Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pigeons and Google Will Be The Death of Us All

X sent me this article yesterday about how Pigeons may be partially responsible for the bridge collapse in Minneapolis earlier this month. Apparently their dung build-up contributed to the wearing of bolts and metal on the bridge due to the acidity of said dung.

X has established that if this was a contributing factor in that bridge collapse then NY is screwed.

She's right.

H1, did you discuss this at the conference as well?

I always knew pigeons were evil, just like Google.

In fact, I'm sure the pigeons are using Google Earth to spy, and target their next attack and are planning the entire population of earth's demise as we speak.


  1. As liaison for pigeons all over the planet, except the ones in India, who look too much like rats (we suspect crossbreeding but that is just some nastiness we don't even want to ponder too hard) I have to say that that pigeon story reeks of propoganda!

    Pigeon poop, may be a bit on the acidic side and obviously weighs something. What makes more sense is the onslaught of obese Americans in heavy vehicles traipsing over bridges all willy nilly and then trying to blame their fatassness on pigeons.

    If waste matter collapsed structures then we best all be blocking up the holes because the planet Earth is about to drop south.


    And I would thank you to not talk about P-conferences so free-like seeing as you are not a pigeon.

    and thanks.

    - H1

  2. I think that story reeks of pigeon poop and that your comment reeks of mammoth related cover ups!

    Perhaps...I really shouldn't talk about the Conference though...


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