Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MTV: Solidifying Stupidity Since 1994

Maybe it started being stupid in 1992 with the start of Real World but for all purposes involving music, I'd say the last great year for music for me was 1994. That's when I recall the last year of actually seeing music videos on MTV.

And then MTV started MTV2 which brought music videos back to television for a few years which was nice but like everything else MTV does, it has turned into a channel of BS programs for idiots. And as we all know, shows that have nothing to do with music. No, MTV, showing a show such as "Cribs" and adding a 'soundtrack' to it, does not make it a music video, or a good one. Assholes.

So there I was sitting around flipping through channels on Sunday night and came across MTV2 (yeah, I still go to the music channels in the hopes they're showing music videos) and wouldn't you know it! They were actually showing a block of videos from 7.30 to 11.30!

Yes, I was amazed just as you peeps are, right? Well, that's until I realized they were showing one music video every 10 minutes.


That hardly counts as a block of music videos.


I continue to hate MTV and they clearly continue to hate me.

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