Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The End of Greatness

Those stupid assholes at CW have ruined things for us.

While we do not want to truly discuss it because it'll just really angry up the blood, this here is our tribute to one of the greatest shows in recent history.

3 years of the greatness that is Veronica Mars comes to an end.

Fantastic characters, interaction and development; detailed and cleverly written plots; wit; Logan and Veronica; Keith and Veronica - all things that made this show amazing and as expected, overlooked and tragically underrated.


And so Veronica Mars has paid the price for being too clever a show and has drowned within the sea of television nonsense.

We bid thee farewell with frowns, crest fallen faces and teary hearts as we watch Veronica walk off in a chilly drizzle to the tune of "It Never Rains in Southern California", her future unknown but we can only hope it will be to a successful career with the FBI; Keith's fate uncertain but grim; Logan being Logan with his boyish grin and his confirmed love for the girl; and everyone else living their lives in Neptune, for now, blissfully ignorant to all the creepiness that certain citizens of Neptune are capable of executing.


  1. Good riddance! Only yesterday I read that the cancellation was back in effect. The Hos have lost a lot of cred for watching a show like this.

  2. The HOchies have lost a lot of cred for knowing you.

  3. Let us all recap the shows that SILVERSURFER loves:

    Desperate Housewives
    Dancing with the Stars
    Lost (who the EFF still watches that BS)
    The View (which he TAPES to watch after his hectic day at work)

    Not really seeing a lot of cred there especially with that last one.

    Does F also watch Dr. Phil?

    - H1

  4. Seriously, Frass.


    By the way...where are my Arctic Monkeys t-shirt and pins?!

  5. Correction: I loathe Dancing with the Stars.

    However, I am addicted to American Idol, PBS documentaries, and Oprah. lol

    BUT! I never pretend to be some TV elitist! So I can watch whatever I please. ;)

    Rosie, I'll getcha some Beyoncee baby T's instead. lol

  6. No TV and Beer makes Beetchie...something...something...Thu May 24, 12:25:00 AM 2007

    I'd merely like to point out that the L-word is the worlds best tv show, followed closely by Sugar Rush (which was not renewed for a 3rd season T_T).

    I'd also like to say that i feel that Kirsten Bell's best role was still the innocent "all-American" girl turned gangja crack-whore in the Reefer Madness remake.

    That being said I'm sorry your show got canceled. And Lost? Seriously, dude. Seriously.

  7. Thanks for the condolences no tv no beer makes beetchie...something...something...

    I'm also sorry to hear about Sugar Rush.

    I have not seen that role of Kristen's, therefore I cannot make a real comment but I can only speculate that her role of Veronica Mars was proooobaaabbly better.

    Frass. The mere fact you have judged us and our tv viewing (and what's worse, based on nothing), makes you a tv elitist.

    Stop trying to give us bullshit excuses as to why you watch the crap you do. We're too clever for that - VM has taught us how!

    American Idol/Dancing with the Stars, it's all the same bullshit. But it was kinda nice to see your return to the semi-spolight last night on AI.

    Rosie I am not. Beyonce t-shirt I am not.

    Give me my Arctic Monkeys!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Sad to see VM go! Will make no further comment on the viewing preferences of certain people.

    Where I will jump in to this melee...doh be dissing Lost or Dancing With The Stars! The first is a tedious exercise in viewing but ultimately rewarding. The second is just outright damn awful television viewing and an attempt by ABC to milk an increasingly stupid population; but it's the best guilty pleasure since..well I can't reveal that. Who amongst us didn't want to see Heather Mills leg fall off? Now that would have been quality programming. Who amongst us didn't groan yet laugh in a belly-full kinda way at all the Brunoisms and potential catfights between he and Len? Which male did not have dreams of Editya...oh to be one of her abs. This show is a pop culture phenom and unlike AI, actually focuses on people's learning and self development. AI is just bullshit.

  10. Mary Murphy and So You Think You Can Dance return tonight. lol

  11. So you think you can dance is back??? Franz I see some taping will have to go down. MM.
    As for VM being cancelled...I wasn't aware that the crap was still on!!! And Lost well.....the title sums it up. Franz and your addiction to PBS documentaries and Oprah...dude STOP IT NOW. Yeah I'm hating on everybody.


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