Monday, August 27, 2007

I Got The Worst E-Mail Today


  1. So when are u buying tickets?

    Jus make sure Mr. Liff isn't the opening act.

  2. Perhaps you misunderstood the part of my blog post that said "WORST" E-mail.

    Notice how it's in time for the festival of lights, right? Yeah, we don't want another session to go down like last year, do we?

    Also, it says Matisyahu and 'friends'. You know Mr. Lif is goign to be there unless his bus had another dive and was not as fortunate this time.

  3. Is his bus took an unfortunate dive, that would be great for us (not so much for him). C'mon Hochie mama, suga cakes. Get another black friend and head down. We cannot leave that token placement filled only by security and bartenders.

  4. That should be " If his bus took an unfortunate dive". Sorry for the Hooked on Phonics moment.


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