Friday, June 29, 2007

For When X Wakes Up Tomorrow Morning

Don't forget, the moon is grey not blue and 3 pints of beer makes for a drunk X!


  1. the beer is called BLUE MOON I swear!!!!!! And I am sober now. hmph.

  2. Well that silly X! Next you know she'll be telling us her inebriated dream brew Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-style wheat ale is made with orange peel for a uniquely smooth taste, and that from September to December they sell a naturally pumpkin-flavored variety of this same ale. Hmm... as I recall, X was looking for something to do with a Pumpkin... how peculiar.

    signing my name so you know who to blame,


  3. Ahahahaha, you continue to slay us.

  4. But not X. I don't know what her reaction will be when she sees what you've written.

  5. I am not a silly X!!!!! And I shall drinking that pumpkin flavored (and I don't mean that damned cat) by the gallon come September...

  6. The HOchies love you how you "shall drinking that pumpkin-flavored"

    Real sober there. One glass of wine huh? More like one gallon.

  7. So I had me some Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale tonight and it was quite tasty good. Of the "mm Mmm" variety of good. I think I too "shall drinking that pumpkin-flavored by the gallon come September," if X needs a drinking partner.

    - J for president, 2008. Slogan: "I'm only in it if I can win it!"

  8. I would vote for J for president.

    And we would feed freshly baked home-made bread and pepper to the masses, to go along with that pumpkin ale.



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