Saturday, March 31, 2007

The SP HC of 24 Continues

We're not dyslexic.

This here is the South Park Head Count of their spoof of 24! It's mostly going to be a photo post (yes with captions. We watch everyting with captions now and I'm just too tired to edit these plus sometimes the captions are actually really funny)

"The following takes place between recess and geography class":

Let's see, Cartman played the role of Jack Bauer (it could only be done by Cartman!) and here he is with Bill Buchanan's SP likeness. No surprises here but he's on a cellphone, in a split screen:

Here's our JB Cartman, with Chloe played by Kyle, as Kyle went through every damned popular internet site starting with myspace to track down Muslim "Terrorist", Bahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem:

Everything was here, from bomb sniffing pigs with those pigs sniffing out the Snuke on Hillary Clinton, (SPictionary alert *Snuke* = Snatch + hidden nuclear weapon)

Fantastic Interrogation Scenes, which are self-explanatory,:

to the changes in power running operations because we all know C.T.U.'s always so useless but apparently so is the C.I.A., Homeland Security and everyone else according to South Park

And of course...

Head Count: 5 + the entire British cavalry

, bayonettes included (those asses still thought the American Revolution was alive and well - which was quite funny but you know I love my Brits!)

and...sniff..the Queen and her golden cellphone. Wrong, Matt and Trey. Wrong.

Currently listening to: My favourite Brits, "Hoodoo" by MUSE.

We're Resurrecting a Word


To SAF, MC and TD5

Pee in the Pants and/or Golden Showers are not cool.

Stop loving Fergie, you assholes!

For H1 - A Music Quiz Thingie Post.

It's all U2, so this should be easy. I want the song titles but I also want the album.

Also, the lines aren't necessarily from the opening lines of the songs. And don't cheat!

Everyone else, you can do it if you want to.

1. You wanted to get somewhere so badly/you had to lose yourself along the way

2. It's no secret that our world is in darkness tonight

3. My hands are tied/my body's bruised/she's got me with nothing to win...

4. If you twist and turn away/if you tear yourself in two again

5. ...they twinkle as the boys play rock n' roll, they know that they can't dance/at least they know

6. When you get to the bottom/you go back to the top of the slide

7. One man come on a barbed wire fence/one man he resist

8. Six o' Clock in the morning/you're the last to hear the warning

9. He set my feet upon a rock/and made my footsteps firm/many will see/many will see and fear

10. ...The newspapers say, say it's true, it's true/we will break through

11. You run like a river, on to the sea/you run like a river runs to the sea

12. heart is where it's always been/my head is somewhere in between

13. Don't believe in the devil/don't believe his book/but the truth is not the same/without the lies he made up

14. A picture in Grey, Dorian Gray/just me by the sea

15.'re out of luck/and the reason you had to care/the traffic was stuck/and you're not moving anywhere

16. See the sun rise over her skin/don't change it/see the sun rise over her skin/dawn changes everything

17. I wanna feel sun light on my face/I see the dust clouds disappear without a trace

18. I can't believe the news today/I can't close my eyes and make it go away

19. My cel is ringing/No idea I need to know who's calling

20. And you know it's time to go/through the sleet and driving snow/across the fields of mourning/lights in the distance/...on border land we run

Uh, okay, after reviewing this...I see this might be kind of...hard. Sorry H1.

The Transformers Blog I

There's going to be at least one more of these when the movie actually comes out, I'm sure but I had to post this pre-discussion now.

I'm not really keen on seeing it because there's some bitterness there from the childhood when our brother and I had our Tapes stolen from us but annnnyyywwaaaayyyyyy.

We came up with a plan for Battler and that is to have her dress up as a montage of vintage 80's cartoons at the premiere for this movie.

Here are some of the items she needs to be rockin' when the time comes - a smurf hat, a strawberry shortcake on the arm, a top cat top hat, and a chomp chomp in a bag among other things. But then I mentioned she needed some kind of "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" gear and we realized that that show was racist!

Think about it.

Why was the African kid the guardian of Earth?

Why was the Asian kid the guardian of Water?

Why was the Amazonian kid the guardian of Heart? Okay, maaayybbbe that's not racist but I just didn't understand it.

The European was the guardian of Wind but did anyone else notice that the Fire-Crotch was the guardian of Fire?

This show sucked big time but that's what happens when you let Hippies on to tv and let them create programs. That's right, Jane Fonda, I called you a GDDH.

Here's what sucked the most though:

one of the characters was called 'Duke Nukem' and looked a like so -

The only Duke Nukem we'd know and love is this one!

Alright, so maybe he was an asshole that we didn't necessarily love but at least he didn't invoke images of Magnum PI with his choice of attire.

Quotes of the week:

"I stayed there like a pussy!" - Battler, on her misadventures at the 14th Street Starbucks.

"Sabi has an ass-lock." - Beetchie, on the tuft of hair that Sabi refuses to have brushed out, that yes, is lingering above her ass and becoming dutty.

"When Sabi is ready to have it cut, she'll just back her ass up on Beetchie to have her cut it off." - H1, on above subject.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bleach Weekly - Episode 120. They hate us!

OH MY GOD! This episode rocked! But as the season came to a close, they hate us! There's no episode next week and they left us with a cliffhanger! I mean, we can all assume that those Arrancar are going to get their asses kicked big time next week but what about Ichigo?! Yeah. I read a little bit of info. that I probably should not have today but let's just say...Vaizards, anyone?

This week's discussion: Things We Don't Like To See!



And this, because it's just plain creepy. Beetchie was right! Ururu is scary ass! I can't even post the picture of her with her shadowy eyes because it's so freaky but mostly because I'm lazy...

And this is something we REALLY don't like to see:


Well, it wasn't all bad though because here are some things we did enjoy seeing:

Ah, the ass-kickery that will go down in two weeks. Yes, I invented a new term. We will use 'ass-kickery' from now on. (and no, X, not as in 'your ass will be kickery').


Okay, I know it's kind of wrong but that was just frickin' hilarious.

Alright, Kon-in-Hana's-body abuse sighting: 1 scene

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Did You Know That...

...Akon was born Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam (source

Is this Senegalese for cockroach?

American Idol Is Going DOWN!

The HOchieS are jumping on the bandwagon and will be supporting Sanjaya. We are not Fanjayas but we DO hate American Idol. This is our chance to crush this show's existence!

It'll lose its street creds! Aha. Street creds. Ahahahaha. ::tear::

Thank you to X's Ma for voting for Sanjaya 5 times last night. Even though she is a Fanjaya and that is questionable, her actions are making us reach our goal. And for that, we applaud her.

In other related news, X and I are going to start marketing Sanjaya costumes for Halloween. This is how we'll be rich!

I would also like to say that the Harajuku girls deserve to be slapped for dancing poorly. I mean, I know they're Japanese and the only time the Japanese can Bust-A-Move (tm) is via the game or in DDR (tm). I guess I should blame Gwen Stefani for not having DDR machines on stage...

But no, she rather have Akon on there. Akon, that ugly motherfrakka'.

Speaking of Gwen Stefani, she needs a swift kick to the head for the being the kind of bitch the HOchieS hate and for creating stupid music.

Also in need of a swift kick is X for liking that bullsheet song of hers, "The Sweet Escape". At least X has admitted the song is stupid. That really doesn't help though because it makes me want to kick her harder.

And finally, people who will not be kicked or slapped are the people who are starving themselves until Sanjaya is voted off American Idol because you know how you're not supposed to hit people (or bats) with glasses on? Well, we think that should apply to these people as well because after their crusade is over:

It'd be just plain wrong to kick that.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Apparently, I Need To

But that's not going to happen anytime soon.

The S6 HC of 24 Continues.

8 PM to 9 PM:


I mean, Brian!

Top marks for not trying (and making your autistic brother do all the work)!

We have to say though, Brian hasn't come a long way at all.

Ok, so there's no mole in C.T.U. for now...
But Nadia's looking a lot better now that she's not a suspect. The lighting in that interrogation room is killa'.

Look. We can never re-live Tony A. and Michelle D. so this bullshit with Nadia and Milo needs to stop. Right now! Bleck. Besides, which, it'll only end up in car bombs and lethal injections to the heart. Have we learnt nothing?!

"For someone for whom it was dangerous to bring out of unconsciousness, he's looking pretty goo'd." - H1, on Wayne Palmer.

Head Count: 3. Yeah, It'd be really cold of 24 to take out Brian's brother, Brady but that was a fine shot on that sniper's part. I didn't hear what the totals were for last week's radiation exposure. Meh.

And who we'd like to see on the Head Count soon: The VP.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bleach Weekly!!! Episode 119

Yes, there's actually an episode this week. I was going into withdrawal.

This week's topic is "Hair, Back In the Day".

First we have Kenpachi. We all know and love his hair now, yep, the spikes and the bells but what about back in the day...?

Here's my cutie, Yumi back in the day -

And my man, Ikkaku back in the day -

maybe there's hair under the bandages!

Or...maybe they're just. bandages.

And oo, Yumi's hair was really long too. He's so stylish.

The other thing to discuss is of course, the picture of the day. Yachiru's very cute and it was so damned cute when Yumi was trying to stop her from running into danger but here's Yachiru at her best!

But, hey. Did Yachiru know that Kenpachi was going to change his hairstyle or did Kenpachi change it because of this drawing? Hmmmmmmmm.

There's no Kon Abuse Sighting this week but there is...

Hana Abuse Sighting: 1 scene

Kon?! How could you?!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Our Ears Were Bleeding

I think we need to put a stop to the Canadians or at least Avril Lavigne before their/her evil powers of ear destruction gets stronger.

Honestly, WDA was that monstrosity of a "song" 'Girlfriend'?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pretend For A Moment The Date On This Reads: March 19th

Happy Birthday to two of the HOchieS' favourite people, Beetchie and Chrissy!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I've never used a cliffnote in my life, but here's the one on 24


S6 of the 24 HC Continues with ****SPOILERS**** and lots of ****SPECULATION****

7 PM to 8 PM:

OMG. They used a Semi-Vintage Joystick to launch that drone.

Chloe's smart! She knows there's always a mole in CTU. Nadia it is! Ah, it's good to see that Chloe's still a bit of a biatch.

"And Nadia will blow them all up because she's a terrorist! I hope she takes out Milo first and it'll be his fault for letting her use his security code." - H1

I didn't want to say it before, but the real reason why this season is sucking - not enough Jack Bauer.

Oh! That Richie Rich is not only a classist but a racist as well!

According to H1, that Milo is lOOkin'pretty goo'd tonight but it's too bad he's the terrorist!

The CTU Holding Cell makes everyone look like crap. The lighting in there makes everyone look like a terrorist.

Jack Bauer, a man of many talents but he cannot use a semi-vintage joystick to fly a drone.

Head Count: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 1!!!!!!! Except I'll save my laughter because I suspect this is all a farce and that B. ain't dead. H1 has some sympathy for her.
And the rest of the HC for this episode - 3. And there will be an update for next week thanks to some radiation poisoning.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


...still the greatest song eva'.

- H1

The Funniest Thing I've Seen Today

Granted, it's only 1 AM and the day just started but oh MUSE. Oh. MUSE.

I've prepared a picture blog of this rather hilarious, slightly embarrassing music video of "Invincible". All video stills are copyright of Warner Bros. Records, 2007.

I'm fond of the dinosaurs:

I'm fond of the monkeys and cavemen:

I'm fond of the oversized lion:

I'm fond of the rounded lego(?) play people:



And Sizzles:

Uh, I mean, Chris (I'm implying nothing!):

But I really, quite fancy the robotic killer bears:

and their fantastic killer poses:

(Should I be concerned that that bear and my boy are in the same killer poses? Hmmm)

Any chance to show the guitar that I adore, I will but if I were Dom and Chris, I'd yell out "Down in front!". Honestly, Bells, that's just rude! Other people are trying to enjoy the ride!:

Alright H1, I'll take the disdain and the judgments now, thank you.

In their defense, this is probably the best video they've made. It's quite awesome actually and I really rather enjoyed it, but that might be in part a huge thanks to the bunny space ships.

Please feel free to not prove me right by viewing any of their other videos as I am not ready for an onslaught of hateful laughing from the rest of you.

And Thanks.

Currently listening to: "Invincible" by MUSE.

It's finally good to know who 'they' are. Apparently, during the struggle/robotic killer bears will pull us down.

Ah my semi-beautiful Conspiracy Theorist Matt... I understand.

TD5, watch this video when you get a chance. You can find it on It makes me appreciate the song a little bit more. There's still nothing like seeing them perform it in concert though. Ooo! Maybe they'll re-create this at Wembley Stadium! Oo!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bleach Weekly!! No episode this week?! =,(

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Love Me Some Marvin Pentz Gaye Jr.



The Police Are Out of Control

Explain to me why The Police are trying to get me to join their fan club? Why?! So they can break up in a year and break my heart again like they did back in 1986?!


SAF, you're on your own but can I just tell you that you need to stop living in the 80's. You too, X.


Some Asians know how to create a lunch special:

And others, not so much...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ah, What Will Be Thrown At Us This Week?

Will it be Jack's stupidity by walking casually to another door where he knows Russians are waiting for him? Stupid Jack...

The S6 24 HC Continues.

There Are No Spoilers - "Martha and Aaron. Ew." Is NOT a Spoiler. Okay. Hold that thought, minute 6.47 just contained a spoiler. Note: THERE ARE SPOILERS!!!!!!

6 PM to 7 PM:

Ew! Rick Schroder did NOT age well. Richie Rich as we will all call him now, thanks to Char Kar.

1 Loose Belt from a dead Russian + Lasso skills + Kung Fu skills is equivalent to

Jack Bauer = MacGuyver

Eww! Martha and Aaron!

Apparently, the count I needed to do this season is the "how many times an extended handshake has been turned down" count.

We think Martha's crazy when it's convenient to her.
Ahahaha, Martha Logan is being a Martha Stewart! She's going cabbage on that kiwi! And oh my god! AND she went kiwi on Charles' ass!
Huh, that CLogan's kind of hardcore though, I must say.

JB "Damn it" Count: 1 scene.

Head Count: 13. Huh, I expected that lowly Russian actor to last a lot longer. And wow. Wow.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Happiest Places on Earth

Contrary to popular belief the Happiest Place on Earth is indeed Ebay and not Disney World.

At least, that was the case about 4 years ago. I've revised my list!

The happiest places are now (in addition to Ebay which has fallen on some hard times and down on my list), YouTube, Wikipedia and Blogspot.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bleach Weekly, Episode 118 - BAD ASS!


This week: Everything's coming up Bankai!!

Yeah, I'm well aware that phrase made no sense.

But before we get into the topic at hand, here's a lead in to the greatness that is Madarame Ikkaku:

Am I missing teeth?

I am. Huh.

Alright, then...bring it! Wait! Not that fast!
(you have to love a man who can stop himself while being tossed and thrown in mid-air. Oh yes. He braked ON the sky! Skill.)

Military Funeral?! WTF, Yumi?! WTF! Though, this does look really bad...

No worries though because Ikkaku is one, Bad-Assed MF. Why?

I present to you...


You heard me. To quote the man himself, "Did I stutter?" No.

Screen shot 1 (thanks ever so much to Gen! All the high quality shots are hers! Thank you for the help!)!

And here it is, the best picture ever of the best Bankai EVA'(thanks again, Gen!)!

But remember..."don't tell anyone!"

Kon Abuse Sighting: 0 scenes. There's no time for Kon!

Oh gyaaaaaaad

For those of you who cannot figure out who the heck that is, it is none other than Eddie Van Halen. He needs rehab... for his face. I need rehab... for the scare. I actually jumped when I saw that for the first time.


- H1
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