Thursday, July 05, 2007

Follow Up

Yeah I was right about something.

Editors' new album is up on their myspace, so I got to hear the entire thing and I think I'd like them much more if they didn't sound so much like Interpol.

But... I guess not really because lyrically, Interpol's much more complex. This is also true of their sound.

There's no mistaking Paul Banks' voice really.

It'll be like that Thom Yorke/Matthew Bellamy controversy I hate getting involved in (but will of course, take a moment to defend my boys) Radiohead and MUSE are two of my favourite bands and no, I do not think MUSE ripped off Radiohead. Their voices are different. They're two very different bands. End of that story.

Back to Interpol though.

I felt a little bit disillusioned yesterday when I did research on Interpol and found out that two of the members are Ukkers! They grew up in NY but were born in England.

And here I was hailing them as one of NY's best bands!

Meh, they're still New Yorkers. And hell, it was then I realized that that's probably why I heart them hardcore.

You know how I fancy some Ukkers.

Currently listening to: "Pioneer to the Falls" and "Obstacle 1" by Interpol. I feel lost. Stop haunting me, Paul Banks! Your voice is like a Siren's song and I'm sucked in! ::shudder::

Oh no! my heart swings?

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