Friday, July 13, 2007

"You People Are Giving Me Blog Gems!"

Memorable quotes and conversations of yesterday 07/12/2007:

"Can you explain to me why Hello Kitty has a pet cat? I don't know why she has to enslave her own kind and make it into a pet." - Or 2.

"Hello Kitty is the Queen of cats. If she can't have a cat, then who the fuck can??!" - Beetchie.

And a few minutes later:

"Beetchie's mad at me for not telling her Hermione was at the Today show this morning. She says that in a year, she could have made it legal and we'd be set." - Or 2 to H1.

"I think Hello Kitty's richer. Beetchie should have gone there instead." - H1.

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