Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Because

Happy Leap Year!

I just wanted to post anything on this day since we won't have another for four years.

So what exactly did we get on this day? Nothing more than an extra day of a winter kick in the ass (it's beginning to snow as I write this) and work.

Hooray for Leap Years.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Same grain of pencil on Corel using the Wacom. It's Zarnyx again.

Currently listening to: "Take The Long Road and Walk It" by The Music

Wacoming Again

I'm in a sketchy mood, so I decided to sketch.

This isn't any of my characters but I was trying a different pencil style in Corel.

He looks pretty cool though...maybe I should find a place for him some where or give someone a well needed revamp.

Currently listening to: "B.G." by Tsuneo Imahori, from the Gun Grave Soundtrack; and "The Apartment" by John Powell, the Bourne Identity Soundtrack.

Oh yeah, and before I forget - what was that plant Daniel Day Lewis' wife was wearing for a dress? A hibiscus, right?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh For Eff's Sake!

The HOchieS have had a horrible revelation. Our beloved cheese paste sandwiches of red, yellow and green were representin' rastafarian colours all these years!

As you all know, if there's one thing the HOchieS hate representin' is colours that remind us of Jamaica!


That is so not irie.

Currently listening to: "Heresy (demo)" by Nine Inch Nails

Happy Birthday, MC!

See? For once, we didn't forget.

Currently listening to: "Heart's Filthy Lesson" by David Bowie

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Pictures and the Things I've Wanted To Post But Only Got Around To Doing So Right This Second I

I've titled it "I" because I know there'll be others in the future.

Here are some cheery or not so cheery wintery photos (depending on who you ask) I've taken in the past few weeks:

The Mist has been trying to get us for years now! It's finally catching up and we are scared.

The crows and black birds have been trying the same for years as well. We. stay. very. still....

It's snow, not Christmas lights.

I remember this morning. It snowed, it sleeted, the rain fell, the roads were icy and the car rolled back down the hill.

The train came anyway and the birds didn't fall through the ice.

It's lights, not snow.

Some food I consumed during NYC's Winter 2008 @ Inagiku:

The yummy salmon tartare

The sushi I almost choked on and died from. Also, the sad realization has sunk in and that is that I probably cannot enjoy sushi unless I'm in Japan which means I probably will never eat it again

The tail of shrimp I munched on from Aims plate

The flan of tofu I rather enjoyed but it's not nearly as good as real custard but since H1 hates me and hasn't made it for me, I have to suffice with things some may call shart.

The head of a worm I ate not at Inagiku but at my desk one day.

Here we have some truths revealed. We need to look no further than on a canister of nitrogen near Grand Central Terminal:

But what's 9 (two) II?

Memorable Quote I've Used since the rebirth of Mac, Chrissy Lee's obsession with Apple and the Mack Vs. PC ad Campaign:

"Mac Users are Smug".

Currently listening to: "Weenie Beenie" by Foo Fighters.


Last week Friday ushered a rarity for NYC this winter - a snow storm.

One snow storm, one hard fall, one hurting ass, one dream and two dollars later, the HOchieS remain poor, proving to us once more that God hates poor people or at the very least, he does not like us terribly much.

Currently listening to: "Sprouting Confusion" by Nobuo Uematsu, from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wacoming Quickly

I've been trying to draw Sariel all night.
I just spent about 2 hours just doodling and erasing.
I prefer to call it practice than failure but who am I kidding?

Finally I said eff this and did a really quick thing and discovered the power of the paint bucket. Ah, filling with paint is goo'd times.

I love my retarded Dragon. Heehee.

More Concerns

A few things I've been meaning to address for a while now and some new horrid information that revealed itself today:

1. It's all going to shit. The amount of major earthquakes we've been having recently is simply ridiculous. Curse you, Plate Tectonics!
In light of this, I'm even more convinced now that we're all going to be dead sooner than later and by way of Mega Tsunami it is.

2. What the eff is this?!

(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) – Leonardo DiCaprio and Warner Bros. are teaming for a live-action adaptation of anime classic Akira, which started out as a manga in 1988 and was adapted into an animated film by Katsuhrio Otomo that same year. The original story was set in ''New Tokyo'' in 2019, after a nuclear war. A teen biker gang member is subjected to a government experiment that taps latent powers, and the gang leader is forced to try and stop the destruction that lies in his wake. The new adaptation will be set in ''New Manhattan,'' a city rebuilt by Japanese money. DiCaprio will produce via Appian Way. Ruairi Robinson is set to make his feature directorial debut on what is expected to be a two-part epic. The first film is tentatively scheduled for a summer 2009 release. (Hollywood Reporter)

source:, printed 02/21/2008

Seriously, like most other things that should be left alone...why does one think they can go ahead and ruin a perfectly great story that's been told the way it should be already?
I just really don't know how this is going to translate into live action. I was thinking maybe The Jim Henson Company could handle this possibly but my only fear would be that Tetsuo would end up looking like the Trash Heap and while somewhat fitting, it's just wrong.

Contrary to popular belief, the Trash Heap was never magnificent nor was it all knowing.

3. I'm not in love with the new MSI song. It kind of sounds too much like really old Mindless Self Indulgence. The one that got changed for a unique style instead of the whiny gothiness it was before. I think they're hanging out with too many assholes on their tours. And by assholes I mean My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park.

Here's hoping the album will not disappoint because I may have to cry.

Currently listening to: "Missing Perspective" from the Parasite Eve soundtrack

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hiding in the Shadows, Barely Obscured by the Earth

The Moon made a spectacle of itself tonight.
We enjoyed watching it very much and won't get to see another like it until 2010 we're told.

We didn't see that asshole Saturn's rings.

A Camera Eye I may have, but I'm still working on the Telescope one.

Here's what the moon looked like last night:

And here's what my camera could muster tonight from the beginnings of the eclipse. I know you can't really see shit from this, but blame the camera, not the moon!

Such awesome power makes you almost forget that just a few hundred miles to the left, we're preparing to shoot down a rogue spy satellite.

How I worry about the spam...

In other news, here's to our 500th blog post!!!!!


We're hoping the satellite will be shot down efficiently today because this is serious buisness! It's near Hawaii. What if it fails?! Think about the spam!!!!!!!!

This is very concerning.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Obsession(s) for Week(s): 02/11/2008 - 02/18/2008

Mononoke. Yep, again on this list. I finished this series and now I'm in mourning.

Pesche Gautiche!!!

Other than Infinite Slick, he has this thing...

Uhhh, "Pesche Gautiche, that's gross!!"


It's still nasty but love you anyway! Stupid ass.


But as a cat. H1 misses the cat days.


Which is really Zach Condon and his band of Merry men and women, playing brass and ukeles? Nice.

Mushi Shi

I started watching it and now I feel stoopid for not understanding. 2 Episodes in though and I already love it. Good stuff and Ginko's cute but wicked!

Currently listening to: Fairly Oddbaby on the tv.

Cosmo: ::Barf:: I think I'll call it Barfolomew
Jorgan Van Strangle: You may not wish to be a fairy, bring the dead to life, Tom Cruise...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sending Out an S.O.S.

People, Rock Band is proving to be an expensive venture, as if it wasn't pricey before. I just bought us song add ons. Some requests came from some of you, some I wanted on my own and let me just tell you, I spent $30.95 on 15 songs. What the eff!

To borrow a famous quote from Beetchie, if I may: You owe me money.

Oh yeah, and have no fear The Police fans, "Message in a Bottle" isn't one currently in the library but only because it's not out yet.

Songs Bought 02/18/2008:

"Little Sister", "3's & 7's", and "Sick, Sick, Sick" - Queens of the Stone Age Pack
"Live Forever", "Don't Look Back in Anger", and "Wonderwall" - Oasis Pack
"Brass in Pocket" as made famous by the Pretenders
"Attack" by 30 Seconds to Mars
"Interstate Love Song" by Stone Temple Pilots
"My Iron Lung" by Radiohead
"War Pigs" as made famous by Black Sabbath
"Roam" by the B-52's
"Buddy Holly" by Weezer
"Roxanne" by The Police
"Moonage Daydream" by David Bowie

Currently listening to: "Little Sister" by Queens of the Stone Age

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Professor Layton

There are two things I'd like to discuss.

The first is that I am stoopid and Professor Hershel Layton has solidified this once theory.

The second is that Professor Layton is unkind to dogs and matches.

Memorable Quotes of the Week:

"If I drink this Aquadeco water, I will build up an immunity to Canada so when I go there, I won't die." - H1

Or 2: I am too stoopid to play Professor Layton! There was this terrible puzzle involving a dog being run over by a car. It was horrid!
Bughie J.: ack! how can you solve puzzles under those kinds of conditions: solve this puzzle or we'll run over this dog?
Or 2: the dog was already run over. But here's what is really crap. They showed the dog before it got run over by a car. I was supposed to illustrate how it'd look after.
Bughie J.: I do not think I will be playing this game

Or 2's Away Message: Muchas Smooches to all on this Valentine's Day! But not from me, I don't give those.
H1's Response Away Message: Muchas Slaps to Or 2. She accepts those.

H1 and Or 2, after seeing a guy on a bicycle with bright neon green hair, and bright red facial hair cycling his way through the streets of midtown (it was a hideous spectacle),

Or 2: Where's my camera?! Ugh, I can't get it fast enough. It's times like this I wish I had a had a built in camera in my eye. I wish my eye was a camera.
H1: And how would you take pictures?
Or 2: I would take pictures like this

The 24 Head Count for 2008 is


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

The HOchieS had fun this weekend. We saw some snow, which incidentally is no fun for H1, we ate chinese food for breakfast and Budgie HOchie the Third and Angel came around for a visit.

What did we do together?

We played Rock Band and let me just tell you, Boobey Head and Boobey Face can sing.

Songs were mastered with the elusive five stars on the tracks that we love most but just couldn't quite nail including "Creep" by Radiohead, "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "The Hand That Feeds" by NIN and "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer.

Three stars were made on the ones we didn't know and five on the ones we didn't think we could ever make, such as "Run To The Hills" by Iron Maiden (who knew I'd get it on the first try?!) and some we were embarrassed by i.e "Dead on Arrival" by Fall Out Boy. Ugh.

All this happened because quote,

H1: You needed me. I am not only your Band Manager but I am also your muse.

Truly, H1. Truly.

Can't wait to get the entire band together. We're going to have so much fun. The Oxtails will conquer all!

Currently listening to: "No Myth" by Michael Penn. I could totally get five stars on this.

Obsessions for the Week(s): 01/01/08 - 02/10/08

Little Britain

with the only gay in the village. "Like every person in Britain, every other Wednesday, I go gay."


Eh, eh, eh?

And H1's Favourite,

Write the feem tune, sing the feem tune. Do Do Do Do.

Also, Bleach

H1's currently watching and loves them. How could you not? Look at them!


The Medicine Seller, the art and everything about this show is fantastic.

Xxxholic, The Manga

I loved the series (can't wait for the new one) and now the mang. Ah, the greatness that is Wataanuki, Yuko and Domeki

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Really, Nick Zinner but one of the first bands that has a female lead that I actually enjoy. Praise me.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Doin' Stuff II

I still have not mastered that WACOM but I'm happy with this shart I made tonight.

I present to you, Zarnyx.

Yes, I am still aware that I can't draw hands for crap for crap.

Currently listening to: "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy New Year to all!

Trust the year of the rat is wonderful for all our ratty brethen but hope that holds true for the rest of us as well!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Must See Conan Before He Leaves For The West Coast

Reasons to love Conan O'Brien, Steve Colbert (I like him better than that other Steve!) and Jon Stewart:

They are brilliant.

And only the best song was used during that fight too.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trinidad on the Fly III

Last round of photos of the last 2 and a half days in Trinidad.

For the life of me, I couldn't tell what kind of animal that was. One of the pepperoni variety, maybe? No, TD5 sorted it out and now I am more educated and feeling slightly stoopid.

You can't tell just how ginormous that flag actually is from that shot but trust me, it's pretty damned massive. It could cover a small island! Hopefully a trade wind won't toss it on Tobago. As if Tobagonians needs more reasons to hate Trinis.

If that happens, we are prepared. We will send this bucket of KFC over that could feed their entire island.

And Kyle got me Red Meg... ...a..ants on the plants?!

Ah, the samaan tree. It's not a good a picture as Chrissy Lee's *note google images 'samaan tree' and you will find some coolness*, but that's the best I could muster from the car as we were driving past.

Indeed... There is nothing like some sun ripened potatoes.

I wonder if the guys went to the ball...Guys! Did you go? I was supposed to go with Aunty P. and wear this...

This last shot was taken in the airport which is a painful reminder of the times missed this past week. However, much to H1's pleasure, all you biatches should be getting doused in some ashes in a few hours. TD5, as per usual, they need to dump a barrel on you.

Well, thanks for the fun times peeps. We really appreciate all you did for us and most importantly, we were as always, really happy to see you guys and spend some time with, the going to bed at 4.30 most mornings and miss you terribly now.

Personally, I don't miss that rooster that gave me the evils and then proceeded to curse me out.

Or 2: 1
Roosters in Trinidad: 1

By the way, H1, I found the perfect song for your little All Fours Disaster!

Currently listening to: "Flowers on the Wall" by the Statler Brothers ('...playing solitaire 'til dawn/ with a deck of 51' - aharharharhar), "Isamashige" by Takanashi Yasuharu from the Mononoke soundtrack (noooooooo, I'm on the final episode!!!! I love this damned anime so much...sniff.. Medicine Seller, how I will miss you), and "Nantes" by Beirut (thanks to TD5 for this one. I'm slowly prying myself away from this song and discovering new good songs from their latest album).

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Trinidad Fly By II

Despite what the first entry looked like, pictures of food were not the only things taken. Places and things on the WAY to food were shot as well.

That's a fine looking mango tree. Our mango tree back in the day was runt-like, so that was pretty impressive to me.

TD5 has a pair of binoculars with which to spy at the priests on Mt. St. Benedict. He does this from his window and he assures us that it keeps them from being unholy. The blimp can only detect the drugs, for everything else there's TD5.

MC after being told he reminds some of Akon. That's right, the very same cockroach H1 hates.

What the eff?! Is there anywhere people won't live? How does one even get up there?

Obligatory "islands off the island picture on the drive up to Maracas" photo.

Obligatory "coconut tree and 'beach'" photo. Look, I didn't step foot on it, alright? I was there for bake and shark and nothing more!

Obligatory "clothes hanging from a tree" photo.

TD5 threatened to make me do a pilgrimage, so I promised him I'd find Jeebus behind the couch when I got back to NY.

Please notice the pork the puppy is eating. That's right, you heard me. P-o-r-k. How could I note love a dog with a pork mouth?

Wherever I go in Trinidad, I must take pictures of the puppies mucking aboot. I would have taken a picture of Snoopy too but he hated me and I could not make eye contact with him for fear of being bitten. Is it really that cruel to stare at him from the car when I knew he couldn't get to me? Really, is that considered taunting? If anything, he taunted me! Of course, my favourite puppy/pet I've no picture of and I regret not taking video more than anything. I love you Billy! You keep on barkin' little parrot. You keep barking.

I could add more photos but I'll save them for a Part III. Why? I'm terribly sleepy and would like to post tonight and this music isn't helping me feel at ease.

Currently listening to: "Countdown" by Naoki Satou from the X TV Series Soundtrack I
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