Monday, August 20, 2007

A Day In the Life of Gnome

After a day's work of driving from his day apartment near Flat Hillians, over Bridgey Bridge, through the forest of some-kind-of-an-apple trees (which incidentally has only two trees, forming an archway of sorts), and on the edge of Smudgy Mirror Lake, Gnome reaches his Castle in the Fog.

There, his work is not finished.

Indeed, avoiding the Giant known as "Boobey-Head" (or so Gnome gathered one day after hearing a thunderous echo bellow above his head and hidden ears under his pointed striped blue hat call to the mythical creature, forcing Gnome to dart under the Clothey Bush in the Garden near his summer home, Gnome-Cottage) was not the only task Gnome would undertake that day.

At Castle in the Fog, he finds himself drafted into doing tedious calculations.

"Grin from ear to ear!", says Gnome.

This is Gnome's life motto, regardless of the situation and a good motto it is, he thinks.

However, all work and no play for Gnome will not do.

Listening to music through oversized headphones and doing a bit of a jig (stiff jig as it may seem to the untrained eye) is a grand way to spend the evening:

Alas, it is 10.10 PM, also known as "The Gnomey Hour", and it is time for our friend to rest.

It's been a long, hard day.

Tossing and turning is a must before shut eye,

but comfy pillows cradle Gnome off into the Land of the Zzzs, where dreams of Boobey-Heads, calculators, Mirror Lake and Flat Hillians lie waiting....oddly enough on what looks like carpet.


Currently listening to: "Direction" by Interpol

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