Monday, June 11, 2007

The Kyoto-Ho Japan Chronicles - Day 8

Day 8 - Sunday, June 3rd

We had a holy day of Temple Shrine Hopping. I didn't feel very holy though after those biatches made us pay to get in to see their shrines!

We did lots of walking and lots of getting lost along the way until we discovered that the easiest way to get around Kyoto is via their bus system and that it'd take you to whatever tourist spot you needed to see. I don't even take the bus in NYC, so the fact that Kyoto forced this upon me was criminal! But for 220 yen, we could pretty much tour Kyoto's major spots if we just stayed on the bus. And we did the day after but not because we wanted to but because we just had to make a roundabout as we got on the bus going in the direction opposite what we wanted.

Sadly, we never got to Nijo Castle. And the ninjas remained in hiding.

Not much more to say so just look at the pretty pictures!

This here is the Golden Pavillion. It's pretty golden, right?

Some Zen Garden Goodness

And please notice the duck, will you?
He argued with me the entire time I was there.
Asshole animals strike again!
I prefered the Ryoan-ji Zen Garden to the Golden Pavillion, even if I did get heckled by a duck. It's okay though, I paparrazi'd his ass.

But by far, the best temple we visted that day and perhaps for our entire journey, I felt (and not because it cost nothing to go to) was the one that was involved quick healing and safe travels. The atmosphere there was peaceful and felt special...

...ah yes, Goo Shrine. You cannot have anything but love and respect for a temple dedicated to pigs.

WTF Moment of the Day:

1. Seriously, 400 yen for the Golden Pavillion and 500 yen to see a tiny zen rock garden that lied to me in the pictures?! Those rocks were not as white as in the brochure!!!!

Things We Observed This Day:

1. The Japanese are trusting when it comes to the bus. I mean, if there's one thing you're taught in NY, it's that you should always have exact change for the bus. This is not needed on the Japanese bus. The bus actually has a machine to give you change! That's crazy.

Also, they do everything backwards and here's why they're 'trusting'. You get on the bus in the middle and you don't pay until you get off. They're insane.

The Day's Eats:

1. Pizza buns/bread

2. Green tea and vanilla Soft Serve Ice-Cream (which was fabulous)

3. Melon Cream Soda (which was a crime against nature)

4. "Regular" food - pasta, fries, baked pork with sweet sauce? Oh but was it good times.

5. Japanese Teriyaki pizza. (Gross. The chicken, the rice cakes, the mayo and corn. Ugh.)

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