Friday, July 13, 2007

A Warning To Paul Banks

Dear Paul,

Please do not crack on "PDA" at the MSG concert on September 14th. H1's already threatening a chicken bone to the head if you do. Your nose may be spared due to its normality but that significantly smaller left eye of yours might not be as fortunate*.


Or 2 (looking out for your best interest and apologizing profusely in advance for any potential chicken bone incident).

*disclaimer - in the event Paul ever reads this, please know that I have a similar situation. I heart you and she likes to keed.

Currently listening to: "Take It or Leave It" by The Strokes and the cover done by Arctic Monkeys.


  1. This anonymous person knows for a fact that H1 NEVER keeds.

    - Anon

  2. Stop YOUR keed Anon, or should I say...H1?!


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