Monday, May 07, 2007

A Warning To Alex Turner

The concert is very soon! Just about one week away and the plan is to create a new tradition. The last time we were at the Hammerstein, we had Popeye's Chicken before the show and as we all know that show was Matisyahu, and the only good thing about that night was the chicken.

Well, we expect Arctic Monkeys will be better than the chicken but we started something we'd like to continue. The plan then, is to get Fraas to have chicken waiting for us when we get there. A pre-show feast, if you will.

However, in typical H1 fashion, I present to you a warning to Alex Turner.

Notes: **indicates disclaimers

H1: If Arctic Monkeys doesn't perform "Old Yellow Bricks", I will toss a chicken bone at Alex Turner.

Or 2: What?! Toss it at the bassist! (** in the event Nick O'Malley reads this ever, I heart you too, really I do!)

H1: Nope. I'll toss it at that big nose of his. (** in the event Alex Turner ever reads this, she didn't mean it.)

Or 2: Awww. Don't make fun of him and his nose...

And the conversation continued later that night

Or 2: do you like my new picture of Alex? (**it's a profile pic. on GChat so it's relatively small)

H1: are those muscles?

Or 2: yep

H1: well, they don't make his nose look so big

Or 2: ...
It just means if you toss a chicken bone at him, he could probably go hooligan on you.

H1: oh no
oh no

Or 2: that's how he got those muscles in the first place

H1: he will get cut

Or 2: by hooligan-ing

H1: I have Frass with me

Or 2: I'm fairly certain Alex could take out Frass

H1: yes but not before he gets cut. I will throw Frass under the bus to hear "Old Yellow Bricks".

Or 2: Hahahahahahahahahaha

H1: I'll have Fraas collect up a heap of chicken bones to throw at Alex Turner. And if the biscuit isn't very good, he could throw that as well.

Or 2: What about the mystery meat rice?

H1: No! Can't make good mystery meat rice go to waste! What is wrong with you?!


  1. never ever throw chicken bones at a bassist.

    (doing chin ups)

    fyi ill be at rudys with shady pole b4 the show, they have free hotdogs

  2. Chicken bones. Shady Pole. Hotdogs. Battler, anything on your mind in particular you wanna share?

  3. I would never throw chicken bones at you, Battler.

    Unless of course, the lead singer of your band was Alex Turner, then I would INSIST that you take one for the team.

    My boy's greasy enough. I mean. Too cute. Too cute.

    MC, I too would like to know exactly what it is Battler's going on about but something tells me whether it be chicken bones or fried egg boobs, it can't be good.


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