Monday, June 11, 2007

The Osaka-Ho Japan Chronicles - Day 11

Day 11 - Wednesday, June 6th

This entire day can be classified as a WTF Moment.

We Shinkansened it to Shin Osaka Station. We weren't sure what the heck was up with Shin Osaka as opposed to Osaka.

Well, whatever the case, all thoughts of going to the Osaka Station were thwarted when we got to the Shin Osaka station and stepped outside.

Oh, it was shady. As all hell.

A Brief Summary of Osaka is as follows,

Bunraku and Love Hotels is a dangerous, and ugly combination.

I rather enjoyed violating people's privacy by getting their pictures at midday visiting the love hotel but what i did not enjoy was the plethora of lewd santas. Oh, wrong.

Ha. We didn't hang about for too long but just caught our Bunraku Puppet Play at the National Bunraku Theatre. It was fabulous but slow and most of the dialog escaped us because it was purely Japanese. We also were admist an audience of only high school children. Again. With the children. Most of them were annoying and needed to be slapped but whatever. At least the puppets were very awesome as was the storyteller. He was quite the emotional actor and amazing at his job.

We went back to Kyoto for our last night there and visited the mall at Kyoto Station. It was lame, much like Kyoto Tower.

Things We Observed This Day:

1. Baruse?

2. Carnival Pepsi?

The Day's Eats:

1. Takoyaki

2. Sukiyaki - Beef, udon, veggies, simmered in pot with rice

3. I had to cook my own pork! It was pretty good though and one of the tastiest things I ate in Japan.

4. Noodle bao and regular pork bao. That Noodle bao was far from good times. That makes me sad.

5. Big Mac

6. Carnival Pepsi. This was also disgusting. It wanted to be orange soda with a pepsi aftertaste. Bleck. Nothing carnival about it! Not that I would know being displaced and all.

7. Oatmeal raisin cookies from the plane

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