Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MSN's Turn To Get Blazed

I saw this article on MSN about a band to watch at Live Earth this weekend (you know the bs concerts around the world about doing our part to save the planet).

The band's The Parlotones, who MSN and some others have been hailing as the next big thing. So, I took a listen because I like to preview new music once in a while, ever since I almost missed out on Arctic Monkeys (again, for the millionth time, thank goodness for Virgin-Atlantic) and they remind me of Thom Yorke gone bad.

It's not so much that the lead singer sounds like Thom or that the music sounds like Radiohead but the style reminds me of Radiohead to an extent. That just might be due to the fact that they did a slight theft of the repetitive "...it's happening". Idioteque, anyone?

That being said, I can kind of get into these people. Possibly. At least that's what I thought until I heard "Dragonflies and Astronauts" and I realize they're just another alternative band with nothing incredibly special.

Also, the next time someone comes out with a song called "Beautiful", I'd like it to be the most hateful thing I've ever heard. I know that may be very contrary but I'm tired of hearing people go on about "…you deserve to be adored" and whatever it is James Blunt was saying.

MSN, you suck.

Thanks for nothing.


Next up: someone needs to get me Editors. I think I might be missing out on some good times involving them. Though it could just be that I could continue listening to Interpol to have a similar experience and possibly, a classier, better experience.

Speaking of Interpol - how are things on the west coast? Ha, no. That's not what I wanted to say. I think their new album is going to kick ass. Big time.

Finally, Cillian Murphy recommends a band called Field Music. Let's see if he's as crazy as the roles he plays. I love that CM. And with good reason. He recommends decent music to us. I mean, it does sound like gddh stuff but that's to be expected from an indie band.

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