Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Conversations Kill

Or 2: You know, everytime I go on to frickin' Amazon (to check the status of my shipped item) and they tell me it's "in transit" for days from Jersey City in NJ, I suspect that somehow, Frass is the one holding back my order.

X: Everytime something happens in NJ, I think it's his fault.

Or 2: Yes well, I think we all know that's the case.

Currently singing in my head: "Megalomania" by MUSE. "...When I am gone, it won't be long before I disturb you in the dark. And Paradise comes at a price, that I am not prepared to pay..."


  1. I held up the order to serve the greater good. I simply wanted to ensure you weren't hurting yourselves by ordering any Veronica Mars discs or anime. I did this for you guys. I care.

  2. Hey, thanks for the reminder - I have to get the third season soon.

    Wait, did I even buy the second? I...don't...know.

    What's wrong with Anime?

    You need to watch "Grave of the Fireflies", is what.

  3. The only good thing to ever come from anime was Gigi.

    H1 might remember that show. I can't remember if it was Magical World of Gigi or Magical Princess Gigi. ;)

    She had this magic candy cane necklace thingy that used to make her become an adult when she needed to. She also died in the show and was reincarnated as some family's new baby. lol

  4. Those are words of a crazy, old man who's behind on the times.

    Oh Frass. You embarrass us.

    GiGi. Pssshhhh.


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