Monday, April 23, 2007

The Dragon Boat Incident: Chapter II

We have gathered evidence to try to shed some light on the Dragon Boat Incident of 04/22/07.

A source, (reliable and unbiased, honestly!), sent us photographs of what really happened. The pictures do not lie.

Photographic Evidence 1, otherwise known as "The Happy, Pretty-Dry Times":

Please notice how the beloved Dragon Boat is just moving right along there - it's the sun, the sea, the sky and the Dragon Boat.

Photographic Evidence 2, referred to now as "What is that? The First Signs of Trouble? Is that Frantic Paddling and a Low Boat, maybe?":

Photographic Evidence 3, or the "That's Definite Trouble! The Man in Front isn't there anymore!" shot:

And finally, Photographic Evidence 4:

It looks a whole lot like this - We've crashed. We've burned. We've tilted, not capsized. We're not in any mortal danger and the water is clearly shallow enough that we can stand in it.

H1 and I don't see any Jack Bauerism type heroism going down, MC.

Nor do we see any hottie 18 year olds, Pandy.

Still, this story has been nominated for The HOchies 2007 award in "The Hal Hal Moment" of the year category.

The other entries are pending but it's only April. You betches are too hilarious to not give us anymore gems for the year.

This is going to be hard to top but we look forward to all your insanity.


  1. Please note in photograph 1, the looming, ginormous figure at the front of the boat, capable of taking us all down with those ferocious waves.

    And those pictures do not fully capture the heroics that I had to throw down. The mere fact that everyone was able to make it on to dry land in one piece is testament to the quick, cat-like reflexes and Baueristic movements that had to go down. Once again the day was saved. Now onto another day tomorrow. (At this juncture, picture the clock going "beep" "beep" "beep").

  2. Well, those aren't all the pictures. I have all the pictures but in order to protect your identity, I had to choose the ones that didn't really show your face, MC.

    Yes, isn't Dragon Boat training tomorrow?

    I expect more antics.

  3. MC, the beeping you are hearing may atually be from the explosive device device under your Dragon Boat seat. Lol!

  4. Sorry HoChies,

    I understand Meesh (AKA the Mamarazzi) is in Tobago for jazz so no photgraphic evidence this week.

  5. Paddle that Dragon Boat over to Tobago! I don't see what the problem is...

  6. is that the MC in a hello kitty floatie?

    was that a pommie ship?

  7. I don't think you should be dissing the Dragon Boat or cutie-fying it.

  8. what you goin to do, eryka badu?

    "no no no no no no. she wasn't impressed at all!"

    jack doesn't paddle. he punches the sea with his fists and the waves just carry him.



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