Monday, May 21, 2007


Yeah, the end of this god awful season is here.

S6 24 HC Ends but I still have to sit through 2 hours of this bullsheet.

4 AM to 5 AM:

Look how awesome it is - Chloe and Jack the BFFs scheming together again. It's fantastic. Everything else is lame in this show but Chloe and Jack = awesome.

I enjoy how hardcore these pansy Russians are acting. It's almost as if they made them extra stupic for 3 seasons only to show that you just don't f' with the russians. Is that true in real history? Umm. Maybe not. Gotta love the Russians. They've given us the best drink eva' - Vodka. No ill should be spoken against them!

oo! Oo! It's Bill! The only other person who's good on this show. If those betches try to kill any of the good 3 off tonight, I'm done!

H1: Horlicks slapped that Kitty into a corner and said, "shut up!" Wrong.
Milo's Brother looks even more hardcore than Milo did.

That sucks! How could they do Horlicks dirty like that? They blinded his ass!

NOOOOO. Cheap! Just letting my Chloe pass out like that! That's just wrong.

Head Count: 0 but should I add the eye kill count for Horlicks?

5 AM to 6 AM:

Okay, so the best thing just happened. Chloe's pregnant! Just think! Another betch in the world! Yay!

Okay, so Josh Bauer? Awesome. Come now, so much more useful than Kim. Josh shot his grandfather in the chest! Yeah. If Jack ever dies, Josh could take over. Another Bauer in the making to save the world.

And the rest of the episode was boring soooo, that's that. Oh, except how the Chinese threatened CTU at the end. Now that's that.

Note: Though, does this mean they've written Bill, Karen and Chloe out of the show without killing them? Or will we fast forward 5 years into the future next season?

Best line of the show: "Don't forget, I can disappear. And if you try to send someone after us, I'll kill him. I'm very good at THAT too." - Jack

Head Count: 10

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