Friday, April 27, 2007

Bleach Weekly - 123

There's not much to say this week as Beetchie and I agree that the episode was very much all over the place this week.

So in choosing a topic, I'm going with the hotties this week in the Bleach Universe -
The "Super" Hiyori Machine!

And Ichigo "training" on the machine.

Shinji's tongue ring!

And Shinji. Still the new love of my life and the kind of boy you just don't mess with when things get serious.

Ichigo's Hollow!

I know, Beetchie, you don't really care for him in this form but I still like his crazy white ass.

Here's some food for thought that Beetchie and I have been wondering about:

1. Now, when people go to train, is it the same desert space? Is it one huge desert that Urahara, Yourichi, and the Vizards all share? And is it in Soul Society because SS looks lik ea total wasteland for the most part...

And finally, that frickin' Omake chapter cracked me the hell up. When the soul mod capsule and Kon's 'perfecto' plushie body hit Yachiru's head...I couldn't stop laughing and I'm still laughing right now just thinking about it.

Kon Abuse Sighting: 1 scene


  1. That tongue ring makes him look like he has scabies of the mouth.

    - H1


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