Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What. The. Fuck.


Can someone explain to me why MUSE just announced a show at Madison Square Garden on August 6th?

1 week after I bought my blasted tickets to London?!

I am so unimpressed right now...

SO unimpressed.

Matt better watch it because I'm so going to be "A (Alex) S (Stacy) Hoell (Ho+Bell), the 'e' is silent" very soon...

Anyway. You know my birthday's coming up in October. Who wants to buy me an early birthday present and come with me to the show? Well, I see how it went down when I wanted a Christmas present of a WS ticket, so let me re-phrase... who wants to come with me for my birthday?

Talk to me by tomorrow! I have the opportunity to do the pre-sale!

(see how fast I got over that?)

Alright, I await your remarks riddled with assholery (if I may use a Beetchie term)


  1. You're surprised by Muse's assholery because.......????? I almost feel bad for you, almost

  2. I am quite, actually. But you know who's assholery I'm never surprised by?

  3. but yr still going in august. rite? so the fool is...let me stop.

    i love you.

  4. Look, I have to follow my first man wherever he goes, okay?

    Though he pulls this bs any longer and my second man might outrank him.

  5. bag one pommie, then we'll talk (snarf)

  6. Don't snarf at me!

    Yeah. I'm working on it! You know, your lack of support makes me depressed.


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