal though because I discovered this during one of the episodes:

::sniff:: Y & M & G.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Can't Believe I Need Sid TWO Nights In a Row

I guess I can believe it though because the world abounds in bad music.

Tonight's rant:

I had my reservations about the cover songs but held judgment until I heard them myself.

Well, I just heard snippets and needless to say, my moment of silence is now over.


Honestly, WDA & WTF. Remember one blog ago when I was bitchin' that Z100 plays music that's "popular" i.e. for some god awful reason, people out there think emo is worth listening to?

In all fairness, I understand that if a song's catchy, then it's catchy. Sometimes whatever situation you're in whether it be a club or whatever else, there's a type of music that matches that mode and it works for you. Great. Goodness knows I listen to my fair share of crap as well but sometimes it's all about what you attach it to, the memories generated from it or how it affects your mood and vice versa.

Seriously, I know my logic is at a mere B-, but the solution I worked out in this equation seems true to me:

"In" bands + Disney = Shit.

I've always hated associating or acknowledging Disney's involvement with The Nightmare Before Christmas. Disney (which by the way is not the happiest place on earth because eBay is) was just the parent company/money machine that could help fund Touchstone Pictures and Tim Burton's amazing project.

But you know when some of these 'bands' were asked to cover Nightmare tracks, it was done by some asshat of an executive at Disney based on the sole fact that the bands are currently the "edgy" big money makers in music's popular culture. And if that's not the case, then they were asked in the hopes that they would actually pull something good based on their building their careers as 'creepy, dark' artists.

Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, She Wants Revenge and Fiona Apple have all created soulless versions of some of my favourite songs of all time.

It's a sad day when even Marilyn Manson's cover is pathetic.


Currently listening to: "All Alone" by Gorillaz.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Rant From a "Music Elitist" & A Message To Sid The Voodoo Doll

When I first heard Hinder's song "Lips of an Angel" or whatever the fudge it's called, I thought to myself, 'oh wonderful, another song that Nickelback has put out that sounds exactly like all their other songs.' I found out soon after that it was indeed a 'different' band.

That was complaint number 1 and strike 1 against Hinder.

Then I saw their video on VH1. "Oh, it's those people who sound like Nickelback and oh my word, what is that...flail of the hand the lead singer is doing? Listen dude, there's only one person who can pull that move and it's Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger you are not. Put that hand down!" Here's an example of the hand (it's the ass in front but really, you people don't need me to point him out):

That was complaint number 2 and strike 2 against Hinder.

Complaint Number 3 went something like this: "Ugh, what's this shit? Hinder on Z100? Oh god, it's all over." Let me explain something about Z100, but first, let me say in my defense that my ears only happened upon Z100 because I was in the car with Papa HOchie who does not have Sirius and listens to the Morning Zoo on his commute.
Anyway, my point about Z100 is that once a 'rock band' has made it to Z100's daily regular rotation of music, I no longer consider the band 'rock' or a 'band' for that matter. As far as I'm concerned, once a song hits Z100, it becomes pop even if the band didn't intend it to be that way. While it may be economically sound for a band to reach that status (because it's the equivalent to being 'big' since teenie boppers and the like will probably go out and spend money on whatever album the track originated), credibility as 'rock' music becomes an issue. Z100 caters to an audience that is generally not rock based. And while it's rare that the occasional U2 is tossed on there, the disclaimer for them is that as the biggest rock band in the world, they're on all stations, even dance onces that mask their songs in a club remix.

Yes yes, today, again I was designated a "music elitist" by my friends. The amount of time I spent writing this makes me so, and an annoying one at that but anyway, Hinder got Strike 3.

From a Rolling Stone magazine interview with the band Hinder:

You seem to really have your biggest following in the middle of the country. Is that something you'd agree with?
Austin Winkler: I would definitely agree as far as NY and LA with some of that artsy bullshit like OK GO, bands like that. I think they're a bunch of fairies. I mean, they got on MTV , the VMA awards and they got on there and danced like a broadway show. That's not fucking rock 'n roll, that's not rock 'n roll at all.

We get what you mean about OK Go and some of the bands that really are popular on the coasts, but what do you think it is about you guys that appeals to people?
AW: We have good songs, I would say. Their songs suck, I mean what the fuck? They sold 4,000 albums a week and then that treadmill fairy shit comes on the fucking TV and they only sold 4,000 more records a week because the song sucks.

Do you guys know them? You seem to have a real specific fixation with them, have you met them or anything?
Cody Hanson: No, it's just seeing their fucking stupid-ass faces on the T.V. all the time, it pisses me the fuck off.

But I paid no mind until I discovered the above article and the fact that this crap 'band' had beef with OK Go.

Let's talk about OK Go:

Many will say that their video for "Here It Goes Again" makes them a novelty act and a gimmick. Well, I'll be damned but their gimmick worked because after their MTV Video Music Awards performance this year, I actually went out and did a little research on them. I listened to enough tracks to decide "hell, I'm going to take a chance on these guys and buy their album." I did, and much to my pleasure, I really loved it. They're fun and their music is representative of that as well. The VMA performance...I believe that's called "marketing".

The way I see it, the video is just that. A video. They've been accused of having a dance video. And yes, I saw that too. "A Million Ways" is a dance video and hilarious at that but that's what they do. They make hilarious videos. A video can make or break you in my eyes. They're creative in their own right.
How different are they from say, Tool, who uses animation (and brilliant animation at that) in their videos? That's what Tool does but no one questions their credibility as a rock band and no one goes to their concerts expecting an entire sequence made out of claymation.
And Radiohead's got some of the most bizarre videos out there but they're known for that and their stellar performances in concert that don't involve anything more than a great band performing music (not that I would know because frickin' Radiohead sells out in seconds before I ever get a chance to buy tickets but mark my words, the HOchies WILL be at one of their concerts in the future).

Record sales not that great? Hey, sometimes internet success doesn't cross over well. It happens. And maybe millions think the song sucks but whatever, my entire point is actually to say, any band that sounds so much like another (and not one that's truly great in my opinion) really isn't justified to talk shit about anyone else.

(A side note on Hinder - I checked out their website and they keep a blog. It's the most incoherent garbage I've read in a while, other than my last 3 paragraphs, but all it involved was how many shots some guy did. THAT is rock n' roll. Yep. Drugs and alcohol. But for crap sake, if you're going to do drugs and heavy drinking, do it right! At least make good music. Yeesh.)

I could be wrong though...I mean, thousands of people made Paris Hilton's album debut at number 2 or was it 1? I don't recall but I mean, it must make Paris Hilton a really talented musician. Millions of people can't be wrong, right?

But then again, millions thought the earth was flat too.

Please Sid, continue doing your job...:

Currently listening to: "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" by OK Go.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

November & December 2006: There Was Potential For The Rest of the Year To Be The Greatest In Recent Memory

There's a lot the HOchies have planned between now and the end of the year. These are all things I'm certain will make the blog, so I won't say what they are right now until the good times have been had.
Indeed, the great times that await us are cause for much excitement for all involved...But then Mitch *Connors* had to come along and ruin it by dragging the Giant Kitty and I to Matisyahu on December 16th.

Curse you, Mitch!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Nightmare Before Christmas Again But This Time in 3D!

1993 saw the release of one of my favourite movies, yes, the very same this blog title is named after.

I've been somewhat of a freak for it. It's so...collectible! I own a Jack 'Sandy Claws' figure, a bobblehead Lock, t-shirts, the original soundtrack (the last copy which I hid in the store behind some crap c.d. for weeks before I had money to go back to buy it), the special edition dvd, a bag, a Zero choker (okay, so this actually belongs to HOchie 1 - it's one of my favourite finds off Ebay) and a 24-inch Jack Skellington talking figure. That figure was given to me on my birthday this year (by the great Beetchie) because the obsession is still so great. I also watch at least part of this movie every year. And if that doesn't convince you, let's just say if I had 1850 dollars to burn, I'd be rockin' that Jack Skellington ring set Link

I have to point out though that no matter how great my obsession, there are thousands of people out there who are ten times more obsessed than I and/or share my feelings about this movie including the Japanese.

So of course, October 20th has been grated into my brain ever since I found out the release of the 3D version of this movie. As it was grated into the brains of the fans that packed the theatres at Union Square and some who came in costume to receive their limited edition t-shirt. Unfortunately, circumstances not under our control saw Beetchie and I without one of those t-shirts but no worries, Beetchie's got plans to steal Jess', who by the way went to the show dressed as an awfully, fantastic Sally.

As expected, the already amazing movie was made into an incredible experience.
Anyone who has been a fan should definitely go see it if afforded the opportunity (I'm really sorry, Gen) and those who for whatever reason never saw it (Giant Kitty, you crazy!) this is your chance to see it on the big screen and join the league of crazed fans. Hey, even the 3D glasses were impressive but we all agree could have been more so had they been decorated with a pumpkin at least.

After the movie we went to Max Brenner for X had never been and I only mention it because it was hilarious that the chant of 'hot chocolate' from her seemed already sugar induced even though at that time, we didn't actually inhale copious amounts of chocolate yet.

A night out involving Beetchie and myself never goes by without incident as already known and well, let's just say you should always have a metrocard handy unless you've no problem waiting for your friends' unlimited pass to clear the 'just used' stage and don't mind looking at them like this for more than 15 minutes:

Currently listening to: "Jack's Obsession" by Danny Elfman, from the The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack & "Spooks of Halloween Town" by Yoko Shimomura, from the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack.

I never realised that my Pumpkin King was so much of a Drama Queen.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

S 4 of The 24 H C Ends (The Season That Leaves Us With One Question: What Happened to Baruse?) : 11 PM to 7 AM

11 PM to 12 AM:

Wait, the President got shot down and Audrey didn't cry?

Wait, "we're here to make babies"? In the frickin' desert?! First of all, Ew! And secondly, EW! You know, only hippies do that. Hippies and I guess, people who actually live in deserts.

I'm liking this Jason Gerard. He's very resourceful and clever much like that person the Merry Mesmer knows. It's very unfortunate, however, that more than likely JG will be added to the H C. =(

Hey, Mike is back. Traitor!

Head Count: 3 + confirmation that the President's son is dead, at least 2 members of Airforce 1 and whoever else was on that plane minus the President but he's in pretty bad shape. But at least Jason lived!

Audrey Cry Count: 0 Scenes. That cold bitch.

12 AM to 1 AM:

We're sending Curtis to the gas station. This, Curtis, is the hour you get added to the H C.

This new President is quite sketch.

Do you think Richards has his own fan club? If not, let's start one up: to the lamest interrogator ever. I mean, everytime they mention his name it's supposed to strike fear into you because he's the silent, 'deadly' type but really we've seen him do nothing to date other than botch one of his interrogations!

That damned Jack loves to break him some fingers. Pay attention, Richards because THAT's how an interrogation's done.

Head Count: 1 + the convoy carrying the warhead. Update on how many people should be added to the count due to Airforce 1's hit: more than 75. Damn Curtis escaped again!

Audrey Cry Count: 1 Scene.

1 AM to 2 AM:

So...How long until we get rid of this President Logan, the Asshole? Someone needs to fill him in that Jack Bauer is indeed the only man who can do the job.

OMG, never before have I felt so excited to have insurance sold to me! All Hail President Palmer!

I told you bitches I love that Chloe!!!!!!

Head Count: 5.

Audrey Cry Count: 0 Scenes.

2 AM to 3 AM:

Classic line of the episode - "When I shot that guy, I thought I'd go into fetal position or something but I didn't. I felt nothing. I just hope I'm not some kind of psychopath or something." - Chloe.

Jack's break into the Chinese Consulate reminds me of the time I broke into Hyrule Castle.
Sadly, Jack knows how to get in but not necessarily out without consequence. Now look what happened, the damned Chinese consul is dead and relations are strained.

Head Count: 2. This is why I love Jack. He makes every effort to make his 'concern' look legit, meanwhile he gets what he wants, always! Die Paul! Die!!!!

Audrey Cry Count: 2 Scenes. I don't know why you're blaming this on Jack. It's not his fault CTU's only got one surgeon.

3 AM to 4 AM:

Classic line of this episode: "Chloe, we don't have time for any of your personality disorders." - Buchanan.

WTF moment of this episode: "You know Jack, if you ever need someone to talk to...You know, as a friend, you can talk to me." - Chloe. Okay, now watch Jack's face -

Head Count: 3.

Audrey Cry Count: 2 Scenes.

4 AM to 5 AM:

People like to smirk in this show (but for how long? I think ultimately, the last smirk belongs to the Head Count) -

Tony A. - one smirk closer to oblivion.

Chloe - one smirk closer to Edgar's oblivion.

Head Count: 2.

Audrey Cry Count: 1 Scene.

5 AM to 6 AM:

Ok Michelle, we've seen this situation last season. Do the right thing and don't get busted for treason like Tony did. Call Jack and let him handle things!

And Wow, that terrorist is a bad actress. But I think it's the same biatch who blew up the plane in Season 1.

Just don't mess with the Chinese. Way to sell out Jack, asshat.

Head Count: 5. Meh, don't worry Michelle. Tony gets to watch you die, not the other way around.

Audrey Cry Count: 0 Scenes.

6 Am to 7 AM:

Who I'd Like To see Dead in the Near Future:
1. That damned advisor, Cummings, on Logan's staff. Mike! Take his ass out!
2. President Logan.

Head Count: 3 and Jack, who died for a few minutes...again.

Audrey Cry Count: 2 Scenes.

So getting back to the title of this blog, where is Baruse? Perhaps he's off being re-programmed someplace and the formidable terrorist of a future season could be none other than the stupid himself, orphaned at 17 (partially so due to his own actions) and without crazy Debbie for a girlfriend. That's the kind of stuff that will make you go afer Jack Bauer's ass.

Episodes to watch until the Season 6 premiere in January: 24

Sunday, October 15, 2006

"And I am...One Years Old"

Just like Marshie, our blog is one year old today.

It's already Sunday, and I have to go to work in 20 fucking hours. Or whatever time I actually post this (chances are I was probably already at work for days before I even finished writing this thing up).

The HOchies started this blog to discuss all the good times that awaited us in October 2005.

Originally we started this blog that was written for each other and by each other. It was a well-kept DL project that we undertook for a while and while we still write for each other...

We had great times and you all can go back and read/re-read them if you like but the one thing I can say is this, you guys definitely are partially responsible for some of our good times! Thanks for helping to create them, partaking and being the awesome friends (more like family) of HOchies that you are.

It's fun having all the comments and feedback from you guys. And it's fun for us, to share the memories with you.

That and all the 24 blogging that we've done since August. Yeah, that's right, you know you love it.

Enough mush though!

The month of good times in 2006 is probably going to be the upcoming month of November.

Let the blogging continue.

Friday, October 13, 2006

TV: Sometimes Makes You Puke

Or should I say, KFed: Always Makes You Puke.

Ah, I'm being overly dramatic much like KFed in his 'star' filled appearance on last night's episode of CSI.
It's bad enough that he was on my beloved television (you know, tv the master of bountiful knowledge and/or endless time-wasting goodness) but when KFed's role involved kicking the crap out of my 4th husband Greg Sanders, then that just equates to a bucket full of yuck next to the bed.

The classic line for the evening on CSI came from non-other than KFed and he said it so proudly too, "You're. A Joke". Yes. It was delivered exactly like that.
Little did Fedass know that the writers at CSI wrote that line in reverse sarcasm. I know, I'm creating stupid phrases again but deal. The point is, jokes on you KFed. The joke was on you.

I thoroughly enjoyed that they made KFed put on that horrendous face altering mask. I mean, it's not as though he needed a hideous mask but I suppose it was to drive a point home.

And when Nick stole Fed's Treo after punching him in the stomach, I have to say that was the best acting I've seen ever. There was real conviction in that scene. I imagine that's how Beetchie would look if I stole hers. I should try it sometime with the punch included because I'm all about adding insult to injury.

While I'm on the subject of TV, not only does it have the power to upset my innards but it also breaks my heart. WTF was up with tonight's episode of "Avatar"? It's been over a month now that they've dragged this damned Appa being stolen story. We finally got to see what happened to Appa during his absence and let me tell you, it was quite disturbing. I don't understand why they'd make it so sad to give me a complex. Forget the children having to go into therapy now because of that episode but damn, that whole thing was cold.

Currently Purchasing (using and making fantastic use of Giant Kitty's present to HOchie 1, ahahahahaha):

"Cubicle" by Rinerocerose
"Burning" by The Whitest Boy Alive

Phrase We Will Not Be Using To Express A Beatdown: "A Greg Special".

Added on 10/18/06:

Battler, Appa is indeed that huge, hairy, floaty Air Bison thingie -

See the fool bending down? He's my favourite character. I love that damned Sokka!

Fridays in the HOchie Household have been designated "Family Fun Night" and we all sit around the living room at 8 PM watching Avatar. You know it's bad when Pappa HOchie stresses about whether or not he'll be home in time.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Long Post, and a Boring One at that because Or 2 is Watching This Alone: S 4: 3 PM to 7 PM The 24 H C

3 PM to 4 PM:

Why is Tony A. listed as a Special Guest Star? It's 'cause his ass is going to die next season, right?! ::sniff::
And you know why his ass is going to die? Because Jack just told him that he needs him to see this thing through. Yeah. Once again, Jack kills a BFF.

Awww, what a touching moment that Edgar's having with this mom. But all that stuff she said about seeing her son in a better place a long time from her death, was all lies. Season 5, Edgar. Season 5...

Head Count: 1 + All workers at the San Gabriel Island Nuclear Reactor, I'm not sure what that number is yet but I only saw 3 people. Umm, I'm fairly certain it takes more than 3 people to run a reactor though...

Audrey Cry Count: 0 Scenes

4 PM to 5 PM:

"You're not my son. I don't even recognize you." - Mr. Araz.
Umm, maybe that's 'cause your ass is Hispanic and he's Iranian? Once again I ask, why did they cast Nestor Serrano as Iranian?

And once more, what service are these people using on their cellphones because they're getting great service down in the basement of the hospital.

Har Har Moment: Jack coming down the laundry chute. That was real "smooth".

Famous Last Words:

"I don't like this..." - Curtis.
"Neither do I but just go there quickly and come back." - Driscoll.
All I see in this future scenario is sending Token off to die.

Head Count: 3. The Hat Squad lost another member, again! And well, I forgot there can only be one person designated as Token so the other got killed off.

Audrey Cry Count: 2 Scenes.
Tony A. Cry Count: 1 Scene. Stupid Tony A., letting Jack convince you to be re-instated. You know you only have about 24 episodes left until your death, right?

5 PM to 6 PM:

That crazy Maya is the best actor in this show.

Ooo, Tony A. should do more interrogations. He's getting better at them.

Haha, that asshat who was playing solitaire at work almost got messed up by Jack. See why you shouldn't slack at work?

Head Count: 6. That Maya was smarter than everyone thought because with a mother like Erin, I'd probably smash my head against a mirror too.

Audrey Cry Count: 1 Scene

6 PM to 7 PM:

I think Driscoll just handed the SofD's ass to him.

But look Tony A. just handed Driscoll's ass to her. And now Curtis. Ahahahaha.

Classic line of this episode: I was just thinking out loud. No need to be so hostile. - Edgar.

Hey, the head of McLennan-Forster is Bill! Good old dead Bill from my favourite show Millennium. And from the looks of it, he might end up dead in this show too. =(

That was a very touching speech Heller gave Driscoll about letting her friends help her. Dude, she's cryin' 'cause she ain't got no friends.

I gotta say, Jack's typing skills aren't as fast as mine. Perhaps I should apply for a job at CTU! That EMP would have nothin' on me and...

Head Count: 0, ...the thousands of computers, cars and lights that went out would still be alive! That was the worst massacre I've seen in this show thus far.

Audrey Cry Count: 0 Scenes.

7 PM to 8 PM:

I got two discs. So I'm pulling one of those long blogs again. Heh Heh.

I love how Michelle just shut Audrey up. Good for her. But I don't love how she shut Tony A. up. Damn! Michelle is more of a bitch than I thought.

Classic lines -

"After the kind of hell Jack's been through today, do you think he'd want to come back?" - Audrey
"Some people are more comfortable in hell." - Tony A.

Yeah, seriously Audrey. This day isn't as hellatious as those other days Jack has had, nor is as hellatious as the funk chunk Tony A.'s rockin'.

Head Count: 13. You know if Paul dies, it'll be Jack's fault for not 'let(ting) the medics do their job'. That's clever, Jack - Make it seem like you were holding Paul as though he were friend trying to comfort him when really and truly you were just stalling long enough for the man to die!

Audrey Cry Count: 1 Scene.

8 PM to 9 PM:

Yay! My idiot Chloe is coming back! Ah, she's so stoopid, I love her. Ha, look at her pull rank on Edgar. It's greatness.

Head Count: 7. Baruse lost his mother. I don't know why the sad music chimed in considering she was a terrorist.

Audrey Cry Count: 4 Scenes.

9 PM to 10 PM:

OMG! Mitch Anderson *Connors*! Why didn't you tell me you had a role in 24?! But geez, a terrorist posing as a pilot? Tch, I wonder how many episodes you'll be in.

I hope Michelle bitch slaps Audrey something hard.

And once again, Chloe's inappropriate-ness makes for an uncomfortable situation that strangely puts things into perspective.

Head Count: 2. The update on the HC from the beginning of the season - nearly 40 died on that train crash and 'many more' from the nuclear meltdown.

Audrey Cry Count: 1 Scene.

10 PM to 11 PM:

Ugh, why did Michelle have to whore around with some ugly ass man? She left Tony A. for that?!

Head Count: 13 + The President, his son and the people who man Air Force 1 (they're not dead yet but on a future list).

Audrey Cry Count: 1 Scene

Monday, October 09, 2006


I just saw a horrible "music" "video". Can someone explain to me why Paris the stupid ass fugly whore bitch Hilton is a. trying to be Gwen Stefani and b. is borderline molesting little boys in her videos?! That kid can't be more than 14!

Can someone report her for child molestation??!!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Start of a Horrible Birthday Month

1. The collapse of my shelf - dvds, cds and toys were ALL over this room. Thankfully, my WACOM seems to be intact as is my computer. And it could have been worse though, because I could have actually been sitting at my computer when it happened and let's just say I wouldn't be blogging right now or breathing, now that I think about it.

2. VM. Now, I watch pretty much only two shows on television during the tv season. I watch South Park and Veronica Mars. The season premiere of VM was on Tuesday and I was incredibly disappointed. The usually very intelligently written show has been dumbed down for CW viewers. Oh how angry I am. They better stop trying to sabotage my damned show or an angry letter will be penned and sent to the President of that network. ::shake fist::

3. Why Matt, why?! I lost the MUSE competition. I don't get a signed guitar. I don't get VIP tickets to any show in the UK and worst of all...I don't get to meet them. Clownie was right when he said my husband cheated on me. =( I am so sad right now. ::tear::

So maybe things aren't that horrible because I did have a good birthday in general. Thanks to my great friends who showered me with witty and thoughtful cards, stuffed me with donuts, candy and Dinosaur BBQ (three kinds of meat - oh yes! and wine that knocked me the f out), a really rich cake that almost did me in (but the thought of it was wonderful - thanks to the Char Kar), a HUGE Jack Skellington figure that I will hug as soon as I take it out of the box (thank you Beetchie! I love him dearly as you know) and some stylin' clothes that I've no clue on how to fit into after all the stuffing of food that went down yesterday.

So thank you to all - all except SF. SF has once again disappeared off the face of the planet and while my first thought is to make sure he's okay, I hear from my sources he's fine. Curse you, SF!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This is the Uglier Season (S 4 The 24 HC: 7 AM to 3 PM)

7 AM to 8 AM:

This Erin Driscoll is assstupid. Bring Tony A. and Michelle back! Or let Chloe take over. Geez.

Who I'd Like to See Dead In the Near Future: Erin Driscoll.

And of course, the analyst line continues, let's recap together:

Jamie (still dead) -> Milo (whereabouts unknown but possibly in some hot milk or in a can - yuck!) -> Paula (still dead) -> Carrie (whereabouts unknown but possibly already digested by the ugly panda Su Lin) -> Adam (whereabouts unknown but he did have an infected sister so he might be grieving still outside of CTU) -> Chloe (being loved up by some Jack)-> Sarah (annoying new bitch who got her ass handed to her by Chloe - she's Chloe's Carrie).

"Breakin' the law. Breakin' the law!" This is so Jack's theme song. I love it.

Head Count: 11 + 1 four car train wreck

8 AM to 9 AM:

Why is it that Nestor Serrano always plays a bad role? I really like him... but I may as well just add him to the head count one time.

I don't know who this asshat is that's giving Chloe orders. Chloe is on point and does everything she has to do, INCLUDING taking orders from Jack. She's a good kid, this Chloe.

CTU directors are always the worst assholes. If you're an asshole, apply for Division Director at CTU.

Poor Andrew Paige...I love his soon-to-be-dead ass already.

Jack playing the 're-instate me' card. Except, how valid is his threat that he'll bring his concerns to the President? How much of a BFF is Jack with this new Prez?

Why does the son in the Araz Family look suspiciously like that asshole G.? Oh that's some funny stuff, right there.

Head Count: 3. I liked that ugly Ronnie but he had to go. What did he say to Jack? "I told you not to cross me, Jack." More like, don't cross Jack or you end up on the H C.

9 AM to 10 AM:

Jack is such a bitch - making poor Chloe watch Andrew get his ass beat.

"It's (MariAnne) the thorn in Curtis' side." - Mitch *Connors*. MC is actually here. Perhaps he can guest blog.
So she's kind of like the SGDP to David Palmer?

When is that goddamned dirty hippie Richard Heller going to get the axe?

Jack Bauer - CTU Agent, Secretary of Defense Agent and Convenience Store Robber.

Head Count: 2.

10 AM to 11 AM:

Hey look! One of the customers in the store is that crazy girl who made Nate have a seizure. Let me add her to the head count. Let's add her to the head count for her crimes against Six Feet Under.

And whytf would Jack take his bandit mask off?

Calm down, Heller! Think about your heart condition! Let us all remember what happened to Alan Milliken when he got agitated. Though this scene looks incredibly familiar...didn't Michelle pull this same shit last season claiming to have a virus?

Jack almost got baygoned by a terrorist.

Of course Erin's daughter is trouble! She's an anise.

Awww, poor Chloe. Hauled away from CTU but not without saying "Whatever, I was going to quit anyway." Ahahaha, I love that girl.

Who I'd Like to See Dead In the Near Future: Marianne.

Head Count: 3. Ah Debbie, never drink iced tea unless you made it yourself. Uh oh, I'm drinking some Snapple now...that's safe to drink, right?

11 AM to 12 PM:

Ooo, look! An extra long 24 H C post. Aren't you all fortunate?

This is the 5th episode and no word on Michelle and Tony A. WTF.

"Why is Driscoll walking like that?" - Me.
"Because she's a man? I don't know." - Mitch *C*.

Head Count: 2 (1 for Debbie who got her ass killed two times).

Mitch *Connors* has decided that we need a cry count for Audrey. Good idea.

Audrey Cry Count: 1 scene. Scenes since the beginning of this Season: 6 (?).

12 PM to 1 PM:

"Now she care about her son? Didn't she just kill someone's daughter? Justice!" - Mitch *C*.

Head Count: 19.

Audrey Cry Count: 3 Scenes

1 PM to 2 PM:

Damn Mitchell is not at his desk but rather he dead outside. Awww, poor Mitchell... ::sniff::

That's why Jack is awesome: get the source key from the dying man (again, remember poor dead Paula?), THEN try to help the man stay alive.

Yay!!!!!!!!! Tony A. is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so is the hellatious thing. Huh. But yay!!!!!!!! Tony A. is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like that one of the nuclear reactors for the potential nuclear holocaust is near NY.

Head Count: 12.

Audrey Cry Count: 0 Scenes but we do have a song for her, "She's a Hoe" by Mr. Vegas.

2 PM to 3 PM:

Stupid moles. Once again, CTU is the worst agency ever.

Tony A. a real bff - he's sure to tell Jack to watch your step when in the yard because his neighbour's dog likes it.

I am hating that damned Audrey. Who the hell is she to be prying into Tony A.'s life?! Bitch. You just keep doing what you're good at! You just keep crying like a little punk!

Who I'd Like to See Dead in the Near Future: Jen. At least Tony A. bitch-slapped her until that time.

While I'm happy that Sarah has been detained, it is clear to me that the Secretary of Defense shoud not have the job he has because they got the wrong girl.

Driscoll does not extract information like Jack does. That's why I'm not her bitch.

Instead of using the taser right away, why don't we use that 100% accurate polygraph test that CTU boasts to see if she's telling the truth? Oh wait, I guess it didn't work THAT accurately on Richard.

Tony A. - a manly man who drinks beer out of a coffee mug.

Awww, the BFFs are having a heart to heart.

You know what they should have done was taken Mrs. Araz to a vet. clinic. woof. woof woof. Ah, South Park. You give us such good times.

Head Count: 2. It should have been that damned Marianne but she'll be okay. CSI: Las Vegas has no troubles taking in traitors to work their forensic lab.

Audrey Cry Count: 1 Scene.
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