Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bleach Weekly - 122!

***These may not be up anymore (stop cheering people who don't care) due to YouTube issues which I really do not want to get into right now.***

This week on Bleach - Cute but Wrong!

Urahara, cute and wrong:

Hitsugaya, cute (look at him all texting his report to Soul Society - those SS betches got all the modern technology and then some):

Rangiku...need I say, wrong?:

Shinji! The new love of my life is very cute but these scenes and what happened to him, talk about wrong!:

But yeah, that was pretty damned hilarious.

Kon Abuse Sighting: 0.5 of a scene. He got away by hiding under the covers. Nicely done, Kon. Nicely done.
However, Kon abuse in Hanataro's body: 1 scene. Kenpachi is so going to wail on him...


  1. Hey did you notice that Rangiku's boobie was bigger than your kids hair?

    Also I think that it should be noted that my vizard girl is mui evil and Orihime spent the whole last few episdoes being useless.

  2. No, but thank you for drawing my attention to it. And tramautizing me.

    Orihime the Useless doesn't get to be in this particular blog entry.

    And about that Vizard girl, I think the pictures speak for themselves.


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