Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cue the Final Fantasy Prelude and the Multiple Shop Music Themed Flashbacks We're About To Journey Into

"You know...I just used two Amazon gift certificates...I mean, I know they're there for my use but it hurts. Hahahaha (insert nervous, sad laughter), just like spending gil. JUST like spending gil." - Or 2.

"Hmm, and you never know. You might need to toss them at monsters in the last dungeon." - Bughie J.


I hate when I have to spend and/or toss my gil... that's some total bullshart if I ever did see it.

I should just be able to find whatever elixir I need lying around barely obscured by a box in the Ghost Trainyard, an Apocalypse I found in the area just beyond that asshole venus flytrap dealie that tricked me into giving it some poor defenseless frog as a meal, a scimitar I may have stolen off some fish in an Underwater Reactor, or an Oritsuru I found in the Da-Chao mountains on my way to busting up some Don from the Slums...


Those were the good times.

Good, inexpensive, gil saving times.

I never said anything about life saving times.

Just...gil saving.

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