Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Omg. I AM Seishirou!!!!!

You are like Seishirou Sakurazuka from Tokyo Babylon and X. Um... that's scary. People who do not know you very well may very well think that you are a kind and gentle soul - someone who loves animals and cares about the environment. But really, you probably couldn't care less. Your true nature is that you are a bit obsessive and antisocial. And maybe a bit of a stalker. And all of this would be a bad thing... if you weren't so damn cool.

source: www.quizfarm.com :: Who Is Your Inner CLAMP Character?

But notice, I AM a cool kid. Ignore the blood.

And it turns out that H1 is also like Seishirou, minus the stalking bit.

- Or 2.


  1. Skeeved out by scarcaptic mange BeetchieTue Apr 24, 11:46:00 PM 2007

    So I took the quiz too for shits and giggles...and what the hell kinda ironic fuckery is this!?

    "You scored as Watanuki.

    Wakanuki-kun from xxxHOLiC! You are an awesome friend and a fun person to be around, and you have more energy than you know what to do with. You may have a few "ghosts" in your past, but no one would know it unless your told them because you deal with it very well. You are also rather responsible and are always the one people trust will get things done."



  2. mange = ?
    Beetchie = ?
    Scarcaptic Mange + Beetchie = ??

    Now about the quiz...


    You know that makes me sad. I really wanted to be Watanuki...at least, see his silly little face and his results. You know he's my favourite. But it's good to know I have a friend like Watanuki who I trust to get things done.
    That sure is Ironic Fuckery at its finest.

    Also, it's good to know my friend isn't Yuuko.

    H1 thought she'd be Yuuko.

    Apparently she's been. very. hungry. these days as well.

    Even though she got Seishirou as her first, she scored Yuuko at 71% though, which scares me...

    But apparently now it should scare you even more...


  3. Well...apparently ironic fuckery leads to massive assholery. -_-


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