Monday, April 23, 2007

A Continuation of the Stupid Season

But maybe the Chinese can save this show. Maybe.


The S6 24 HC Continues

12 AM to 1 AM:

If I saw some Horlicks in the street, I'd totally stop and pick it up! I do enjoy how this Horlicks admits he's screwed up.

Ahahaha, I was waiting for it: Jack Bauer's gone rogue. Yeah people, like you're really going to take down Jack Bauer.

Ooo, Bill is smart. He made sure to ask Chloe if she was trustworthy and would assist in helping find Jack.

Do you think Powers Boothe would feed Tom Lennox and Karen Hayes to some pIgs?

Ewwwwww. Lisa and VP Daniels should be fed to the pIgs! That's just nasty!

Ahahahahahahaha. Okay, Horlicks is on a roll today. He figured out where Jack was headed like a dog. "He went east!" Yep. He figured it out from tire tracks. Sniff him out, Horlicks!

"My ex-wife is suddenly showing signs of irrational behaviour." - Morris. Oh yes. Chloe is back. But awwwww, why'd you make Morris feel so bad! Low blow reminding him about the arming of the nuke. Low. Blow.

Who's this Peter? A new token, that's who! Ah, he's going to die like all tokens in this show.

Also, I am enjoying this back and forth between Tom and Karen about Bill. It's about time CTU had somebody else running it. Bill had a pretty long run there. It definitely means though that Karen and Bill's marriage is ova'!!!!

Awww, Jack Bauer said a heartfelt goo'day to know what that means, Bill is definitely out of hya.


Um, I love how the Chinese badass told Audrey to get her ass over nyo in Chinese and Audrey understood.

Who I'd like to see dead in the near future: Nadia!

Audrey dazed count: 3 scenes

Head Count: 6. Ok, how did that rocket launcher hit that helicopter and yet miss? I know. It doesn't make sense to me either.

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