Monday, July 23, 2007

Awwwww ::tear::


Muse turned up onsite yesterday to support the UK's other big festival hit of the summer: "I saw the Arctic Monkeys last night," said Matt. "I spent the rest of the time propping up the bar, but I thought they were really good. They played really well. They've got a big gig in the UK next week (at Lancashire County Cricket Club), so it's great to see them when they're right at their peak."

1. First of all, Matt's a bit of a drunk there but this really isn't something out of the ordinary for an Ukker. So, Matt, meet me at the bar.

2. Awwwww! Our boys together... awww. I always wondered what MUSE thought of Arctic Monkeys. It still remains to see what Arctic Monkeys think of MUSE....

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