Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Fortune Cookie

Another bout of asshattery.

Round 1:

"Give yourself a day off - at least give yourself a relaxing evening."

Round 2:

"You laugh now, wait till you get home."


Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fall Life of Gnome

Aside from his part time job as junior accountant at Castle in the Fog, apart from his daily drive through Gnome Country and despite his full time work of hiding under bushes from the sight of the giant known as Boobey-Head, Gnome also attends school.

At least, this is what he is doing this Fall of 2007.

"And why not?" thinks he, as he stands waiting patiently for the bus outside his day apartment.

The little shiny yellow school bus arrives (it isn't very timely, this bus - in fact, it is so untimely that it arrives at 5.11 PM on a Saturday, at the end of September), all packed with children.

It appears that Gnome is attending Human School!

They're very small for human children but that is an observation held only by the narrator of this story and should not be focused on by you readers.

Gnome hops on the bus, his stripey hat too tall to get through the door without being flattened down some, and takes his seat on the right.

It is here he chitters (Gnomes chitter and do not chatter, in the event anyone was wondering) with the children. We are not sure if they understand him nor are we certain he understands them but Gnome is very clever, so we can assume that he does.

It matters not what the conversation is about, or whether the children understand their foreign exchange student (they all call him "FES"), who appeared one day coming out of the bush near Smudgey Mirror Lake; what matters is that Gnome is off to adventure, to some school beyond Red Carpet Turf, through the mossy green, on the bumpy road in the little shiny yellow school bus, all the while grinning from ear to ear.

Narrator's Update: Gnome has not yet returned from his Fall School Adventure. I was unaware that this was an all Season Event or at least, this is the conclusion I've come to. But all is not not well, for Gnome has sent me a post card. It seems as though he has been playing lots of H&S, a game of which he is Champeen.

It amazes me that he has managed to take this picture of himself but he is clever, so I question nothing.

Or perhaps this is some sort of class at Some School beyond Red Carpet Turf?

I cannot wait for Gnome to return, so he that he may chitter all about it.

Currently listening to: "Woods of Mystery" by Koji Kondo, "Crabby Beach" by Soichi Terada, and "The Wagon on the Way to the Stripey Tent" by Arctic Monkeys

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It is quite possibly, the coolest seagull eva'.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Itching to see Arctic Monkeys in the UK!!!!

December 8th in London?

Yeah? Maybe? No?

Okay, so if we get through with the Led Zepp. tix..., what's staying an extra 10 days in the UK to see our boys?

Alright, so I know it won't go down but it made me really sad that I got my fan pre-sale pin to purchase these very hard to attain tickets.

Awww, baby boys, March it is. March it is!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Obsession(s) for Weeks: 09/09 - 09/22

Arctic Monkeys

There's much love for the boys and their fun concerts. But not much love for their asshole NY fans.

He's our favourite captain. We love that little boy. He's cute, even when he's getting his ass kicked by some Arrancar.

Ulquiorra Schiffer

Urahara Kisuke

Can we say 'shady'?!

But underneath the shady is a bad-assed...


Currently listening to: "NARC (Paul Banks Remix)", "NARC", and "Roland" by Interpol

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Note For Future Reference

Dim Sum + a 3 Hour Nap, make for some ill times.

Don't do it again.

As a side note, I'm feeling rather manky.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

And So...

"Tony's uncertain fate near the end of Day 5 left the door open for his
return," executive producer Howard Gordon said in a press release. "And
since there was no silent clock at the conclusion of his last appearance
-- the '24' tribute to a major character's demise -- we always kept this
as a possibility."

...Fox proves its asshattery time and time again.

Lies! All of it! They didn't plan this out!

This is what we call, 'trying to save our asses after a debacle of a season'.

Still, we'll get to test my theory that 24 sucked last season because there was no Tony A.

Monday, September 17, 2007


"Look, it's an article about haunted hotels in NYC. Goo'd Times." - H1.
"Umm, no. I don't want to know about them because I won't be staying at any of them." - Or 2.
"No? You think something will follow you home?" - H1.
"Well, did you forget about Scotland?! I got knicked in the 'ead by a ghost!" - Or 2.
"Ahahahahahaha. You knicked yourself! You know who knicked you? It was Char Kar." - H1.
"That bitch..." - Or 2.

It is apparent that this knickin' bidness is becoming a yearly tradition. I don't like this. I don't like this at all.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Worst Friday In A Long Time

It's one of those days when I never should have left the house.

And I knew it.

This week has been horrific, so why wouldn't the one day of saving grace that I would get not go to crap as well?

H1's going to yell at me for being stupid but I don't want to hear it.

I couldn't be in a bad mood for this show.

They're depressing enough as is.

Now Paul's singing "Babycakes" to someone else and you now owe me twice as much for my birthday. And that's really sad because I don't really want anything else.

That message was for you, H1, not Paul. Though it could also apply to him.

I can see all this bullshit spilling into next week and all the way up until November.

I'm almost too afraid to type it out because it'll most certainly come true if I do.

I hate my desk.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Rock Band Band

So we're getting very excited by the prospects of our new PS3 and Rock Band. Beetchie has decided we should either name our band "Doubles" or "Roti Rock". Maybe "The Oxtails"? The name's open to discussion.

But more importantly right now, is how the line up's going to go down.

It's been decided for sure that MC should be the bassist because as we all know, black people always play bass guitar. Before you protest, MC, I've proof (I'm sorry about the Portuguese subtitles...):

The other members of the band are a toss up but we're thinking for now that I should be the lead singer because by Beetchie's logic,
1. my carney hands would automatically disqualify me for the bass and lead guitars and 2. My lack of co-ordination disqualifies me for the drums.

For the role of lead guitar, Beetchie will take on those duties, which leaves us with a vacancy for drummer.

We're thinking Frass. Why? We're not quite sure but I think I heard Beetchie say something about, "he'll have to be drummer because he'll not be able to survive..." or something to that effect.

However, there are no fears for you others, my frenemies.

There are other very important roles in this band.

And I quote from Beetchie, "X can be our band manager! She can be our Joe Simpson to our Jessica and Ashley! Our Rob to our Spinal Tap! I want to be Nigel! I called it!"

"I want to know what kind of ass band we're running!" - Or 2, and upon further thought, "Maybe X can be our fan girl".

"X can be our groupie." - Beetchie
"and H1 can be our manager." - Or 2
"Because she's cut throat, right?" - Beetchie

Yes, because H1 is hardcore but I was thinking to myself that I really didn't want a Soundgarden/Chris Cornell incident to go down but if I'm lead singer and she's band manager, that WON'T be happening. So we're safe on that end.

So, all -

band name suggestions welcome.

positions for the band, other than bass, are not yet set in stone.

Let's get this insanity started but don't forget, TD5 will be both our promoter and music critic, so we need to make this good!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Okay! New Or 2 Scheme!

This "scheme" involves what I want for Christmas and my birthday.

I want amazon gift certicates.

I, heh heh, seemed to have spent all mine.

But now this is coming out and I must have it!

Also, so that no one is confused - I want a PS3 on which to play it on, so the amazon money will go towards a PS3.

I am quite content with whatever donations you would like to provide, unless it's of course, 0 dollars (which isn't priceless, like those mastercard commercials like to advert. sometimes).

Oh, and Beetchie? I still want Naruto from you though.

And thanks.


Oh, and H1? When they release "Brianstorm" for this shit because you know anyone in their right minds will... just think of the gd goo'd times that will go down.

Our sign for Matthew will change for next year.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Word With the Pigeons

I do not appreciate being knicked in the 'ead first thing in the mornin' by a pigeon who is unable to fly right and in slow motion.

H1, get on this!

I'm surprised he didn't poop on my head but I wouldn't be surprised if he left a tick behind.

In other news, our 400th blog post was the one before this. I am well aware it's a non-working video link. Curse you, Blogger!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Did It Actually Work This Time?!!!

If so, do we have a nice new shiny (yet dark) video of an intro to "D is for Dangerous"?!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Obsession(s) for the Week: 09/02 - 09/08


Well, Frass told us about the cat his granny got him

But MC, when did you get a nosejob?

Flight of the Conchords

"FLUP!" is currently my new curse word.

Our obsession with Gnome...

...And his obsession with standing too close to and staring at the left computer speaker.


We cannot believe our boy Alex was walking around in the crowd and we did not see him!!!!!!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

HB-D, H1!!!!

I hope those other bitches got you lots of pyos.

"You Want Us To Play Until The Sun Comes Up?...That's Ridiculous!"

Yeah, we did actually. Ridiculous a concept? Never!

There are few bands I would go see more than once in support of the same tour/album. Well, okay, a 'few' would imply 3 but in fact, it's only 2. Need I say MUSE?

And the second, because inquiring minds would like to know, I'm certain of it:

Once again (like the tool I am re: last MUSE concert), I was debating not going to this. However, this time, it wasn't from trying to refrain from seeing a band for the 4th time of the same tour but I was wary of the venue as I'd never been to Central Park Summerstage and really didn't feel like moshing in one giant pit.

But thanks to an enthusiastic H1, we opted to go and for the second time this year, Arctic Monkeys have left me in pain of the fantastic kind.

You know the kind of pain you get the day after from jumping in the pit or moshing in the pit? That's a sign of a fun concert had and indeed this night was.

Charming, witty, playful, and downright bad-assed, the boys of AM played with such fury and created such frenzy in the crowd, that from the Ukkers who were in attendance to the New Yorkers, to the out-of-towners - it truly made the house into a circus, berserk as fuck.

We tend to see that as a perk though.

Look, excusing the poor, misguided and gross misuse of lyrics that I just had to toss in for it seemed fitting at the time (and who wants to go back and re-edit? It's 12.59 in the AM as I type this and I've work in less than 5 hours), the bottomline is that the show was goo'd times and I'm determined to go back next year if they return.

Also, Malahide Castle may not have come to fruition this year like I wanted it to but I'm determined to see them in the UK at some point.

And why not?

They are well worth it.

The Lowlamps/WTF Moments of the evening:

1. Voxtrot. That band left much to be desired. I was fairly excited to see The Coral and only found out hours before the show that they were no longer supporting AM.
The horrid vocalist coupled with equally horrid lyrics had me rolling my eyes and apologizing profusely to Beetchie and H1 for their "music". Like BYOP before them (AM really needs better support when they come to the U.S.), they perhaps had a bit of musical potential but thanks to a bad lead singer, it made for an unbearable set. Seriously, thinking back now I don't think I should have been apologizing. Voxtrot owes me one!

2. The lack of pit etiquette. H1, Sons and Beetchie were fighting off kids who were being assholes. A pit is fun but not when it's filled with peeps who don't know how to act right in there. Rude people plagued the place. And if there's one thing I do, it's avoid things like the plague. Alas, the abundance of assholery was too much to be rid of completely and I too, had my share of listening to little kids from one of the superpowers in the newly built Axis of Evil, NJ, go on about nothing because they refuse to shut the hell up.

3. WTF is up with AM and their poor lighting. I know they're very lowkey and don't care much for flashy brightness and all that, which is fine - they don't need it because their energy makes up for all else. It's not their fault I've a bit of a crap camera but their lighting does not help the situation any. So once again, I've no really fantastic pictures of the band. Another 'fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck' moment? Present.

4. We'd rather not talk about it but not being able to meet the band makes for some sad HOchieS. One day, cuties.

5. The boys seemed to be a bit off in the beginning not that it made me have any less fun, nor did it really make them have any less fun. They seemed to be laughing and looking at each other with the "okay, let's get it together. har har har" look. Funny lads, funny. Don't fuck up my "Brianstorm" like that again! Ah, I keed.

6. *Warning: Sullied Blog Alert!

Once again, I did not hear "Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But..." and "Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured". Also really disappointing was that we didn't get to hear the ultra-sexy vocals on "505". We also didn't get "Plastictramp"! I can kind of understand the lack of the latter being that it's not released here yet but come now, boys. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will never hear "505" unless I go to the UK to see them and that I will never hear "Perhaps..." and "Red Light...".

Hmmm, there's never any chicken bones around when you need a bunch... H1 will come prepared the next time though. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

7. The worst thing of the evening was the fact that everyone in our group was split up and H1 and I were separated. Separated! That trauma is never going down again.

The Highlights of the Evening:

1. Alex acknowledged me and smiled. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

2. The banter between the band and the audience including the singing that went down during most songs, most notably, "When The Sun Goes Down", as expected.

3. They began the show with a little "Matador" Intro! Great stuff that. For a moment, I had a flashback to Japan when I happily found a CD store and took a picture of "Favourite Worst Nightmare" over there. I know. I have the strangest, most random flashbacks sometimes (and an affinity for finding excuses to post pictures of my boys):

4. Matthew, once more, tore up the drums like nobody's buisness and hit them particulary hard during "The View From the Afternoon". The sound in that open space was quite fabulous. It was a great venue for them.

5. I'm always rather impressed by the voice distortion bit that Alex does on "If You Were There, Beware" and tonight it was even more spectacular. It was loud, haunting and piercing - exactly the way I think it's meant to be heard.


Thanks for the great times and I'll see you next year - Nick, Matthew, The Cookie and Alex.

Arctic Monkeys @ Central Park Summerstage 09/05/2007 Set List:

Matador (intro)
This House is a Circus
Still Take You Home
Dancing Shoes
From the Ritz to the Rubble
Fake Tales of San Francisco
Old Yellow Bricks
I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Flourescent Adolescent

Teddy Picker (let's have a game on the Teddy Picker!)
Intro + D is for Dangerous
Mardy Bum
Do Me A Favour
If You Were There, Beware
The View From The Afternoon
Leave Before The Lights Come On
When The Sun Goes Down
A Certain Romance

Hopefully this time, TD5 will be able to come with. Maybe March in London...?

Quote(s) and Memorable Conversation(s) of the evening:

"Everytime I sing this song, the microphone tends to go to the side so I have to sing like this (with my head sideways). It's fate. But I guess there are worse things than that fate, huh?" - lead singer of Voxtrot.
"Yeah, having to listen to you, for instance..." - Or 2.

"A little more on the bass and piano, please?" - lead singer of Voxtrot.
"How about a little less, like none. Also, who do you think you are making all these demands?!" - Or 2.

"We are having technical difficulties, folks." - lead singer of Voxtrot.
"Thank goodness! Maybe they'll have to end their set NOW!" - Or 2.
::music starts playing::
"Goddamn it!" - Or 2.

"Ummm, I smell Christian." - Beetchie, on Voxtrot.

"We're a band from Texas..." - lead singer of Voxtrot.
"Ooooohhhhh, that explains EVERYTHING." - Beetchie and Or 2.

Okay, so it seems we really wailed on this band. Ah well. They can't all be greatness support like Illinois (who are deserving of their own tour!!!!).

"I guess we can't get lucky twice in one year. Illinois was a rarity." - Or 2
"::raised eyebrow:: Yeah." - Beetchie

Currently listening to: Some Kenna including "Man Fading", "Sunday After You" and "Out of Control" by Kenna. Hmmm, I'm disappointed in that new song. Hopefully the rest of the album will be amazing like the first. I still maintain that "New Sacred Cow" was the best $9.99 purchase I made, not to be confused with my best $11.00 purchase made: my now pin-ified jacket.

P.S. That was also quite clever of you, Alex. We know there's no song by that name. At least, not one of yours. So really, how DID we expect you to play 'until the sun comes up'? Thanks for making the lot of us seem ridiculous!

Quite. clever. Indeed...

Monday, September 03, 2007

The HOchieS' Evangelion Quiz

Which NGE Characters are we?


Or 2:

Again, these quizzes have us pegged but why the hell am I Rei?! FLUP!!! I hated her! Why couldn't I be Kaworu?!

Look at cute.

Actually, I think Beetchie and I are surprised that I'm not Shinji

Seriously, that Shinji...what a little dork. I really liked him though. He was my favourite.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Obsession(s) for the Week: 08/26 - 09/01


It's already been pre-ordered for the Wii

and even though I had nightmares that I failed to execute "KoC"...MC, it's on!!!!!!!


That little "add video" button intrigues me. I will find a way to use by the end of next week.

It pains me to report that I have yet to find a use for that button.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's September!

I love the first day of September.
It reminds me that Fall is just around the corner and Fall is my quite possibly my favourite season.

Those hot summer days are coming to an end, the kids go back to school and I get to laugh at their disheartened faces when they're all sitting on the school buses and college is back in session, meaning I don't have to walk the NYC streets with a bunch of day-offers and hangin'-outers.

The HOchieS birthdays are coming up, Pumpkin pies, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then all of this leading into the Christmas Season.

These are the things to like about Fall.

You know what I don't like though? I don't like that this September found me stumbling out of bed at 6 AM to get to work for 8.30 AM.

That is not how I like to begin this month, especially on a long weekend! Ugh.

Anyway, it's cold tonight. And I like that.

There's lots already planned for our first week in this month and I can't wait. Two weeks from today, more good times and then two weeks from that comes October.

I'm getting kind of happy.

And reallly sleepy.


Conversation of the day at the office:

"Oooo! The coffee's free? Saaweeeet. I'll take two cups." - Beetchie

And later on...

"Oooo! The hot chocolate's free too?! Ooo, I'll have some of that." - Beetchie

And later still...

"Beetchie, you need to go the bathroom? That's free too you know." - Me
"Shut up, you asshole!" - Beetchie
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