Monday, May 07, 2007

Why. Why. Why.

This is the first of the Random Posts for tonight. We were on a roll today. But why is it about Amy Winehouse. Again?

Maybe it had something to do with what was reporting, something about rumours thus far are that the DAAWD (Diseased Alcoholic Anorexic Whore Druggie) - (for those of you not keeping track of our assessment of her) may appear in the next Bond movie.

And the conversation that ensued -

H1: ewwwww
Or 2: ew, what?
H1: (this will take you to the article)
Or 2: is this going to upset me? .... She'll die before that happens. She'll die before she's made Bond Girl.
H1: her feet are huuuuge
Or 2: her feet are as large as her head. She looks like something that crawled out of a mossy, dead tree stump. A troll? Yeah, that's it.

(troll source:

TD5. You REALLY need to stop.


  1. That is the best likeness I have seen yet! I would post more but I can't breathe I am laughing so hard.

    - H1

  2. i wonder if she could do that ball thing that Blanka does..SHARUUUUKEN

  3. Oh totally. My favourite Blanka move was the one where he latched on to your head and started biting. Ah, the goo'd times...

    However, if Winehouse ever pulled that shit on me, I would die. K.O. For sure.

    Yeah, H1. The Troll likeness is astounding. All that troll needs is a platter of food in its hand, and we'd have a mirror image.


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