Monday, April 30, 2007

Dragon Boat Woes: Chapter III?

We may have to do these on a weekly basis, or at least as we see fit to do updates.

While no sinking may have gone down yesterday during training, a new member of the team joined - Horace who was drilled in the ways of being "the man at the helm".

Pandy's account is as follows:

Or 2: How goes it today, Stupendous Man?

Pandy: training was rough. Horace was the one to take a dive for the team today

Or 2: he didn't sink the boat, did he?

Pandy: no, he saved us all by sacrificing himself

Or 2: because that's the kind of thing I'd expect from him. ahahahaha. Yeah, that's much like him too. Should have kicked MC out the boat to save everyone, is what SM should have done

Pandy: lol! MC didn't sink us today but his side of the boat was riding pretty low in the water :)

Or 2: because one side of lopsided assback is longer than the next, I told you. Anyway, watching Sopranos?

Pandy: he he he, nah, trying to figure out where we ran into problems today

Or 2: ha. very nice. Don't forget to strongly consider the lopsided assback

Pandy: he he he, will do.

And today, MC's account of yesterday's events:

Or 2: I hear Horace took one for the team yesterday? now HE's a Jack Bauer

MC: Ha far from. He's a Tony Almeda

Or 2: the true hero of the show?

MC: Almost took us to Tobago. Hell No. Dead ass Tony. We didn't sink yesterday, but then again Pandy wasn't on the boat much. hmmmmmm

Or 2: I told you to paddle to Tobago. Jazz Festival was on. Oh, is that the story?

MC: Horace was taking us me. He was at the helm and next thing we knew, we were in the middle of the Ocean

Or 2: ahahahahahaahahahahaha

MC: I was like "Oh no". "Not again"

Or 2: hahahahaha. "at least it wasn't me this time". ?. What is this dragon boat training for, exactly?

MC: The dragon boat racing competition in June. Where we race against other teams. Its an annual event. We're the Sea Spartans. We plan to have red capes and speedos.

... ah, goo'd times.

And now for a final word from Pandy for today -

Pandy: ...well, all you missed was when Horace took one for the team after MC started to rock the boat from left to right. There's actually some video footage which Horace will try to upload. Don't want to sell anyone out but if u slow it down to 1/8 speed see if u see anyone paddling air :P

And so we await the video footage. The Dragon Boat Incident: Chapter IV is pending.

Quote of today from H1: If I were in Trinidad still, I would join the Dragon Boat team. I wouldn't join Pandy's Dragon Boat, I'd join another team. There wouldn't be as many laughs but at least I'd be dry. And winning.


  1. Gasp! That quote could not be from H1. Et tu Brute? She mocks the scar that has never known the wound!

    Beware what you sew: LoHo may be a Spartan yet! Lol!

  2. Whew! Ok, miscommunication resolved. My faith in H1 has been restored, my fragile ego repaired and the world is once again in balance.

  3. ha ha ha sea spartans. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.


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