Monday, December 31, 2007

The End of Year Review II

The End of Year Concert/Broadway/Theatre Review 2007, beginning with the best attended to the worst and those who shared the moments (The Partner(s) in Crime/The One(s) Who Came With):

1. MUSE @ Madison Square Garden. Noteworthy Mention: Cold War Kids. Accomplice: H1.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember Matt's ass, in our blog post back in August.

2. Arctic Monkeys @ Hammerstein Ballroom. Accomplices: H1 and Frass. The Main Offenders: BYOP.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember the asshole children, in our blog post back in May.

3. MUSE @ Wembley Stadium. Noteworthy Mentions: Gabriel y Rodrigo. The Streets. And that drunken lout. Accomplice: H1. The Main Offenders: Dirty Pretty Things. Zane Lowe.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember the trip that involved racist Croatians, in our blog posts back in June.

4. Arctic Monkeys @ Central Park Summerstage. Accomplices: H1, Beetchie and Sons. The Main Offenders: Voxtrot.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember when we saw Alex in the crowd, oh wait, no we fuckin' didn't!, in our blog post back in September.

5. Bunraku Puppet show in Osaka. Noteworthy Mention: The Voice Actor for one of the puppets. Once more with feeling - he had TONS of that. Accomplice: Beetchie. The Main Offenders: Another tragic story involving puppets. Save the puppets!

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember how we were surrounded by Japanese school kids with a Love Hotel five minutes away, in our blog posts back in June.

6. Traditional Japanese Dance Theatre. Accomplice: Beetchie. The Main Offenders: The "rich, suits and kimonos" of Ginza.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember how they all performed an episode of The L-Word, in our blog posts back in June.

7. Lily Allen @ Webster Hall. Accomplices: Beetchie and Marie. The Main Offenders: The DJ.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember how we almost got frostbite while standing in line, in our blog post back in February.

8. Hello Kitty's Dream Adventureor whatever the fuck it was @ Sanrio Puroland. Noteworthy Mention: That Acrobat guy. He was awesome. Accomplice: Beetchie. The Main Offenders: ourselves, for ending up amongst 5 year olds and their parents.

Read the review, re-live the questionable fun and remember how terrified we were, in our blog post back in June.

9. Supernova @ Radio City Music Hall. Accomplices: Aims and Sandy Cheeks. The Main Offenders: Aims, for dragging me.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember the moment I painfully admitted it was not that bad a show, in our blog post back in January.

10. The Fratellis @ Roseland Ballroom. Noteworthy Mention: Illinois. Accomplice: Beetchie. The Main Offenders: The Fratellis.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember the moment when a part of NYC was in chaos, in our blog posts back in July.

11. The Oxtails @ The HOchieS. Accomplices: Beetchie, X, Papa HOchie, Pumpkin and Jazzie. The Main Offender: Or 2.

Read the review, re-live the fun and remember the moments when we got 20,000 fans and Or 2 had no mic connection like a stooge, in our blog posts back in November.

Note: I was going to link to these posts but since I was having technical difficulties, we'll play a game of search through for yourself if interested.

So, that's it for this year. Now, the Cheat and I are off to do some eating of the snack variety and go drinking with Diderick the Lout. He's already sloshed, that one. It's time to pick up the camera and take incriminating photos.

Thanks all frenemies of the HOchieS for being awesome, as per usual! Here's to 2008, may our goo'd times continue!

The End of Year Review I

It's the 2007 music list - both from old and new bands to us, acquired by The HoChies.

In no particular order (or are they?), save the final 6 in the "best for the year" category, here's what we listened to, the 'reviews' and our favourite songs:

Lily Allen - Alright, Still

While not my forte, an attended concert gave me some appreciation for Lily and then this album until she opened her mouth and spoke unnecessary ill against Radiohead. That atrocity aside, I can understand her popularity being she's one of those Brit. stars with sharp tongues about "real life" situations (like Mike Skinner), but the overwhelming pop sound leaves me with little desire to hear Alright, Still more than the one time I did listen.

Sariel has played (and I've kind of liked out of the lot): "Littlest Things", "Shame For You", "Knock 'Em Out".

Album Cover Review: Cute to B. but not to me.

Maximum The Hormone - Koi no Megalover, Kusoban, Mimi Kajiru, Niku Cup, Ootori, Rokkinpo Goroshi, Zawa... ...Zawa... ...Z... ...Zawa... .... .Zawa

Thanks to Death Note, I now have a fascination with the rapping, intentionally nonsensical lyrically charged, nu metal (and quacking - Beetchie rather enjoys the quacking) Japanese boys and girls (who, to us, seem to constantly change band members) of Maximum The Hormone.

There are a lot of albums but here are the songs that made quite a few rounds on Sariel: "What's up, People?!", "Rokkinpo Goroshi", "Haiyani Spain".

Album Covers Review: Frightfully funny, much like this band.

Ah,yeah...Had their concerts not been sold out by the time Beetchie and I decided to literally hop on a plane and fly off to Japan, I would have been at one in Tokyo.

Speaking of Tokyo...

Tokyo Police Club, that is. A Lesson in Crime EP

From Tokyo? No, not quite. This band is actually from Canada. I saw the name one day, saw the EP for cheap, did a swift preview and here we have it. They've a quirkiness to them, citing oddities about a weird grim future and other such things I'm not sure about, under the cover of happy catchy tunes and clapping. Looooots and lots of clapping. Sadly, they're also kind of forgettable for me. Perhaps though, I had an AM concert to blame for TPC's lack of lasting playability (distractions by AT), followed by a slew of new music to get to.

Sariel played for two weeks or so: "Be Good", "Nature of the Experiment".

Edit: I recently decided to listen again seeing as I didn't give fair enough play and discovered two new songs: "If It Works" and "Citizens of Tomorrow", the latter cracks me the hell up. They have personality and I look forward to what they will bring in the future.

Album Cover Review: A burning building and a robot, what's not to like?

From NME, MUSE's The Supermassive Selection:

So, with close to 180,000 crazy fans in attendance at the MUSE at Wembley Stadium weekend fest, NME magazine got together with the band to release this cd of what the boys claim to be some of the songs they listen to while on the road and "definitely" some they'd be spinning before the WS gigs.

The special edition M@WS NME was out while I was in London (I, being one of the Crazy 18(8),000s picked it up at Tescos) and with it, this free cd.

...yeah. It really needed to be free. Sometimes, I forget they're British with questionable taste. I blame Dom. Okay, it's not all bad and amongst other things, I did get CWK out of it but better still, I got a new MUSE track recorded just for this compilation and it was played at WS and no where else.

I know what you people are hearing - you're hearing that I got robbed out of three pounds. Yeah? Well, screw you guys!

On constant rotation on Sariel: "Man of Mystery" by MUSE, "Hang Me Up to Dry" by Cold War Kids,
and then Sariel played some the times"Battle Royale" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?, "Magic Mountain" by Lightning Bolt
and then Sariel plays occasionally and shamefully?, "Generation Y (We Got It)" by Shy Child (a band I'd actually like to check out sometime... shamefully?)

Album Cover Review: Uninspired. I know it was a rush job but geez. Not to mention, wasn't this done before by them? Hm. Lame!

But before all that, before I was reminded that the Brits sometimes confuse me with their musical tastes, I invested in this -

MOJO Magazine's Made in Britain 2007:

Back in April, what was going on in Britain's up and coming music scene (per Mojo's radar) that I was missing out on?

A whole lot actually and then some which I already knew and are going places but in my opinion should not be. Not to be an ass but I really can't stand The Noisettes. I saw them last year and enjoyed their music but couldn't stand their vocalist. Female and sings, I usually hate it. Yes, yes. Sue me.

The View - another hot mess that needs to stop being pushed in my face, literally. I got an EP of theirs for free while standing in line for Arctic Monkeys, tossed it after the show someplace in my room and never looked back. It hurts me they're doing so well! Maybe I should find it and try listening again? But then again, assholes like Fall Out Boy get to play MSG so maybe that mf-ing cd can stay wherever the fuck it is.

So yes, back to the cd. I don't think I'd ever buy any of these people's albums but the collection itself is decent. None of the songs are particularly inspired in sound or originality but not god awful horrendous either.

Sariel plays once in a while, every few months: "Steam Comes Off Our House" by De Rosa, "Another Hollow Line" by the Young Knives, "I'm Alive" by Vincent Vincent and The Villains (because it cracks me up though I think I saw them listing themselves as religious rock but I'd like to think they're kidding - and the opening line reminds me of Sting), "Dead Man's Suit" by Cherry Ghost, "Elouise" by The Maps (another might be overrated band but this song isn't horrid - kind of).

But oh yes, one noteworthy mention is "Horses and I" by Bat For Lashes. And look! I'm not a biased asshole, the lead vocalist is female and I actually like this song. Well, maybe she sounds a little like Bjork so she already has a plus in her favour. That and the opening sounds like a toned down opening of "Map of the Problematique".

Huh, seems like I listen to a lot from this collection...So getting a magazine with Arctic Monkeys on the cover and this cd wasn't such a bad deal after all.

Edit: And I discovered the 1990s. I might want to invest in that album sometime soon.

From Stereogum Presents: OKX A Tribute to OK Computer

I was very into collecting collections this year (apparently) for various reasons.
This one, well, it's self-explanatory, really. When Stereogum put out this thing for free on their website, I really had the urge to torture myself by hearing Radiohead potentially butchered.

And Jeebus were they ever, but not entirely.

This was a half/half collection but always left me with the feeling to run and listen to the original. That's not necessarily a good thing because it made me nostalgic... no, rather, I was mostly running to drown awful noises out of my head. Some "re-interpretations" were quite surprising though while others, I felt, didn't know exactly where to go with the musical arrangements. These either made me laugh like Vampire Weekend or made me cringe upon hearing that version of "Paranoid Android".

CWK wins this one though. I actually look forward to their version coming up on my playlist. It's a very hard collection for me to critique and not be biased about because Thom Yorke's voice is one of the best in the business. It's beautiful and often times, no one understands a gd thing the man says but it's so enticing that no one really cares. His voice is not one anyone else can copy and is so unique that anyone else's vocals on a Radiohead track (with their bastardized music arrangements - 'cause Radiohead owns there too) just leaves you confused.

Still, it was a valiant effort and a very cool project undertaken.
And if there's one more thing I can say about this, it's that if you didn't know the lyrics to these Radiohead songs before thanks to Thom's gurgled singing, listening to this a clear way to finally make sense of anything.

Sariel killed this: "Electioneering" by Cold War Kids,
and played sometimes or once?: "Lucky" by My Brightest Diamond, "Climbing Up The Walls" by The Twilight Sad, "Karma Police" by John Vanderslice, "Fittier Happier" by Samson Dalonoga, as it is just damned hilarious to me, "The Tourist" by Flash Hawk Project, "Subterranean Homesick Alien" by Mobius Band, "Exit Music (For A Film)" by Vampire Weekend.

Musically "Airbag" by Doveman impresses me some but I despise the forced vocals on this track.

Album Cover Review: Hard to look - H1. I don't think it's right they would put only Thom on the cover. He's not the only member of Radiohead! - Or 2

Editors An End Has A Start

The unclassy version of Interpol? Like I said earlier this year, I really do not like to compare them as such and that Paul's voice was nothing like the lead's of this band.
I gave this album a chance and was not overly impressed (yes, I did this without being biased in Interpol's favour, honest).
There are a few tracks I do enjoy but overall, the lyrics may just be too cheesey for my liking. They actually come across a little too pretentious sometimes. Oh wait, I know what the word is! It's "hipster-ish". Yeah. I think that's it. Ah well. Whatever it is, it's awfully boring an album.

That makes me kind of sad, since I discovered "Munich" by them earlier this year and I really like that song. They have potential... but they mucked it up this album!

Sariel played more than thrice: "When Anger Shows", "The Racing Rats"

Album Cover Review: What is that thing?

Kenna: Make Sure They See My Face


Here I was hoping for a repeat of the greatness that went down in 2003.

I am sorely disappointed by this album. I was hoping the weak singles released did not signal a weak album. Alas, that is exactly what I got here.

I feel that Kenna has some good ideas running here but is not quite sure how to spin them to a delivery that would land it as the underrated gold such as his previous album.

It was hard to categorize the genre of "New Sacred Cow" and while similiar in certain aspects, "Make Sure They See My Face" comes off more for the masses that I don't associate than not. There's a gd song on here that sounds eerily like a Justin Timberlake song gone slightly better but nonetheless, a rip-off and boring.

We need to stop bringing back forms of disco...really.

I'll still have the goo'd time memories of "Hell Bent", "Vexed and Glorious" and "Sunday After You"

Sariel found some semi-precious gems: "Sun Red Sky Blue", "Baptized in Blacklight", "Phantom Always" and "Face The Gun"

Album Cover Review: Two Ks that are dear to me. There's even a video showing how to make the symbol. I don't love this cover but I can't forget it either.

Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero

Another year, another NIN album. This is not what I'm hoping the mantra will become as Trent releases new material on a yearly to 2 year basis, as he wants to. This, however, is my least listened to NIN.

I noticing a trend starting ever since With Teeth and that's 1. I have to let NIN albums simmer for a few years before I actually appreciate 2. I might just be shying away from them due to changes in musical tastes 3. I might just be refusing to admit that NIN's not as great as they used to be and that scares me that I could even think it.

I know I'll never truly give them up because NIN has yet to make me cringe but I think the problem is (someone hold my hand while I make a confession!!!) I no longer feel that NIN's has anything new to offer since their "new" direction after The Fragile. There! I said it! It's a winning formula that makes them platinum but to me, it's becoming the downfall. I actually miss the raw emotion, not that Trent can be angsty forever and I understand that but...Forgive me, NIN. I blame the sore throat for my crazy talk!!!! And I say this to stop any lynching that may fall my way.

Sariel spun a few times: "In This Twilight", "The Great Destroyer" (best track but not perfect), "Me, I'm Not", "The Warning", "Zero Sum" (surprisingly sounding like a 'do they know it's Christmas after all' deal one might find a bunch of goody two shoes bands singing happily together but it's nin, so it's lyrically dark about god forsaken people and a forsaken god. Nice.) , "Survivalism"

Album Cover Review: I don't know how I feel about this other than angry. Damned dirty aliens messing up a perfectly clean car windshield!

Spoon: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Ever since I discovered this band on Veronica Mars, (and shamefully I admit, considering they're VERY well-seasoned - this album being their 6th or something?), I've been partially obsessed. Well, maybe not obsessed but I have liked them and give them quite a bit of play.

It's one of those bands though, whose album I never buy in its entirety. I preview and select. However, from what I do choose, I really love. This, much to my dismay, confuses H1 and she'd rather not talk about it. In fact, I'm sure she outright refused to read this part of the blog while skimming through the rest.

I like Spoon. Britt Daniel's fun. And that's that.

Sariel happily played on a regular basis: "Finer Feelings" and "Rhthm and Soul". Don't worry, H1. Sometimes I worry about myself.

Album Cover Review: Is it Britt? Then it's okay by me.

The Shins: Wincing The Night Away

Sometimes I wonder about this hardcore…Indie that I happen upon and listen to. I listen to at least one band a year, I suppose. Last year it was Death Cab For Cutie, this year it's The Shins. I'm well-aware that AM's considered Indie because of how they got discovered but I throw their genre of music in Alternative rock, so they do not count for me.

Back to The Shins - very Indie (as far as I perceive Indie), very gddh-ish and the kind of soundtrack I'd play when exterminating said GDDHs. It distracts them. Makes them love happy in a field some where.

As far as the music goes, it's really good for what it is. It can be a little too "artsy" at times but an overall non-harmful to the ear listening experience.

Oh, why did I get this album, you peeps are wondering? Well, for starters, they were plastered all over the place at the time of album release and b. let's just say "myspace", "cache" "entire album" "bored". I did buy a few of the tracks myself though. And I say this to cover my ass. Thank you.

On Constant Rotation on Sariel: "Sea Legs" (a song that's as funky as Indie can get, I suppose - go ahead, H1, shake your head!) and other songs noted "Spilt Needles", "Phantom Limb", "Red Rabbit".

Album Cover Review: I like those weird animal islands. I've no idea what they mean but something tells me it's best I don't investigate further.

The Fratellis: Costello Music

This album was full of too many noises of the oo's and ahh's persuasion for me to like (I can only do one a year or something. And that quota was filled by Klaxons). Sure it'd be good in a UK pub, at a football game or a stadium filled with people waiting in between concert sets for everyone to start singing in unison but for the most part - no. This was a disappointing buy for me. Once again I was tricked by an Ipod commercial into taking a chance and it turned out I hated the album. I found myself not being able to listen for an extended period of time as each sing-songy track went on for way too long.

That being said, Sariel did play quite often: "Henrietta", "Flathead", and sometimes"Creeping Up The Backstairs".

Album Cover Review: Meh.

And while The Fratellis failed my expectations, these guys didn't...

Illinois What The Hell Do I Know?

I'd say you know quite a bit, Illinois, amongst other things - the banjo. However, you guys need to brush up on your state identities!
I jest but I saw this band this year open for the Fratellis and I was wow-ed. I actually had no expectations of them, being that I had only listened to them briefly before the show.

The EP itself is kind of low quality in sound, making the songs not as great as they could be or rather, they're just not as fantastic as they are live, but I'll have my concert memories and thus, I love them hardcore!

On a random note, did I mentioned their song was used in an episode of "Weeds" recently? They're going places!

Constant Rotation on Sariel: "Nosebleed" and "Screendoor".

EP Cover Review: A scary white torso and it's not even from Dexter. That is so uncool.

Klaxons: Myths of the Near Future.

They won the Mercury Prize this year. They've received critical acclaim all over the place. They had a chance to open for MUSE at WS (and turned it down due to some drunken stupor-idity). They're highly overrated in my opinion but you know Europeans and their Euro Trash. And they're my guilty pleasure, dark secret 'like' for the year.

Why the f. do I even listen to this? Like I said sometime this year, I've no business liking this s. yet I do. I think it's the music itself (goodness knows their lyrics are just s.) that keeps it interesting. There are enough sounds in there to keep it fresh but not cacophonous. It is mostly rubbish but there are a few tracks that have been in constant rotation for me.

Sariel loved him some: "Atlantis to Interzone" and to a lesser extent but liked well enough, "Magick", and "Golden Skans"

Album Cover Review: It's god awful.

The Horrors: Strange House

I was listening to BBC Radio 1's "Legends" the evening Arctic Monkeys became DJs for the night. Of course, I was. Anyway, the boys have eccletic tastes in music. The songs they selected for the hour ranged from the bizarre, the way too old and made decades before they were born, to the WTF.

It made for an interesting listen and I pretty much came out of it first of thoughts schemes to hang out in the arcade, of dirty 'boys' and bubbly baths and second, "wow - that was like listening to a Quentin Tarantino Soundtrack". I liked some of it and this is a band I was introduced to. The song was "Draw Japan" and I was highly impressed. I got the track and let it simmer for a day. I decided to purchase the album after previewing on Itunes. Musically, I love it and understand why AM love it (I can only really guess). It sounds like them a bit but on a weirder scale.

There are a lot of sample, strange noises all over the house (or was that an organ?) and coupled with heavy bass lines in abundance and fast beats, this album makes for some fair amount of craziness. Vocally, I'm having a hard time with the lead singer's voice but it's growing on me some. Lyrically - it's ridiculous for the most part, leaving the album feeling a little too tiresome at times but it's fun for those days when all I need is that soundtrack to getting off the train at night, after a long day, amongst others rushing to get home - and the excitement that goes with it.

The album reminds me of a retro B-horror movie sdtk that I might listen to on Halloween Night. Apparently, these guys are also very young - 21 and such.

Thanks AM.

Tracks on constant rotation on Sariel: "Draw Japan", "Count in Fives", "Gloves", "A Train Roars", "Sheena Is A Parasite" and "Gil Sleeping".

Album Cover Review: I actually like this one for no real reason.


06. Hot Hot Heat: Happiness Ltd.

The bottomline: HHH for the most part without the danceability.

Hot Hot Heat had me scared that they were going to fail with their release of Happiness Ltd., the third album from (and I admit) the only Canadian band I truly enjoy and blame nothing on.

Or at least, would that have changed with this? Would HHH too, fall victim to a HOchieS berating of all things Canada?

Not at all.

This album has taken a slightly different turn from the usual fun and spirited HHH we know. It's 'heavier'. I use that term loosely, as I'm not quite sure how that's possible for HHH. It's slower in arrangement, that's for sure. I do not love this as much as Elevator but its enjoyable regardless - Even though it gives me the minature cringey cringies at hearing the overwhelming '80's beats on certain tracks. But, it's HHH and that's to be expected, I suppose.

The best of the lot that Sariel took a liking to: "My Best Fiend", "Harmonicas and Tambourines", "Give Up?"

Sidenote: Should I be a little concerned that they revamped an old song from an old EP and stuck it on here?

Album Cover Review: They could have left themselves off of it and done me a kindness.

04. Queens of the Stone Age: Era Vulgaris

I hang my head in shame as I write this only because I vowed never to listen to Queens of the Stone Age. I really hated music from their previous albums and was never a fan. Then came "Guitar Hero III" and the track "3's & 7's".

I now have an appreciation for Josh Homme and this particular band line up he has formed.

Era Vulgaris has everything I love - great drumming, pummelling guitar work, and a song that frequently uses the word "pig" in it.

What's not to love? Other than the fact that J. Homme is a very dirty looking ginger, that is.

On Constant Rotation and Proudly Played on Sariel: "River In The Road", "3's & 7's", "Turnin' On The Screw", "Run, Pig, Run", and "Running Joke".

Album Cover Review: I don't know what's up with the light bulbs (they've names too) but they look like they can kill me yet I am beginning to feel oddly attached.

04. Cold War Kids: Robbers and Cowards

Ah, the CW & Co. Haha. Ah, H1, you slay me.

Discovered back in June, this album is one of the best I've invested in this year. No. 4, actually.

They confuse me terribly - from their name and their style. They're a bunch of boys from California but they've New Orleans style music going. What the hell do they know about Death Row?
I should probably research but all I know is that I love what I hear on the daily.

This album is strong and surprising in every aspect and maybe even a little lyrically cruel as H1 has pointed out... "...robbing from the blind is not easy, you see...".

I'm particulary impressed by their lyrics that I can only describe as incredibly engaging story-telling. From tales about an alcoholic's life, to a man on Death Row and how he got there, to a scary story of a kid talking to God about the unfairness of his life as he's had " hundred years of solitude and only twelve years old..." all ending with a song about the end of the world all played and sung in an eerie upbeat, pressing way fittingly like a useless escape and if that wasn't enough, there's a 4 minute silence followed by a hidden track that's a questioning and pleading "prayer" of sorts.

It's sheer brilliance.

The depth of this album is unreal and I discover new things about it all the time. It's rich in hidden histories of American literature, music and culture and beautifully so. And they're not without that certain quirky uniqueness that makes them stand out from many bands in my recent history.

It's just wow for this one.

It only took about 4 years but Kenna no longer holds the record for best chance taken/best $9.99 CD bought.

Almost on daily rotation on Sariel: "Robbers", "Passing the Hat", "We Used To Vacation". It's great, this album, and almost every track is noteworthy.

Album Cover Review: It seems fairly simple but maybe there's more to it ooorrr maybe it's just a band setting up. I don't know.

03. Interpol: Our Love To Admire

I made a discovery this year - And that was that I haven't listened to Interpol nearly as enough as I should have been for the 3 or so years I've been introduced to them.
I almost let them slip past me this year. On the radio, "The Heinrich Maneuver" didn't appeal to me but at Wembley Stadium, with it blaring at Zane Lowe's DJ set and H1 singing happily next to me along with our 'friend' who sat next to me, "How are things on the West Coast?", it got my attention.

The bass playing of Carlos D. has always impressed me but now I've gotten to really love The Kessler's guitar playing and of course, my Paul Banks - whose sexiness of voice and underlying dirtyness in lyrics makes me swoon. Okay, maybeeee that's not why I should love Interpol, and it's not completely the reason. They're not number 3 on this list because of some swooning. They're on here because this album, while not as wholly fantastic as their debut Turn On The Bright Lights, it's pretty damned fantastic in its own right.

There's some humour, although anything that comes out of Paul's mouth is just kind of scary, and the delivery's always deadpan.

However, it's his dreary, mournful, sharp vocals along with the haunting sound produced by the band that makes this a very worthy listen, while sending shivers down the spine.

Not attending their concert at MSG is our biggest regret for the year. Next year, we are certainly not going to let that go down again if we can.

Sariel plays all the damned time: "Pioneer to the Falls" (which is one of the best songs this year and of all time for me), "All Fired Up" and "The Scale"

Album Cover Review: I have no idea what Interpol were going with this time around but I've decided I hate it.

02. Radiohead: In Rainbows

No contract, no record label, and initially no hard copy - I downloaded my 40 pounds copy of In Rainbows at 2.30 something on the morning of October 10th. I listened - my initial reaction of bliss of having new Radiohead material was quickly turned into an overwhelming feeling of "WTF". It was way too early to listen to the barrage of noises assaulting my little brain. 5 hours later whilst on the train, the rain pattering and the sky all grey set the stage for a perfect listening experience. Again my ears were struck with oddities of sound but this time, I could process better and found that the richness of the album was incredible.

A bit on the slow, relaxed side in most cases but always haunting, Radiohead have created something that I can only describe as a bit more personal, raw emotional experience wrapped up in a series of complex musical compositions that only this band knows how to execute.

In Rainbows's got the experimental mix of "Kid A" with the sentiments of "Ok Computer", and "Amnesiac" equating to something previously experienced and familiar yet applaudingly new and welcomed.

And that is good times.

After four years of waiting and ten+ years in the making, Radiohead remains Radiohead by maintaining and creating a dynamic that's undeniably theirs.

Favourites of Sariel: "15 Step", "Jigsaw Falling Into Place", and "Reckoner"

Album Cover Review: There was none at the time and it was probably better that way.

Arctic Monkey: Favourite Worst Nightmare

H1 dreams many things. Some of these are unwanted and some involve Arctic Monkeys. Unfortunately, they've been avoiding her lately in sleepland but I've been blessed on occasion.

Sullied content aside, the title's kind of fitting for H1's dreams as of late but "Favourite Worst Nightmare" is the wrong title for this album. It's certainly our favourite for the year but far from any nightmare.

This album ROCKS.

The opening track is one I've played hundreds of times since mid-February. The brilliance of drummer Matthew Helders shines on this and throughout.

Musically, our favourite lads from Sheffield play furious, fun and never with a dull moment even from the slow driven "505".

It is, however, Alex Turner's heavy accent, wit, dreamy vocals that make you forget he's 21, and his ability to string words together and tell a story so natural and interesting, that packages the deal as the greatest thing since their first release.

Despite not being on any of US Magazines or Itunes top downloaded albums, (you damned Americans do not know what you're missing!!) this album has every right to hold a spot on a top 10 list somewhere.

Sariel played all the damned time: the entire damned album.

Album Cover Review: seedy looking. A warehouse in Sheffield or Matt's house? JK. It's not a bad cover. Much better than their last and much better than most others I've seen this year.

Arctic Monkeys: Singles (2007)

Fans of Arctic Monkeys know that when the lads release a single, you're about to get a ton of new music in addition to the song you already know and love.

Thus far for the year, in addition to Favourite Worst Nightmare, AM have officially released 11 other new tunes. That's an entire new album! And yet, I still can't get enough. Luckily, I know I won't have to settle for just those because those young, brilliant minds are always creating new pieces. It's good to be young and Arctic Monkeys. And it's good to be a fan.

Each b-side has been stellar. "B is for believe" - Alex Turner. But what he meant to say was that "B is for brilliant" - Or 2.

Tracks on constant rotation on Sariel: "Too Much To Ask" (just reminds you how brilliant a boy Alex Turner is), "What If You Were Right The First Time", "If You Found This, It's Probably Too Late" and "Matador"

And to the albums I did not get this year but wanted to and will and the ones I got yesterday but have no time to listen properly - It's too late to include in the end of year review but there's always next year or a little thing called editing:

Liars, The Kooks, Menomena and The Cribs.

Special note to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I'm loving their EP right now and will finally invest in their albums this upcoming year.

Another Edit:

Previewed the Liars' "Liars" album on Itunes and not loving it as of now.
The same goes for the Cribs' "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever".
The Good, The Bad and The Queen on the other hand is sounding pretty good but that may be due to it sounding a bit like a toned down Gorillaz album.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Presents, Kyle, Presents

Thanks to all for the presents. I'd do a list like last year but since it was all stuff I wanted anyway, this year, I will also thank Amazon.
Oh, thanks to Aims' for venturing off the list and getting me the most ridiculously cool thing ever! My monokuro boo mits are the cutest things.

Thanks to myself and Radiohead. The discbox is awesome and almost makes me forget that I spent 40 pounds on that.

Thanks to Bunji for forgetting my stocking stuffers of ramen but thanks for the manga.

The other reason for this post is to bring to you, the Memorable Christmas Conversation of the year:

"TD5 called me this morning to give me some bad news." - MC
"What?" - Or 2
"He told me pastelles are made of pork and beef." - MC
" didn't know this MC?! You honestly thought that beef could taste so good on its own?" - Or 2
"I didn't know! My life is a sham!" - MC
"How many times do I have to tell you that the pig is the magical animal?!" - Or 2

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Decemberween, Biatches!

To all our Frenemies:

Happy Decemberween and Merry Christmas.

We'll post more after we've eaten the bread, ham and the pastelles we made last night. That is, if we survive the pastelles we made...

Memorable Moment and Quote of the Decemberween Eve:

"Oh Shit!" - Mama HOchie, after laying out meat on a banana leaf sans cornmeal during pastelle making.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Decemberween Eve with The Cheat, Diderick and Gnomey-Gnome

This Decemberween Eve, The Cheat had some new friends to celebrate with. I am uncertain how that worked out for me considering they all chipped in and got me a gift. I was expecting three but it's The Cheat, so he'll find a way to keep all the money to himself as per usual.

This was Gnome's first Decemberween. He was chittering excitedly all day from an undisclosed Hide & Seek location:

Come 10.21 PM, the critters gathered 'round on the swivel chair for the gift exchange.

Gnome, with grin from ear to ear, inspected his present:

And was pleasantly surprised to find that a new friend awaited him on the inside!

Diderick and I had a discussion earlier this month about his lack of present. I assured him, his hooliganry-related present was out there in this world, waiting for me to take it by force.

That has seemed to satisfy his Decemberween needs.

A winner was me with The Cheat's pyo this year as well:

Yes, he is a huge fan.

H1 seemed happy with it too, now that I think about it...

Finally, I opened my present. It is apparent The Cheat likes to be a lifesaver on this holiday. Last year there were TSCs and this year:

Diderick chose the flavour. I am told he is a connoisseur of Gorgonzola.

Now The Cheat prepares for New Year's Day but this year I think the Christmas Goose will show him a thing or two about drinks and getting well sloshed.

Here's hoping for no fights on the 1st.

Happy Birthday, Pandy!!

The HOchieS are thinking of you on this day but really we're mostly thinking about the pyos tomorrow.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Festival For The Rest of Us

This year, in addition to the present giving at Christmas, The HOchieS will be celebrating Festivus - A Festival For The Rest of Us.

One of the fine traditions of Festivus is the "Airing of Grievances". So as to not break tradition, let us begin taking issues with the lot of you.

Our grievances are as follows -


Your Watanuki-ing is terrible. As someone in servitude, you should be more servile.

Bughie J.

We have no grievances with you.


The grievances are endless. You are cut off. 2008 will be a Frassless year, much like 2007.


Where to begin? The grievances are almost as endless as well but here are two to simmer over:

1. Your absence at Thanksgiving
2. Your mistreatment of Granny.


There was a halushka incident. We shall say no more.


The grievances are almost as endless once more, the least of which is that you're going to find Jeebus instead of finding us.


Your drunkeness during that 3 week period back in October was unacceptable because drunk dialing might be fun for you but not for us so much. Also, please keep your Hooker behaviour under control at next year's holiday party.

Currently listening to: "Pregnant" by Cold War Kids

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


There's something not quite right about this picture with Bugs Bunny...


Oh, we see it now. His ears look a bit too long.

Currently listening to: "J-E-N-O-V-A" by Nobuo Uematsu from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hookers, Holiday Parties and The HOchieS

This year for the Holiday Party, instead of taking X as I usually would, I opted to take a hooker.

A Hooker named X.

Dressed in a low cut dress which she claims was due to fabric being pulled from a year of no use, Hooker X bedazzled the waiters and bar tenders into bestowing upon her lots of free meats and lots of free alcohol.

Thankfully, the same treatment was bestowed upon me, making that one pro for having a Hooker for a date.

A con would be your Hooker and friend A.Boots act fools during dinner and during chorus singing.

The embarrassment carried all through the evening and into the cold, while waiting for the promised car service to arrive, 50 minutes late.

I was not the only mortified by Hooker X's behaviour. Our car service driver also could not stand to hear her and put on the radio then turned the volume up when she was speaking.

Memorable Moments, Quotes & Conversations of the Evening:

The toilets at the Roosevelt for some reason, sound a lot like the noises made here:

"Oooo, diamonds!" - X, while walking down the Diamond District
"You want me to buy you some? Is this the payment arrangement?" - Or 2

"We didn't win any prizes but we don't need them. We're beautiful." - X

"X could have walked home by now." - H1
"Not in these shoes." - X
"I don't know what kind of hooker you are then." - Or 2
"Mk will make a good man out of me one day." - X
"a MAN?" - H1

Finally, we also made a new friend at the party:

His name is Ginger Cyclops and H1 tried to eat him.

Currently listening to: "Ode to Power" from the Noir Soundtrack

Monday, December 10, 2007

MC Hearts Me

I got my second present for this Christmas from him. Thanks, MC. I hope you get yours soon.

I was told Boobey Head bought something for me already but I've not yet seen it wrapped up or about.

I hope it's not a pair of killer monkey pajamas again.

Let Us Have A Moment of Sadness For H1 Or 2

We should have been in London last Friday, flying out tomorrow back to NY.

Arctic Monkeys on December 8th and 9th, then Led Zeppelin tonight.


You people should feel sorry for us.

Pumpkin, the 8th HOchie.

Our little orange cat Pumpkin has given us many interesting times for the past 6 years he's been with us. It's always cute when he plays because he doesn't do much of that anymore but we know he could be a goalie due to that stellar save he did a few years ago when a ball was tossed towards the couch.

He's not so cute at 6:20 in the morning when he wants to come into the room and complains outside my door. He's even less cute when he takes it upon himself to bite and paw me awake, or tear up the presents and clothes sitting on my chair.

Times aren't good for me when he jumps in front of my computer screen as I'm typing up blog pozostx and can't see the screen. See that? Case in point. Good Grief.

It is also very unpleasant in the winter when he and I are so static-ie that we cannot get too close to one another without being constantly shocked.

We hate when he gets really vicious over a treat or some catnip. He begs for people's dinner and will eat just about anything. He's not very "cattish" which works out well for us but goddamn it, he is smart and it's scary as all hell.

Today, the trademark low bellow of a meow was heard. I quickly opened the door to see what the matter was because that's when that meow is usually used - when something is wrong. I inquired of Papa HOchie if the door to the basement which houses the kitty litter box was closed, which it was. Papa HOchie flew downstairs to open the door but no Pumpkin could be found.

Fearing the worst, ie that Pumpkin couldn't hold his bidness, I heard Papa HOchie anxiously call out to me.

Well, Pumpkin couldn't hold his business for sure but took matters into his own little paws...

...and used the toilet.


Our cat has learnt how to pee in the toilet without being formally trained.

He must have learnt to do so by watching us all these years or maybe the Betch is right and he has been using the internet for dirty business when I'm not around.

As I said, scary.

I've come to the conclusion that all those times when Pumpkin tried to "off" us were not actually 'accidents/catcidents'. He really was trying to kill the lot of us!

Memorable Quotes of Last Week:

Couple walking down the street, man to girl: Brenda give me a kiss...
Crazy guy on street overhearing convo.: Brenda can shove it up her ass!

Or 2 on phone to H1: You want to know what I was doing? I was killing some cats.
H1: Uh...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wrecked Joysticks

Oh, the goo'd times we found on yesterday:

By Peggy Mihelich

(CNN) -- Like a first love or a first car, a first computer can hold a special place in people's hearts. For millions of kids who grew up in the 1980s, that first computer was the Commodore 64. Twenty-five years later, that first brush with computer addiction is as strong as ever.

"There was something magical about the C64," says Andreas Wallstrom of Stockholm, Sweden.
He remembers the day he first laid eyes on his machine back in 1984.
"My father brought it home together with a tape deck, a disk drive, a printer, and a couple of games...I used to sneak home during lunch to play [on it] with my friends."

Wallstrom is the webmaster and designer for, a Web site dedicated to preserving the games, demos, pictures, magazines and memories of the Commodore 64. visitors are mostly nostalgia seekers -- men in their 30s looking to download their favorite childhood games. Emulators let them play the games without having a machine. Popular downloads include "Boulder Dash," "Ghostbusters," and "The Great Giana Sisters."
"It may have not been the most sophisticated computer, but it did have a lot of personality and it was lovable and remains loveable," said Harry McCracken, vice president and editor in chief of PC World.
Often overshadowed by the Apple II and Atari 800, the Commodore 64 rose to great heights in the 1980s. From 1982-1993, 17 million C64s were sold. The Guinness Book of World Records lists the Commodore 64 as the best-selling single computer model.
The computer featured 64 kilobits of memory (a lot for 1982), a huge index of games, a sophisticated sound chip, and a relatively parent-friendly price -- $595.
On Monday, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, will celebrate the C64's 25th anniversary. Computer pioneers will reflect on the C64's achievements and contribution to the industry. Jack Tramiel, the founder and CEO of Commodore, will attend, along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and William C. Lowe, father of the IBM PC.
"It was the right machine for the time," said McCracken. "The Commodore 64 did a lot to popularize computers." Sold in shopping malls and discount stores and not just small computer stores -- the norm for the time -- the C64 became many people's gateway into the world of computers, said Brian Bagnall, author of "On the edge: The spectacular rise and fall of Commodore."
"It was so new," Bagnall said. Users could play many games and also learn the programming language of computers -- BASIC.
Jim Park, 39, a software developer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, got his start on a C64 in 1984 when he was 16. Park learned to program motion-graphics synchronized to dance music and ran a BBS, an electronic bulletin board system, the precursor to the Internet. "I really lucked out that something so obscure and nerdy has turned into the modern business and pop-culture phenomenon that it has," he said.
Wallstrom said it was the simplicity of the C64 that made it so great. "You switched it on and it was there, ready for input in a second. Programming on the C64 was straightforward because you got to command the processor directly. You had full control of the whole computer...that is something you don't have with any modern PC."
Still, the C64 had an uneven reputation. It was widely considered clunky, its BASIC outdated and graphics weak in comparison to the Apple II and Atari 800, according to McCracken. And then there was the quirky floppy drive. "It was pitifully slow," Bagnall said. "It was big and noisy. It sounded like a Gatling gun when it was trying to load stuff."
The floppy drive took so long to load, the music would play before the game did, recalls Rob Kramer, artistic & business director of Productiehuis ON, a production company based in the Netherlands. "These tunes would get stuck in your head," he said.
In 2006 Kramer came up with the idea of having an orchestra play the music from the games. "We found this crazy orchestra that plays on the street. It's full of young people in music school. They are in their 20s and they'd never played a Commodore 64. For them it was like 'Wow, this is great stuff.' "
The 12-piece C64 Orchestra has played at churches, musical venues and festivals. The compositions run 4-6 minutes. The crowds are mostly fans of the C64. "They really dig it," Kramer said.
Kramer described the music as haunted. "There's a lot of tension, and it repeats itself. It takes you places where normal classical music doesn't."
The classical ensemble released a CD in Europe featuring the original computer and orchestral versions of "Delta," "Commando," Monty on the Run," "International Karate" and more. The CD will be available in the United States on January 15.
By 2007 computing standards, the Commodore 64 is a dinosaur. A relic of the past, long made obsolete by the march of time. But the C64 isn't dead. It's very much alive -- on gaming Web sites, through music and in the memories of millions who owned and loved them.
"Computer nostalgia is something that runs pretty deep these days. The memories that people have of this machine are incredible," McCracken said.
Twenty-five years ago computers were an individual experience; today they are just a commodity, he said.
"I don't think there are many computers today that we use that people will be talking about fondly 25 years from now.

The HOchieS demolished many a joystick on the freestyle 100m swimming event in "Summer Olympics" game for the Commodore 64.

Ah, the memories.

You other peeps may think that we were deprived of a childhood for nothing having an NES or SNES but don't you worry about us because we have fond memories of collecting lanters in "Bruce Lee", dangerous temples in "Montezuma's Revenge" that I could never conquer and jumping over rocks while in invisibility mode with a ninja who could not swim in "The Last Ninja". That game had an awesome soundtrack as well.

I think the Commodore 64 shaped a lot of who I am today: a lover of Bruce Lee and lanterns, an almost minor in Anthropology and a Ninja who hated swim class and now incidentally cannot swim properly.

C64 - not a bad miss.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Random Things

Jack Bauer may have gone to prison for a month but I can assure you people, he's already got a plan to bust out.

I love winter save the two things about it that make me crazed. The first is that I loathe ice and the second is that I loathe static shock.
I am so static-ie, I got shocked by touching a piece of broccoli.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

You Turn Around

And I'm here, doin' stuff.

Currently listening to: "Timber Owls" by Nobuo Uematsu

Monday, December 03, 2007

Bloody Murder

A Saturday like any other normal Saturday turned sour when this shocking discovery was found:

It was a scene of gore-filled horror involving a leafy lounger and a missing Trixie.

The signs look bleak. With that amount of not yet confirmed "unidentifiable substance", we predict this could only have ended poorly.

It is an apparent senseless dispute over a red-ticketed item. The only one left in stock but at a killer price of $5.00, well...that is just be a poor and insensitive choice of wording on my part.

A suspect, Infantino, was brought in. Why do they always return to the scene of the crime?

This investigation is pending.

This dark day at the Toy Store will live in infamy.

Traumatized. Really, Really Traumatized.

**Spoilers - Naruto**

I was reading ahead in Naruto again as I do sometimes and I am saddened by what I discovered.

A few weeks ago I read that...sniff... Asuma, Sensei to Shikamaru (one of my three favourite characters and who I am in the quizzie thingie), is dead.

Then I found this bullshart picture online from the manga and I am depressed:

Today, I was reading ahead again and things just get worse and worse. I'm not sure what's going on but I fear for the safety of all the characters now. After reading this other bit of trauma, I am about ready to lay down and die myself...

Much like Kakashi might if it turns out that one of the arms that Jiraiya lost is the same one that writes the "Make Out Tactics" series.

I cannot believe he lost an arm! =(
Look at those good looking arms....

He can't summon Gamabunta...he can't do ninjitsu. He can still spy on the girls though but still! This is horrible. Utterly, horrible.

It's all fun and games until Jiraiya loses an arm, H1. In spite of your thinking that it's still fun and games when Jiraiya loses an arm.

You a cold bitch.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

College, Stupid Kids, Goombas and December 1st.

It's the beginning of the last month of the year. It's one of my favourite months. Work's slow ::knock on wood::, we don't really "do" much because the Christmas season comes around and there are thoughts of usually happy times, presents and the like.

Surprisingly, this has been a very eventful December 1st and we are none too pleased about a lot of it.

I sort of remember college... I remember that I was never a crammer or a procrastinator when it came to writing papers.

Papa Ho on the other hand, well! I am shocked! I'm only kidding. In Papa Ho's defense, he has a lot going on and did not get around to his research paper until last night at 8 PM after knowing he had to do it for months.

He stayed up until 2 AM this morning doing work like the slacker college kid that he is and I with him because I was typing out his handwritten work. This was followed by a 6 AM session of hurriedly trying to finish said paper for a 9 AM class. I can now say I've had a true college experience and I know why I never did it. However, being the brainiac Nerdle that Papa Ho is, he still managed to get an early good review on his paper.

This day also found The HOchieS at the mall for some Christmas perusing. I have returned very angry thanks to some no ambition little bitch of a girl who decided to lie about a lost twenty that did not belong to her. After her friend did the right thing and told me that I had dropped a twenty (which I strongly believe I had not), she yelled at him after he told her the story for 'being stupid' and came over to me to tell me she had in fact dropped the money. All this as if I had not seen what went down. She knew she was wrong and a liar and I made her feel like an ass when I smirked at her like she was the stupid fuck that she is and handed over the twenty.

She may think she got away with her dishonesty and that I'm the stupid ass that let that happen but I gave her the money knowing that when her 13 year old fucking ass goes off and gets knocked up or jailed for bigger things than a 20 dollar bill, she'll truly regret this day. That little bitch is headed for no where and that gives me satisfaction. In the meanwhile, I am very disgusted by rude, lack of ambitious people I've encountered in the past week. All you pushers, self-obsessed, unaware people walking around the street, on the the trains, in the back of an alley with your stolen $20 dollars of food, drugs, alcohol or whatever - you're going to get kicked, pushed back, screamed at and end up somewhere horrid one day.

Memorable Conversation of Yesterday:

Or 2: Did you see the Goomba I put on the blog for you, Beetchie?
Beetchie: Yes. You ass. You should leave those poor Goomba alone!
Or 2: What? They deserve it besides, I think they're having fun.
Beetchie: Would you have fun if you were kicked around?! You're so mean!
Or 2: Hey, I spin them around on their little heads THEN kick them along. Who wouldn't have fun?
Beetchie: It's so sad, you ass!
Or 2: Hmmm, I know. I guess...they're just happy and so cute walking along then the Italian (Mario) that I am like a Mafioso comes along and kicks them in the head, right?
Beetchie: Yeah! It's just like me. There I am walking along all cute in my neighbourhood then some Guido comes out of no where and attacks me.

Currently listening to: "Babyface" by U2
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