Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh Green Day, Why?

Yeah. I don't know what the hell was up with that 2 hour crap fest American Idol had going tonight but Mama HOchie watches, so it was on.

What really disturbed me though, was the fact that I came downstairs at one point, looked at the television and saw Green Day performing on AI's stage.


I'm still confused but I guess Billy Joe was as well because at the end of the performance, he looked around at the audience who were applauding and had the cutest look of 'wtf. These people don't even truly KNOW us. Ah well. Freaks.'

The bottomline really though was that Mike Dirnt looked great to me, as per usual.

- Or 2, crushing on every member of Green Day beginning 1994, starting with Tre then Billy and now Mike.


  1. Sadly sentimental for Dookie BeetchieThu May 24, 12:30:00 AM 2007

    That does it...I'm officially a post-reject Fanjaya. Why? B/c this show manages to piss me off more and more every season.

    All they do is flood my beloved celebrity gossip scene with lamo celebutard news when I could be other wise reading about Brangelina or Lily Allen (uh...though lately I've been cringing at news about that source). Now they are just straight up messing with my shit. Greenday!? I've hearted them since I was like pre-pubscent! Stoopid mutha's, why they gotta add a nasty taint to everything!

  2. Yeah, Lily Allen's being a bit of a ham. I still feel really sad that she felt/feels the way she did about that issue but yeah. I cringe now too.

    I know, Beetchie. I know.

    I don't know why Green Day did it either.

    I just hope it was tons and tons of money.

    Or their little attempts at saving the world from preventing little girls and boys from listening to the likes of Taylor Hicks, aka Frass.

  3. Is this related to the blog? Because I don't think it is!

    I am sorry to hear though.


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