Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Dilemma

Family friends visited this past week and the son of Papa Ho's friend wanted to keep in contact with me through MSN Messenger.

So, I decided to sign in today ('cause who needs that bullshart when you can gchat and gtalk by continuing to sell your soul to the devil that is Google?) to add his contact information.

I brought up Messenger and immediately it started logging me in.
"Hmm," I thought, "I never put my log ins as automatic...wait, who's this 'Angel' in my contact list?! Ohhhhhh...heh heh heh."

So MC, should I remove you from signing in automatically or should I mind your business and pose as you when the ladies come calling?



  1. Please make the necessary adjustments to your system..hahahaha. Can't have my business on blast esp. from the Hochies

  2. You know, I only jest when I made mention of the ladies. No ladies will come calling, unless you're mistakenly calling trolls ladies again.

    I could start an entire blog dedicated to you and your msn.

    Ah yes, I can see it now.

    MC Troll-ite's Blog. Nice.

  3. you so should have not said anything. I would have made a special trip up just to sit and sabotage mc on msn all day. It would have been great.

  4. Don't you remember, X? We already did that. His uncle came around.


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