Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What the Hell?

The Troll actually looks pretty...decent.

Sad yet endearing. Kind of like this -

Not the legs though, just the face in both cases. Just the face.


  1. You know you's all about the legs!

  2. Tch.
    I do like me a leg of lamb but not so much of a troll.

    Did you hear your girl collapsed and had to cancel all her tours? This is it for her but you know, that's what she gets for refusing rehab.

    Also, I notice how you refuse to comment on the MUSE blogs... what's up with that? Do you need me to send you photos from the show because they're fabulous you know.

    Look, either you come up in October to Vegoose to see not just MUSE but RATM as well, or you wait two years to go to Wembley Stadium or MSG with me when MUSE returns.

    The bottom line is that YOU MUST SEE THEM live.

    It made me teary - H1 says she loves them.


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