Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An epiphany y'all...

Mal = Bad

Malaysian = Bad Asian?

The "y" is in there because they may not only be bad asians, they cannot spell.

Beetchie, don't be sensitive. You know how we lurve you.


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  1. Now this is fun.

    We might take it a step further and apply the medical definition of "mal," being a disease or disorder. This might then make us think of animals that spread disease, rats perhaps. The term "mallrat" could now bear a new and unsettling significance, especially since Malaysians seem to really love their malls.

    Furthermore, we might like to take a moment to admire the irony of the fact that the group of people for which the peninsula/island combo is now named were called (by someone, anyhow) the Malays, and that I, while typing this, seem to have a little feeling of malaise myself, or, as it's (apparently) sometimes popularly called, "the creeping crud." A coincidence? Well, as my old friend Garak once said, probably having stolen it from someone not related to Star Trek, I do believe in coincidences; coincidences happen all the time. But I don't trust coincidences. Especially since the people the Malays displaced were called the Dayaks.

    - j


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