Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"Declare This An Emergency, Come On and Spread A Sense of Urgency and Pull Us Through. And This Is The End Of The World"

Words escape me.

I cannot even begin to properly wrap my little mind around what happened last night.

I've seen them four times now.

I know every word, and I know almost every variation of each song including all the tiny falsetto additions made by that beautiful voice.

I know almost all the edgy guitar riffs, and the goddamned moments when the finger is in the air.

I know the grandiose poses and the exact moments when they're going to come, even down to the sliding across the stage floor.

I know whatever song will be played next based on the spoken often vague introductions given by my joker Dom.

And still, I stumbled out of Madison Square Garden last night, stealing the pressure and the pain on my legs for standing for hours, muttering in disbelief the words "oh my god".

That's the most I could muster from my dry throat and spinning head.

"Oh. My. God."

And still there's not much more I can add to that, honestly.

MUSE at Madison Square Garden were nothing short of fuckin' amazing!!!!!!

WTF Moments of the Night (in no particular order because they're all pretty damned hellish) - The Lowlamps:

1. To think I actually debated not attending this concert. WTF is wrong with me?

2. The bass during Cold War Kids' performance almost killed us. H1 and I felt severely nauseous, in the words of Bughie J. "aww, nothing like getting your equilibrium thrown off by mega bass...". That is the trauma I made us endure just so I could be front and left.

3. Cold War Kids did not play "Passing The Hat", nor did they play "Electioneering". I would have tossed chicken bones had the guitarist not been so goddamned hilarious. Also, a few days ago CWK gave a shout out to my boys.

Seriously though, I'm really peeved they didn't play "Passing the Hat". That is some serious WTF'ckness.

4. Fourth Time's The Charm? I think not. MUSE, once again, did not play "Muscle Museum". They seriously hate on me sometimes. Alas, I tossed no chicken bones. How could I when I was mesmerized by the money shot? You know I'd never toss bones at my man Matt, anyway.

5. I didn't get to meet my boys (Matt, Dom and Chris) but assholes who hung out at Krock did. I hate those assholes! =,( When will my day come?
And why did that kid who got a free signed poster of MUSE's fold it up into tiny, tiny pieces? WTF was his problem?! Yeah, I understand it's not AS cool unless you get it signed yourself but for bullshart's sake, no need to massacre it!!!!

6. Hearing Klaxons' "Magick" made me super cranky because it just reminded me of how those stupids turned down WS leaving me to miss out the good times that never were. I can't let that go.

7. Matt sounded a little off to me at times. Just a little but it wasn't horrid. He never is. Paul Banks, he is not. Ahhaha, sorry Paul. Also, Matt was probably trying to deal with the bad karma on stage from the night before when that goddamned Beyonce played and bad mojo'd the place.

8. The sour-faced girl who gave H1 a hard time, as well as the drunk that pushed her while she was dancing. No worries, they were asking to get cut and did.

9. The poorly dressed "super" friends. They were horrid and not even really worth talking about. For good measure, I will also toss in that stupid, rich Asian kid who we saw at Arctic Monkeys. Yep, sure enough, that spoilt bitch was there last night as well.

10. Okay, WTF. Matt was nice to the megaphone and didn't toss it. He did toss confetti though in that classy way he does sometimes. But no tossed megaphone leaves a sad me.

11. H1 pointed it out and she's right - Dominic didn't seem too happy last night and that made me sad. He didn't seem as chipper as he usually is. Maybe Matt pissed him off at Krock? I keed. They were having some good banter! =(

I guess he still smiled some though... what a cutie.

12. Matt. WTF. Why the hell would you wear almost the same damned outfit you wore at WS to this show? You disappoint me. I mean, you were still hot but geez. I've seen it before! Curses...

The Goo'd Times of the Evening - The Highlights:

1. A free MUSE shirt? Yeah. Totally. Special thanks to S. for that.

2. All the rejected Sum 41 stickers littering 33rd Street.

3. Being one of the hated kids in the pit. And THEN, being one of the really hated kids in the pit that made it to the front (and left!).

4. Cold War Kids.

While this band was not an ideal opener for MUSE, they were still really good in their own right. They're not going be opening acts for very long at the rate they're going.
I didn't catch all the songs they played (due to the fact they played a bunch of songs I did not know), so their set list will be incomplete but here's what I could remember in a very rough order -

The Cold War Kids at Madison Square Garden Set List (08/06/2007):

Robbers (great, great, great song!)
*new song (?)
We Used To Vacation
*new song (?)
Hang Me Up To Dry (curse you H1, you got it as number 5. Curse you)
Hospital Beds (and curse on me for getting this damned song as number 6. Still, it's good live)
Saint John
*new song (?)
Quiet, Please! (this song was not the greatest thing to end with but it was still a good song. I liked it)

As a side note, I'm happy to say I was the only nerd who knew anything by this band. That really doesn't make ME a nerd though. Those peeps at the Garden didn't know what they were missing.

5. "Knights of Cydonia" was played first. It's good they got it out of the way so I didn't have to hear that bs in my head as I was leaving one of the greatest concerts.

6. Dominic Howard owns. I've never seen him hit the drums that hard (up close) and the version of "Apocalypse Please" played at Madison Square Garden last night was so fuckin' fantastic that it makes me cry. It makes me cry because I recorded the entire thing only to discover after that the bass totally distorted my recording and I cannot find a version close to this one anywhere. I want that motherfuckin' song and I want it now. I want it now. (wow, two MUSE cookies in one blog post - I'm on a roll, this time. I feel my luck will change - ahaha, and one Radiohead. Nice.)

7. Being front and left was even better for me the second time around. I had H1 ( who actually has now proclaimed and I quote, "I love Muse") with me and we were right in front of Matt (even though she was worried that she couldn't handle his hideous face. She likes to keed and rile me up, is what). It was better this time than at Hammerstein because MUSE could put on the show the way they wanted to on a bigger stage. And Matt was beautiful...


...isn't he, though? Ah, "the money shot" as H1 says. Hahaha. Note though that this confirms for me finally, that Matt has an ass not an assback like MC.
It is a known fact that I do not like looking at asses and I really hate it when various animals insist on showing theirs to me but Matt, he can do that anytime.

Man, I feel like I sullied myself and the blog.

Sorry, H1.

9. We got GREAT shots of MUSE being that we were so damned close. (You know, as good as my camera would allow it. ::sigh:: I might have to give him up sometimes but I'll never diss the good times little LO has given me.) I even did the nice thing this time and took a really good picture of Chris.

10. The crowd. I was quite pleased by the crowd reaction. It was so much better than at Wembley Stadium, we felt. They didn't even NEED to be told to light up their mobiles for "Soldier's Poem". Maybe that's what made Dom miffed...we messed up his usual duties of telling us to get them out! Dom, we're just making your job easier because we love you guys.

11. The new jamming sessions the band brought out. They were all cool and funky. I almost screamed at them to play "Man of Mystery" like an ass though.

12. MUSE

They're just on here because they need to be. I cannot stress just how absolutely stellar their performance was. The entire show was a goddamned highlight and one of the best concerts we've ever been to.

Y&M&M@MSG = GT!!!!

The MUSE at Madison Square Garden Set List (08/06/2007):

Knights of Cydonia
Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm Riff (RATM)
Supermassive Black Hole
City of Delusion
Butterflies and Hurricanes + new riff (jamming session)
piano interlude + Apocalypse Please
Feeling Good
riff (but not "Man of Mystery") + Time is Running Out + Ashamed outro
New Born
Plug In Baby


Soldier's Poem
(stating they had never played this in the US before. Ooo, we're special. Too bad I already got it at WS)
riff + Stockholm Syndrome
Take a Bow

I think I have to add some WTF moments to this...

...13. I just remembered I really wanted H1 to hear "Assassins (Grand Omega Bosses Edit)" and they didn't play it. Damn it! That shit is awesome live.

14. Why is it we seemed to have gotten the same set list as Wembley Stadium on 06/17/2007? I don't want to be associated with that because it was the day that that stupid ass mcr debacle went down! Ha, ah well. I didn't miss anything really then. Nice. Feels like I was at WS twice then, yeah? That's right bitches! I got your set list including "Apocalypse Please", with a better crowd AND a good opening act! In your faces, assholes!

Oh boys, this might be it for a while. I doubt I'll make it to Vegoose. Come back soon with the fantastic new material I know you will create and I'll be there to support at the concerts in the front to the left.

To my beloved MUSE,

Thanks for making my 2006-2007 concert year from August to August fantastic.

And helping destroy the ill memories that was Matisyahu.

Much Love and cooddles in the kitchen,

Or 2

Quotes of the evening:

"Hey, you guys like Sum 41?" - girl from Sum 41 street team
"No, but I AM a fan of Avril Lavigne!" - Or 2 sarcastically, to our concert buddies for the evening.

As an Indian couple walk by,

H1- "Why Indian people like to think they are the bomb?"
Or 2, shaking head in disgust - "I don't know"
H1 - "Well, sometimes they are... an actual bomb."
Or 2, quietly - "Yeah, yeah"

"Matt's... really skinny. You can smoke them girly arms." - H1

Currently listening to: "Take a Bow", then "Host" and finally "Agitated" by MUSE.

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