Monday, May 14, 2007

A Few Words on Frass

In the Evolution of Frass, some may argue that there was a missed stage or two.

Let us review.

SF-->Giant Kitty-->SAF-->Taylor Hicks-->Frass

You'd be partially right. We did forget "Taylor Hicks" but Giant Kitty was never a missed stage. That title was self-imposed and therefore unacceptable.

We now need to add a new stage.

H1: Why does Joey Fatone's face look like wax? He looks like Frass.

Quote of the day: "How could someone who is a Trini and not a Chinee be the one responsible for writing out checks at their job?!" - X, while pondering Frass' job situation.


  1. You people are obsessed with me! If I wasn't so fabulous, I'd be shocked.

  2. I don't believe "fabulous" was one of the stages. I also believe I told you that self-imposed identities are unacceptable.


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