Monday, May 07, 2007

To: Battler. From: Pandy.


Pandy wanted to leave you a response to your comment on the Dragon Boat Incident. If I may refresh your memory, your comment was "is that the MC in a hello kitty floatie? Was that a pommie ship?".

Pandy would have left his comment in the comment section, if not for the jpeg response he needed to leave. While he understands that you were trying to rag on MC, he feels you still crossed a line. I have offered to post his response here. It is as follows:

This is For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Called A Pussy

Who's the Pussy Now?!


I told you not to cutie-fy the Dragon Boat.


  1. you know what they do to pussies in prison?!

    bring on the 300, sea spartan.

  2. Who eez dees Battlure? How do you know what they do to Pussies in prison anyway? Did MC ask you to play Prison Guard again or are you all watching a little too much Cinemax after midnight? You people with your bedroom fantasies! We are having a hard time keeping the Dragon Boat PG 13.

  3. don't you mean..yr having a hard time keeping the dragon boat afloat?

  4. Don't knock it till you've paddled it Baby!

  5. First off I didn't ask Battle axe to play Prison Guard...she offered. Secondly, the sea spartans bring it every time, whether it is above or underwater. We play by our own rules.

  6. You people need to stop sullying the goddamned blog!

  7. Yes Hochie, we are trying to preserve the sanctity of the blog. It's not our fault though. Blame Canada! If that doesn't work then blame Battler. She keeps harassing a Bunch of Spartans but maybe she's just looking for a Pack of Trojans!

  8. ...

    How aboot I blame Canada, Battler and you?

  9. pandy likes cats with guns. and he mentioned the word, pussy. i did not call pandy a pussy, i just said mc had a hello kitty floatie. now, maybe pandy thinks (on the dl)mc is a pussy, and doesn't want to be guilty by association--or perhaps he was upset by the oodles of man love in 300. hence, he shows a pic of a kitten with a gun.
    which makes pandy, at best, one dangerous f'n pussy.

    p word count: 4

    hochie: they started it. there, i said it.


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