Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Been A Week

And we're still re-living the goo'd times we had at Arctic Monkeys. This time last week, we were anxiously awaiting our boys to take the stage.

I'm not writing this to torture TD5. I'm actually just writing this because I forgot to say a few things.

1. Frass, you should consider yourself priviledged to be at that show! Apparently it sold out in 45 seconds. Again, not our fault you weren't prepared.

2. I had a surreal moment at the concert that I failed to mention the last time. Near the end of the set, Alex was fiddling with his guitar and looked up in my general direction. Then he did a double-take as if he had recognized me. He stared for a while. It was weird.
So I can think of only a few things,

a. He didn't want me taking footage?
b. I reminded him of that relationship he had to break off and writes about.
c. I'm Suga'Face and he realized it.

I'm really hoping for option c. because umm, b. is not the look I'm going for...

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