Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another Missed Step

We're not necessarily obsessed; we're just amending the blog as our memories return.

There is another missed step in the Evolution of Frass and it falls between Taylor Hicks and Frass.

And so we were thinking, we've never actually seen Frass without a cap. The picture below is a pretty accurate representation of Frass as we know him (in missed step number 4):

So what would he look like without a cap? We can only speculate.

Shit. We forgot yet another. Tenderfoot. That's currently interchangeable with Frass, depending on the situation. Especially situations involving a JWFR.

Currently listening to: "505" by Arctic Monkeys.


  1. This obsession must stop! I know too many shrinks for you people to walk about this obsessed over me. It's flattering but still.

  2. Obsession? We merely lay down the truth!

  3. There is no obsession. We are Promulgators of the Truth and keen Observers and Expositors . Life has many faces and we bitch slap them all so that others will be enlightened. That includes you my sweet Franderfootly.

    - H1


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