Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Dragon Boat Incident

I'm just going to have to post the conversation. It's classic stuff this:

Or 2: what are you doing today?

MC: Oh relaxing now, Had dragon boat training this morning, when Pandy capsized the boat

Or 2: Are you sure Pandy capsized the boat?

MC: Well maybe not capsized, but we did sink and had to swim to shore, thanks to Pandy

Or 2: hahaha, I don't know if I believe this story

MC: Had to get Jack Bauer and rescue everyone on da boat

Or 2: you went Jack Bauer on their asses?

MC: Well maybe not the rescue bit, but it was Pandy's fault that we sank....or at least I blame him

Or 2: well there are only two things Jack Bauer does - rescue and interrogate
if you didn't did the sinking go down?
and...where's the dragon boat?

MC: Well there was the first time when the boat rocked violently and Pandy took a dive for the team, he had a poor entry, so I gave him a 6.5.
The second time, he decided to take us all with him.
Before you know it, 3 people were overboard and people were screaming for help, so I had to jump into action and rescue all the ladies.

Then the boat started taking in water and then we were all trying to salvage paddles, look out for drowners and swim to shore. All this while Mish sits down on shore taking pictures. We practice down in Chagaramus, now I think I may have cholera from the damn dirty sea water.

Or 2: Ew. Goodness knows I've pooped in there are a few times. hahahaha. That is an awesome story

MC: Thanks Ho. Of course its a little more salacious and I'm the hero in my account. Pandy may say otherwise but this is my truth and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Lies, half-truths and inuendos! Yes, I took one for the team when the helmsman took a sharp turn and MC panicked, started to scream like a little girl and almost capsized the boat. So I had to go into Stupendous Man mode and sacrifice myself for the team.

    The second time we were broadsided by a set of three large waves. As the waves were comming towards us I could see the fear in MC's eyes. I again decided to take one for the team and one of my more loyal team mates (an 18 year old hottie) decided to go down with me. But MC's lopsided A$$ caused the boat to swamp and everyone had to go for a swim.

    Or maybe it all had to do with the fact that the water was rough. Lol!

  2. Stupendous Man is awesome.

    I am in agreement with X. I believe what what wend down was not your fault!

    Please feel free to say 'ass' on the blog. We don't mind. Offend the internet! It actually doesn't mind either but that's up to you.

    MC...not so much a lopsided ass but more lopsided assback, making that very impossible because it'd imply he's got a bit of a bump. Maybe one side is longer than the next? That, I believe.

  3. Hmmm... I wonder who would win if Stupendous Man faced off against Jack Bauer? Lol!

  4. Stupendous Man's got nothing on Jack Bauer, unless SM's impervious to bullets and the Jack Bauer line of interrogation.

    Jack Bauer IS Stupendous Man.

  5. OK. So I will give Pandy the benefit of the doubt that the water was rough that morning and the helmsman did take some very sharp turns considering the ferociousness of the waves. They were at least 4 feet high...maybe 5. Considering these conditions, you would think that a person weighing less than 180 mampee pounds would be the drummer that day.....but nooooooo, Pandy with his oversized ass was there beating the drums,rocking the boat and trying to keep us in rhythm. I dunno bout allyuh but I am the original rhythm king, not Pandy. As a result, people were rowing out of sync and colliding with each other. Before we set sail, I could have sworn I heard the theme from Titanic playing in the distance. I just knew that the day was doomed. So after he rocked the boat the second time and dove overboard, he deliberately held on to the side of the boat, trying to pull us all down with him. Water started filling up and I had to literally grab on to Sean, my rowing partner to prevent him from falling over. From Pandy's vantage point, it may have looked that I was actually trying to climb on him for my own safety and screaming "like a little girl", but I was actually screaming for him to let me know if he was OK.

    And besides, that screaming little girl was probably the 18 year old hottie, although she looked like 16, Stupendous man, or should I call you Mr. Akon.

    But I will admit, that Pandy was a good helmsman when he was in that position, but little drummer boy he is not. LOL

  6. You? The original rhythm king?! Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Pandy - MC makes some good points but I don't think he should be calling you Mr. Akon, when he should be referring to himself as Mr. R.Kelly.

    I already know I'm Seishirou, so don't even start with me, MC.

  7. Seishirou....I was thinking Mary Kay L......"I said..."

    So how is the kid?

  8. Which one? Alex Turner or the Train Kid?

    Aha. Haven't seen Train Kid all week actually...stupid work.

    And Alex is already 21! Last I checked, that's legal in this state.

  9. I guess the only way for the truth to come out is for the Hos to make a trip to Trini and come to practice on a Sunday morning. Invitation is always open.

    As for the 16-18 year old, I make sure and check the birth-certificate first. Lol!

    Tell R-Kelly no pissing on the dragon boat please. I know how he could get confused though. A dragon boat is long and hard and full of seamen. And for Dragon Boat training we all "go down" to "Chag" on Sunday mornings. And yes MC, last Sunday all the girls did get wet.

    Yes, I am the Jack Bauer of Porno-talk.

  10. Ew, Pandy. Thank you for being another one to make our blog sullied and unusual.

  11. HoChie,

    Just remember, in a wildly fluctuating market the only certain investment is porn.

  12. I do remember the days when MC used to throw down beats on my baby's music machine.

    And Pandy did sully up this blog in a major way.
    How could something so innocent as a dragon full of boys and girls floating along the deep blue (brown) sea become such an x-rated adventure? How? because Pandy is the best damn abogado there is.

  13. Now we know why LoHo cannot be "upbrung" by the likes of me! I am likely to corrupt the innocent. Kinda like MC becomming a guidance counsellor in an all girl catholic school? What's that MC? They have no Holy Name and SJC in Peekskill so you had to come home? Make sure dey daddy is not a pastor!

  14. What's that? Holy Name looking for additional staff? Where do I sign up? There was always something about that uniform, when I was in school that is....hmmmmm


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