Saturday, August 18, 2007

Memories From Japan, Sullied In NY

To be more specific, it's really that my memories of the good times at the Japanese Arcades have been sullied in my living room here in NY.

I bought Taiko Drum Master today and completely forgot that games such as these when they come over to the U.S. are created to suit our 'tastes'.

So instead of all those cool-assed Japanese songs that I taiko-ed to in Japan, I get crap like "ABC" by the Jacksons and ugh, wait for a cringe... "Toxic" by the train wreck Britney S.

Of course, I am not saying that the Japanese didn't have some J-pop bullsheet in the Arcade versions but they also had traditional Japanese songs.

Powerful Logic:

This is Taiko Drum Master.
A taiko drum is Japanese.
A U.S. created song is not Japanese.
therefore, need I finish this equation?


It may not be that horrible for the Powerful Logic reason described above but it certainly loses something hearing that type of drum over a regular trap set. It doesn't quite fit. Also, those drums were massive and the sound in the arcade was greatness for actually hearing the taiko drum.

That and I miss the cool Namco/Nintendo songs they had going down at the Arcades. Who knew that taiko-ing the Mario Themes and The Legend of Zelda Theme could be so damned hard?

I want to go back to Tokyo right now.

Ah, the memories...

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