Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Okay! New Or 2 Scheme!

This "scheme" involves what I want for Christmas and my birthday.

I want amazon gift certicates.

I, heh heh, seemed to have spent all mine.

But now this is coming out and I must have it!

Also, so that no one is confused - I want a PS3 on which to play it on, so the amazon money will go towards a PS3.

I am quite content with whatever donations you would like to provide, unless it's of course, 0 dollars (which isn't priceless, like those mastercard commercials like to advert. sometimes).

Oh, and Beetchie? I still want Naruto from you though.

And thanks.


Oh, and H1? When they release "Brianstorm" for this shit because you know anyone in their right minds will... just think of the gd goo'd times that will go down.

Our sign for Matthew will change for next year.

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