Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Action Figures

Memorable Conversation of the Day:

Beetchie: If you were an action figure, what would you be packaged with?
Or 2
: Toys. I'd have throwing toy action and a sarcasm face, that you could change to
Beetchie: ahhaha
Or 2: And you?
Beetchie: I said I would have coffee, a novel, wasabi and my suave charm
Or 2: Ha. That sounds right.
Beetchie: heh heh. Oh and my cell phone.
Or 2: mine is less interesting but I do like that you could change my face though
Beetchie: Yeah that's a good option. You'd need a "meh" face as well
Or 2: true. I guess I'd have two interchangeables. Hmm, and maybe some plaid lounge pants
Beetchie: hahaha, nintendo wii controller
Or 2: concert tickets. Yeah, a wii mote in one hand, a ps3 in the other. Gaming systems of every kind "sans XBox". You know this is going on the blog right? oo! and a pig. That's just too many accessories. Maybe there could be a pig on my shirt or something to represent or a strip of bacon
Beetchie: a pig?? No no, a strip of bacon would be more appropriate
Or 2: I got it!
Beetchie: eh eh?
Or 2: My t-shirt would have a strip of bacon and the url to the blog
Beetchie: omfg
Or 2: "I Bacon and I Blog"
Beetchie: urk.
Or 2: What. it's true
Beetchie: blacon?
Or 2: I Bacon and I Blog and the back could read "Blacon". Yes
Beetchie: hahaha. What kind of shirt would I wear? hm. "I make girls cry". hahaha
Or 2: Ahahaha
Or 2: We have to be linked. You know how some action figures in a set interact with each other?
Beetchie: oh yeah. hm. I could carry a bag of bacon strips for sabi
Or 2: hmmm. We could have part of an explosion each in our kits... "now with more misadventures"
Beetchie: no no. I know! You can carry an empty plate and I can be carrying the piece of bacon I just stole from you. hahaha
Or 2: ... and my "bitch, I go kill you" face? oh wait, how could I forget...I'd have to have my bag full of pins and my camera. oh and a changeable leg with a bruise on it.
Beetchie: a changeable leg? for wha?
Or 2: for everytime i trip
Beetchie: hahaha. I need a hoodie as well.
Or 2: that's right. I guess it could all go in my bag - the ipod, headphones, camera, psp, ds. My action figure is a h.a.m
Beetchie: haha. Your action figure is gonna need to come with a "house" set like barbie's dream house
Or 2: I'll be sure to make my hands carney. Yeah, you're gonna have to buy accessories separately, much like I had to. That shit ain't cheap. I may be but not my accessories
Beetchie: hahah. true true. I'd be the more popular figure, b/c I'm good to go right out of the package
Or 2: Yeah. You could probably get me and my accesories on amazon for cheaper. oh yeah, and i'd have to have an amazon credit card accessory. bwahahaha. Ah, i love my card.

And later on:

Or 2: Beetchie and I were having this whole discussion about what we'd be packaged with if action figures were made of us.
H1: I'd have a cape of invisibility and a Sexy Body.

...Hence the reason I could not do a sketch of H1's Action Figure.

Currently listening to: "Head Down" by Nine Inch Nails.

Disney Continues to be Evil

I just saw a trailer for the Princess movie with the 'black' Princess. She used to be black but the evils at Disney drew Belle and gave her a tan/coloured her brown.


Currently listening to: "Stockings To Suit" by The Rascals. I love this song. I love this band and their melodious cacophony. Is that wrong?

Monday, July 28, 2008


I tossed a treat at Jazzie the Cat a few moments ago and it bounced straight off the drawers and landed straight in her fur. She did not feel it and could not find the treat she was so sure I threw at her. Ah, that was a good laugh,

but not so much for Jazz

I Continue to Torture Myself

I ate Japanese Curry last week in my never ending self-loathing quest to try Japanese Curry even though I dislike the stuff.

It's a fried pork cutlet with curry sauce poured on for those of you wondering what the eff the picture was supposed to represent.

I have to say though, it actually wasn't that bad. I know, maybe it was the viewing of Hellboy II: The Golden Army with Beetchie that made me delirious. But I have to say, that movie actually wasn't that bad. Aha. No, really. Like the first, it had potential but then degenerated into crip at the end.

Oo, crip. There's a word we've not used in a while, H1.

Another Bleck Bathroom Gripe (I realize the nastiness of the pun)

I will never understand the need to use a bathroom stall right next to an occupied bathroom stall in a bathroom full of empty bathroom stalls.

What's the joy in that? Do you think I want to hear your pees and/or unmentionables? Do you think I want to smell them? Do you like to smell mine? Please, spare you and myself the disgust of that.

It's just well gross.

Currently listening to: "New" by No Doubt. Shocking? Yeah but that's the time period Gwen had talent. Oh wait, maybe that was all the other members of the band that carried her. Yeah, that makes sense.
I wouldn't mind singing this on "Rock Band"...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eddie Izzard in Lego

Ah, who knew Eddie Izzard was so funny? Good thing someone lego'd that man 'cause I probably wouldn't have much more patience than this to listen to his skits but maybe now I will:

Currently listening to: CLee on the Magic Jack.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Sometimes H1 is a little bit hasty to be indignant and therefore, I will "Kindle" her.

That is all.


After receiving 2 e-mails in the span of 10 minutes from Apple trying to sell me shart, with the 2nd e-mail telling me "you already enjoy your mac why not get blah blah blah", I could no longer handle their presumptuous assness (I don't HAVE a mac) and decided to unsubscribe.

This is the smug I received:

"Best Wishes"?! WTF! They tell it to me like I'm stupid! Ugh, Apple Asses.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sweet Potato Shochu?

A tad better than just straight up. A tad.
I'm beginning to think, like Japanese curry I should just lay off the Shochu. Of course, that won't be happening until I get that lychee shochu that B. keeps talking about. Just like, I won't stop eating Japanese curry until ... I don't know but I really need to lay off that. Big time.

currently: recovering from shochu.

Trying Things

Thanks to Tite Kubo. And it's not that I can't find someone else who did an over the shoulder stance to help me but the latest chapter of Bleach had a great drawing of my Yumi, and I decided to draw that form since I near to never have done it before.

I most always use Zarnyx to try new things on since he's always on the brain but I think someone else would have benefited from this or helped me to get the form down maybe Raguel or Raphael. In any event! Here is Zarnyx and I still managed to not get it right. ::sigh:: I'll keep working on that but in the meanwhile, this isn't done yet either.

Currently listening to: "Dive Into The Heart - Destati - " by Yoko Shimomura, from the Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack.

More Sad What The Eff Times

First xxxHolic, which by the way H1 and I watched the last animated episode of and it was really sad but 'ended' in a sweet way, which... is bullshart because it's CLAMP and I know that effin' manga won't end with anything but grief if they stay true to their asshattery! Oh Watanuki, I hope you'll be okay. ::sniff:: I love that kid.

Second, why didn't I know Avatar: The Last Air Bender ended? WHY?! Why did it end?! What about 'Avatar Family Fun Night with the Hochies'?! This is too much for us. What's H1 supposed to do without Appappa? (It's Appa, H1)

Currently listening to: "Hyakkyagyou" by S.E.N.S. Project, from the xxxHOlic Original TV Series Soundtrack. This damned song was played at the end right after "April Fool" and I wanted to cry! I guess I must like punishment from CLAMP.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

By 6 p.m., the Sharks Began Circling

The Midtown prey stared with obvious fear and a morbid curiosity.

But then it happened! A man fell victim to the hundred toothed mouth!

Why would he leave the 'safety' of the cage?

The man tried to flee but the gap for escape was small and his chances grim. I could not even tell if his pants were originally red.

Amidst the screams from onlookers and after the thrashing subsided, two things were clear -

1. Today is another day and there will be guaranteed carnage, for I fear the sharks will be out in full force again.

2. Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" begins July 27th.

Currently listening to: "Freaking Out" by Adema

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Much Like the Whiney Bitch That Gerard Way Is...

...I'm writing this with all the emo I have. Which, despite Beetchie's claim of 93.2%, I've in fact only got about... none.
I'm not emo, you A.s!
But who else wouldn't be upset over the fact that I'm having a horrible media filled day - of old media news to boot?

1. xxxHolic: Kei has ended it's TV series run. What?! When did that shart happen? And why did I think it was going to 26 episodes?! Why hasn't anyone subbed the last two?! What's wrong with that one guy who subs them?! What? He thinks he's allowed to go on vacation and that I shouldn't be upset just because I can't speak or read the language?! Eff you guy!

2. Gerard Way...married to Lyn-Z?! WHAT?! It all makes sense now why MSI's off. They've been fighting the ill of Morningwood AND mcr! Why Lyn-Z? Was it necessary to go there? Really? He's...a dirty Jersey ass. Why would you degrade yourself? Whhhhyyyyy.

Memorable Conversation of Today:

Or 2: B. Why didn't I know that Gerard Way, my nemesis - lead singer of my chemical romance
Beetchie: ::chew, cud, chew, cud:: sup?
Or 2: got married to our girl, bad ass bassist, Lyn-Z
Beetchie: whhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. WHY B., WHY! o_O!!!!
That shit isn't right!
Or 2: Because I can't suffer this trauma alone! Jesus!
Beetchie: NoooOOOOoooooOOOOoooooooo. B!
Or 2: I saw the speculation that he was last december but I didn't know he was even with her! Ugh
Beetchie: let me look this fool up. ....he looks like a douchey Billy Corgan
Or 2: But she's too full of awesome to marry some ugly talentless ass from NJ! NJ!
Beetchie: JERSEY! You can tell he smells like Jersey! Like a douchey taint!

Currently listening to: "Falling Jimmy" by Maximum The Hormone. Curse you random Itunes! I was cursing Jimmy Urine months ago, but now I need to curse LynZ. Maximum The Hormone needs to write a song about her.

Obsessions for weeks: 6/03/08 - 6/21/08

Mario Kart (Wii)

The Wii Wheel is fun but damn is this game hard! I guess I'll just need some time to really sit and play though but there are so many other distractions such as...

...Mario Party 8 (Wii)

Boo no longer reigns supreme and H1's Yoshi has been kicking ass! Well, as long as that damned Mario hasn't been cleaning up too much then I'm okay with that. Heh.

The World Ends With You

Initially, this game was a tad annoying and might still be with some of the horrid j-pop songs tossed in there but it's fun now, in a weird way that I can't explain.

Surprisingly, there's no character I really love but memories of yen and Tokyo in 2007 keep me interested. Also, I can collect 300 pins in the game and if anyone knows me, they know I love a pin. Wheeee!

Currently listening to: "Nobody Knows" by Suga Shikao

Reminder to H1

We've not watched the greatest Indian Movie of all time for the year yet.

Currently listening to: "Bole Chudiyaan" by Kavita Krishnamurthy, Alka Yagnik, Amit Kumar, Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, and Sonu Nigam from the Kahbi Khushi Kahbi Gham Soundtrack.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Doin' Stuff. Again.

What stuff, H1?

Perhaps that doesn't really concern you!

But if you must know, I'm just going through the Itunes Library and adding pictures and corrected album titles where I can. Damned Bleach and Naruto are really making me do some work here. I guess Bughie J. thinks it serves me right. Heh Heh.

It's funny how I actually enjoying organizing this for the most part but my desk at work on the other hand...

MP3s are not paper though.

This is our 600th blog post I noticed, and much like our 100th, it's about a whole lot of nothing.

That's just how I like it.

Memorable Conversation of 07/11/2008:

Or 2: Grouchy smurf is my favourite.
Alex: Not smurfette?
Or 2: No, I hate me a smurfette.
Alex: That's because she's a fake smurf. Didn't Gargamel make her or something?
Or 2: Yeah, with some kind of special rock under a blue moon or some shart.
Alex: Why are there so many male smurfs?
Or 2: My theory is that I think they're not really male or at least they didn't think about such things until a smurfette was thrown into the mix. Then they started to question their identity. Gargamel did them an unkindess.
Alex: Yeah well, he did hate them.
Or 2: That's true.

Currently listening to: "Sleepers Wake (From Schübler Chorales For Organ)" by Bach. Go ahead and make fun of me for being wannabe cultured!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Freebie Thursday

It's good to get what you want by not having to 'borrow it as a permanent loan' from the metro north.

As we reached the top of the escalator at Grand C., I heard a familiar sound. Excitedly I rushed ahead of H1 and collected my freebies,

a mini-sized circular thing of the poster I've had my eye on for about a month and a chap stick that says Burn Notice on it.

Added to the Monk tissue we got one day, we've now got two USA Original Series items. Sad? Hardly. Those shows are goo'd times and the items are rather practical!
Goodness knows I'll never use them to preserve the awesomeness but meh...

Memorable Conversations & Quotes of Today:

X: You know, I saw your poster and tried to get it but it was stuck down. I hope you know people were looking at me like I was crazy.
Or 2: Thanks for looking crazy for me, X.

Chrissy Lee: My white clothes were soaked because of mildew from the room flooding but why didn't my mom think that the coloured clothes would get mildew as well? As if mildew is racist and only likes white.

Alex: Two Dim Don't Make It Bright.

Currently listening to: "Truckers Atlas" by Modest Mouse. Goddammit, did they give a stellar performance at R.E.M. and this song was amazing! Two drummers...TWO! Ah, the memories.

Anyways, time to go prepare for the Season 2 premiere of Burn Notice, starring the White Dev, that starts in 12 minutes or so. Wheeeeee!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Out for five days, with today being the first day back at work. It's been five weeks since Chrissy Lee spent time with The HOchieS, with today being the first 'full' day without him.

What the eff.

We're not liking it at all.

Even the Pumps is sad.

It was fun and it all went by too quickly but I guess what they say is true - time flies when you're having fun.

Memories of Chrissy Lee shall be recorded on the blog because he likes that sort of thing. Heh.

In no particular order, here are the fun times shared!

1. Movies - He saw many, one for every week in the month of June or something like that. It began with his third viewing of "Iron Man" because he's crazy, not necessarily that Iron Man was fantastic, right Chrissy Lee? Followed by "Hulk", "Wanted" and "Wall DOT E", interpunct not included.

2. By special request from Chrissy Lee himself: Dyson Air Blade. Check.

3. Good Time Eats - Let's see,

Bourbon Chicken. Check.
IHOP. Check.
Sushi. Check. Not the kind he wanted necessarily. Check.
Starbucks Java Bits Frappacino. Check.
Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Iced Coffee. Check.
H1's Iced Coffee. Half a check as it was ousted for Dunkin D. Tsk.
Dinosaur BBQ. Check. Note: Next time get the beef brisket.
Sapporo Tonkatsu. Check. Note: Next time get the beef short ribs.
Pongsri. Check.
White Castle sliders Meh for Or 2.
Ben & Jerry's "Everything But The...", "Chocolate Therapy", "Strawberry Shortcake", "Fossil Fuel", "Cookie Dough", "Cinnamon Cinnabun". Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. and Check.
Bluebunny Ice-cream "Banana Split Sundae", "Chocolate Brownie", "Cookie Dough".
Other Ice-Cream "Green Tea", "Ice Cream sandwich" and "Egg Custard". Yum and Yum. Check and Check. Fried Ice-Cream - sadly, no check.
Grandma's "Chocolate Pudding Pie", "Banana Split Whipped"
Sweet Melissa "Banana Caramel Cream"
KFC Chipotle Chicken and Snackers of all four varieties. Check.
McDonald's Breakfast, McDonald's, Wendy's. It's all there. Check.
Jamaican Beef Patties with and without cheese. When did that NOT happen? Check.
H1's deli meat sandwich. Check.
Papa HOchie's Stewed Pork. Check x 4 (enjoyed that much, methinks).
Lay's Salt & Vinegar Chips. Check. Mostly eaten by Or 2.
Popcorn Indiana Kettle Corn. Check.
Funnel Cake. Bleck. Check.
Uptown Street Hot Dog. Double Bleck. Check.

4. Places and Things!

The Museum of Natural History and the Plane'arium
The MOMA. Fun times even without an A cube. Har har.
Eck! The damned 5th Ave. A. store, yes. yes. The SoHo branch? Yeah Yeah, that one too. Lame.
Six Flags Great Adventure. Enjoyed with his BFF Fred. Heh, at least it wasn't me. =)
The Bronx Zoo: The Sky Safari (which by the way shut down with 40 people on it for over an hour today), The World of Darkness, Great Ape Escape (heehee, humour for H1) or rather, the Congo Exhibit, A Gift Shop, The Cafeteria, The Big Cat Exhibit, The Asian/Orient Express Exhibit (Orient Express? Har. Racist.).
Bunji's with A. Face and driving to the Hospital so that B. Cheeks could be born.
Next door for Drunkeness on the 4th of July. Grrr.
The City to bum!
Arguing with Or 2!


5. Games Played

Wii - "Wii Fit", "Mario Kart", "Mario Party 8", "Wii Zapper: Link's Crossbow Training", "Super Mario Galaxy", "Resident Evil 4", "Guitar Hero III", and "Wario Ware: Smooth Moves".

PS3 - "Rock Band". Hey, I only truly have one game we play on that, alright?! Chrissy Lee has proven that he can shred like nobody's buisness and sing like a pro! Okay, so maybe that's not entirely true but he had fun!

DS - "Professor Layton and the Curious Village".

6. TV and Movies on TV Watched

"Law & Order: SVU", "CSI: Miami" (which he watched on his own), "Back to the Future", "Burn Notice" (a new favourite!), "Bad Boys" (an attempt to anyway)and "Double Impact"... Almost every night.

Anything else, feel free to add to this blog but for now Chrissy Lee, start making a new list of things to do for your next visit!

Currently listening to: "Pity and Fear" by Death Cab For Cutie. This "Narrow Stairs" Album seems quite a departure for them. It's odd yet oddly entertaining.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Shiiiitt

H1, Or 2, Beetchie, Chrissy Lee, X and Luuuiiisssss are sitting around the table, talking shiiiitt. Literally.

Memorable Conversations of the Day:

Or 2 and Beetchie: The pie looks like a Japanese turd! You know, the Japanese think turds are lucky!
H1: Huh?
Or 2: Yeah, the japanese word for 'luck' is similar to the word for 'poo'.

Later on..

Or 2: Beetchie, we're having curried duck for lunch tomorrow.
Beetchie: You remember what happened the last time I had curried duck right?
H1: What happened?
Or 2: She had lots of luck...

H1: Someone gave me a TMI this week.
X: Was it me? Because I gave you one.
H1: Yeah, you did. It was Alex too. It was the week of TMIs.

H1: Boobey Head has a little extra flap on his right butt cheek.
Beetchie: It's okay, it'll fill itself out, he's PR. That's how their butts form.

H1: Being married is not like a bed of roses.
Or 2: No, more like a chamber of farts.

H1: Are those dolphins still floating around in New Jersey?
X: No, they're trying to get them out last I heard.
H1: I heard they're using scare tactics
Or 2: Yeah, like sending speakers down with orca noises.
X: All you need to do is tell the dolphins they're in NJ and they're all like "oh shit" and they'll leave ::does swimming motion::

H1: What's Jersey called?
Beetchie: The Garden State.
Or 2: The Garbage State?

Currently listening to: Chatter.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chrissy Lee's Contribution of the Day

The best part about the item, is that it is reusable.


Currently listening to: "Paranoid" by Fat Jon and Force of Nature from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack.

Things Seen and Eaten Today in NYC

It's July. I forgot to do the rabbit/hare business this month until 8 hours after the start but I think we'll be okay.

Today we saw some assholes trying to jack the Batmobile.

Adam West must have been cranky but then again, it was a leggy, leggy, leggy, leggy/blondie blondie blondie blondie/leggy blonde

Hoop, Leggy Blonde, you got it goin' on
Wanna see you wearin' that thong thong thong
See you gettin' down till the break of dawn
*Mumble mumble mumble*
Panties on

...Uh, I digress. It was a leggy blonde who eventually sat in the front seat so I'm sure Adam West, I mean, Bruce Wayne would not have minded.

We ended to day eating at Dinosaur in the good company of Beetchie, Alex, Chrissy Lee, and Luuuiisss. Of course, the greatness of that is always the plethora of meat, meat and more meat a-like-so!

Fried Green Tomatoes!

Chocolatey Too Sweet Dessert!

Pig Paraphernalia!

Memorable Conversations of the Day!

Beetchie, on the rules of non-serious 'relationships': No cuddling! No Talking! "Why are you trying to talk to me?! ::stink eye:: What's your name?!"

Or 2: B., who would play Alex if a movie were to be made about her life story?
Beetchie: Ummmm... ummmm... Wanda Sykes.
Alex: No, bitch.
Beetchie: Wha'?!
Or 2: Bwahahahahahahaha. No! Her sister says Gabrielle Union.
Beetchie: Ohhhh. I guess I can kinda see it but Wanda's so sarcastic, you know? I just thoug...
Alex: ...Bitch, please!
H1: You know, Alex, Gabrielle Union's just a pretty face.
Alex: Isn't that all I am?!

Goo'd times.

Currently listening to: whatever new song Cold War Kids has on their website. It's awesome but maybe they were influenced a bit by Muse's "Apocalypse Please"? Just a tad? Man, whatever. That new song by CWK is awesome! and I'm actually excited about their album release in September.
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