Monday, August 20, 2007

A Message to MC

Way to live the double life, Mitch C.

We never knew you had a starring role but we always knew you were a ruffian and a slag -

"Mitch, the feisty son of Zaphod and Flower. He was a bit of a bully when he was a pup; he stole food from other pups, and attacked Sophie with no reason. He was once on the verge of death after eating scorpions he stole from adults and siblings, but survived and has somewhat filled the void left by Shakespeare's disappearance and presumed death. When a gang of teenage meerkats, led by Mitch's sister Kinkajou, abandoned him when he was a small pup, he was later rescued by his older brother. He once tried to mate with Marilyn of the Lazuli but was chased off by the other babysitters."

- from "Meerkat Manor" article on

- from

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  1. Sophie deserved to be attacked, she was acting like a soup nazi. Kinkajou is a snitch, she is DTM and Marilyn of the Lazilu, should be Marilyn of the lazihoe..called her bitches to come cut me saying bout I gave her fleas.

    Poor Mitch the Meerkat.

  2. Mitch the Meerkat and Mitch the Connors are both hot damned messes.

    I'm sure there are quite the few trolls up in Rochester and some big, white tings in Barbados talking 'bout some fleas too.


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