Monday, April 30, 2007

The Chinese MIGHT Save This Show

The 24 HC Continues

1 AM to 2 AM:

The Chinese = best cursing sequence eva'.

Lisa = whore

VP = creepy, scary man who loves him some blondes, including Karen Hayes?

Nadia = bitch we'd like to see get her ass handed to her in the very near in two minutes

Horlicks = a drink with a conscience? But oh, not listening to Jack Bauer. Jack will pay you back for that. So watch your milky ass!

Audrey = dazed and confused because her NBC show got cancelled only to be dropped in a show that's losing its fans fast.

Chloe crying in the corner = a broken-hearted Or 2.

Ok, the line for tonight from The Sec. of Defense: Jack, you are a curse.

And my line for tonight's episode: That Audrey/Jack Sleeping Beauty scene was vomit worthy. He should have just sired her and be done with the whole thing.

Audrey Confused Count = 5 scenes

Head Count = 0.


  1. you used sired in a sentence. I've been trying to do that since 1955

  2. Actually, this is the second time I've sired the blog.

    I've been siring since the 1800s.


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